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Nov 24, 2022
Why they love the 2nd amendment
by Rinaldi, 158 posts
Do Trump Americans Need Their Own Political Party?
by Ri-chard from 23322, 35 posts
27 Counties In Blue State Pass Referendums To Explore Secession From State
by Ginny_Dandy from Pacific Northwest, 25 posts
Police AMBUSHED by the Hundreds
by Oldsailor65 from Iowa, 10 posts
Biden Admin Calls for Return of Mask Mandate
by Ri-chard from 23322, 8 posts
Are Trans Women in Prison Exploiting a Loophole?
by Ri-chard from 23322, 19 posts
Mexicans ANGERED By Latest Move By Americans!
by Ginny_Dandy from Pacific Northwest, 10 posts
The latest nra map
by Rinaldi, 8 posts
Trump has (yet another) bad legal day
by Bad Bob from Virginia, 8 posts
Tragic: 14-Year Old Vaccine Myocarditis Victim
by Ri-chard from 23322, 6 posts
Do we even think about what is coming?
by Capt-jack from Home, 5 posts
Bury the Dead and Move On
by Oldsailor65 from Iowa, 4 posts
Living in the clown world of CA. Make up your mind Biden.
by Weasel from In the Great State Of Indiana!!, 4 posts
The Death Toll From the Covid “vaccine” Mounts
by Ri-chard from 23322, 3 posts
by Oldsailor65 from Iowa, 2 posts
Rule Changes Required for House of Representatives
by ACP45 from Rhode Island, 1 post
Updates in Gruesome Shooting Dismemberment Case
by Oldsailor65 from Iowa, 1 post
What happened to justice in this country?
by Ginny_Dandy from Pacific Northwest, 1 post
Federal Court strikes down NY's gun control on Private Property law..
by proud republican from RED CALIFORNIA, 1 post
by Ri-chard from 23322, 1 post
General Chit-Chat (non-political talk)
To All My Friends on OPP...
by proud republican from RED CALIFORNIA, 13 posts
We're rushing Christmas.
by Sonny Magoo from Where pot pie is boiled in a kettle, 16 posts
There really is some good news
by Oldsailor65 from Iowa, 10 posts
Hemp and Bamboo are excellent alternatives for fiber.
by Coos Bay Tom from coos bay oregon, 24 posts
Do you like old cars and winter??
by permafrost from Minnesota, 12 posts
by AuntiE from 46th Least Free State, 3 posts
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