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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change my (e-mail, password, avatar, signature, any other settings)?
Click My Profile link at the top.

Why isn't my topic included in the digest?
We get more new topics than there are available slots in the daily digest. So to keep it fair, we segment the digest to fit more topics. That means different users see slightly different topics in their digests. So your topic could be shown to the other users and not to you. For example, digest recepient 1 would receive topics 1,3,5,7... Digest recepient 2 would receive topics 2,4,6,8... Digest recepient 3 would receive topics 1,3,5,7... and so on. It all happens automatically and depends on the number of topics on a given day in a given section.

Why did my topic show in the Upcoming Topics "section" and then disappear?
Upcoming Topics is not a section. It's just a little list that shows the most recent topics from all sections. So your topic was included there and then was pushed down by the newer topics. That's how it's supposed to work. Your topic was and still is in its respective section.

I can't find my topic that I posted not long ago.
Please check My Topics link at the top.

I see my topic under My Topics link, but it's nowhere to be found in its respective section.
If a topic is listed under My Topics, it means it's also listed in its respective section. My Topics page, by definition, only shows existing topics on the forum. My Topics simply pulls your existing topics from all sections into one place for your convenience.

I changed my e-mail address by using My Profile link at the top, but I still get the daily digest at my old address.
To keep the system more flexible, we run the digest and the forum separately. My Profile settings only affect your forum account, but not your digest subscription. If you need to change your digest e-mail address, then please use the "settings" link, which is included at the bottom of each digest e-mail. - Forum
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