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Mar 17, 2023
What is "Woke to You"
by LostAggie66, 106 posts
Put the false stories down
by permafrost from Minnesota, 66 posts
The RC Church is in grave trouble
by padremike from Phenix City, Al, 154 posts
Your organized pantry is rooted in sexism and racism.🙄🙄😆😆.
by proud republican from RED CALIFORNIA, 24 posts
Good and bad news
by Kevyn, 17 posts
Joe Biden: The Hockey Stick President
by Parky60 from People's Republic of Illinois, 22 posts
Simple Explanation
by FallenOak from St George Utah, 20 posts
DeSantis is Right About Ukraine
by fullspinzoo, 44 posts
Jerry Springer vs Geraldo Reviera
by Jim0001 from Richmond, Virginia, USA, 12 posts
Russia attacks drone
by Big dog, 10 posts
Democrats Really Do Hate America
by fullspinzoo, 9 posts
Are We the Byzantines?
by dtucker300 from Vista, CA, 6 posts
Hunter Biden Probe Revs Up With ‘Final’ Notice
by Ri-chard from 23322, 17 posts
Who’s Raking In the Most From the Banking Mess?
by Milosia2 from Cleveland Ohio, 11 posts
Kicking the can one more time...,,
by Bruce123, 7 posts
by Birdmam, 7 posts
Jeffrey Epstein Lawsuit
by Peewee from San Antonio, TX, 7 posts
Can We the People Stop the Chipping Away of Freedom?
by dtucker300 from Vista, CA, 7 posts
Who’s Bankrolling BLM?
by Ri-chard from 23322, 6 posts
Where Do You Get Your News?
by dtucker300 from Vista, CA, 6 posts
Biden Crime Family At Work.
by Ri-chard from 23322, 5 posts
The Tyrants Are Passing State Laws to Push CBDCs
by eagleye13 from Fl, 5 posts
There’s No Liar Like A Biden
by ForThePeople, 3 posts
All I will say is that the so called climate change BS is just that!
by 2bltap from Move to the Mainland, 3 posts
Gov. DeSantis, the new focus of leftist media hate.
by dtucker300 from Vista, CA, 3 posts
Train Deraiments
by zillaorange, 3 posts
The type of gun control we need
by Jim0001 from Richmond, Virginia, USA, 2 posts
Biden's unnamed family member revealed
by keepuphope from Idaho, 2 posts
The Banking System is Collapsing
by dtucker300 from Vista, CA, 2 posts
Dirty Bombs Anyone
by zillaorange, 1 post
Bank Failures- AGAIN
by JuristBooks from North Carolina, 1 post
Introduce Yourself
by Pwkaplan, 22 posts
General Chit-Chat (non-political talk)
Count five--Psychotic reaction
by Coos Bay Tom from coos bay oregon, 3 posts
Long may you run--Neil Young
by Coos Bay Tom from coos bay oregon, 3 posts
Peak TV Is Over. Welcome to Trough TV.
by dtucker300 from Vista, CA, 2 posts
Bob Hope inHeaven
by eagleye13 from Fl, 15 posts
Smile a While
by dtucker300 from Vista, CA, 9 posts
One should not forget this advise.. and I like the song...
by permafrost from Minnesota, 4 posts
My old cousins tasty potato pancake recipe
by Coos Bay Tom from coos bay oregon, 4 posts
Have We Improved.
by RascalRiley from Ontario, 3 posts
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