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We mail out a daily digest that contains the most active forum discussions.

If you are not currently subscribed to the digest, you can do so here.

The digest is run separately from the forum. So it's possible to be registered on the forum, but not signed up for the digest.

The digest default frequency is daily, but you can change it to three times per week or to weekly delivery.

Each e-mail message for every digest issue contains settings link at the bottom of the message. You can use this link to change your name or e-mail address, mailing frequency, or unsubscribe from the digest.

Since the digest and the forum are run separately, changing your e-mail address in My Profile doesn't automatically change your digest e-mail address.

We run the digest and the forum separately to allow for greater flexibility. Some people participate in the forum, but don't receive the digest. Others, only read the digest, but don't participate in forum discussions. Yet others, both read the digest and post on the forum.

That's why we decided to keep digest and forum e-mail address management as separate settings.

If you are signed up for the digest, but you aren't receiving it for some reason, then please check your Junk/Bulk folder (also check Promotions folder if you use Gmail). Sometimes digest notices get stuck there. Additionally, please contact us, and we'll see about making sure the digest gets mailed out to your e-mail address. - Forum
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