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Feb 23, 2021
Donald Trump could lose custody of son Barron and $50 million when Melania divorces him
   by Kevyn, 182 posts
Trump got ripped-Off in VA
   by ldsuttonjr from ShangriLa, 59 posts
Snow flake update.
   by Capt-jack from Home, 100 posts
Justice Denied by Supreme Court
   by BigMike from yerington nv, 33 posts
While Americans Hunt For Vaccines, Biden Sends Five Billion Doses Abroad
   by Oldsailor65 from Iowa, 33 posts
Supreme Court win for the American People!
   by Kevyn, 34 posts
500,000 COVID deaths
   by Michael10, 37 posts
Thoughts - Think he has a shot???
   by Canuckus Deploracus from North of the wall, 16 posts
Why are we funding Wuhan lab when they are responsible for the pandemic?
   by proud republican from RED CALIFORNIA, 27 posts
This Is Why They Hate Texas
   by Wolf counselor from Heart of Texas, 22 posts
   by proud republican from RED CALIFORNIA, 16 posts
Here is a good summary of the illogical country we have become.
   by dtucker300 from Vista, CA, 30 posts
Thoughts - Fighting White Nationalism
   by Canuckus Deploracus from North of the wall, 14 posts
Dr Makary believes Covid will be mostly gone by April!
   by proud republican from RED CALIFORNIA, 11 posts
Talk about serious fear!
   by 2bltap from Move to the Mainland, 10 posts
Forced Censorship
   by Carol Kelly, 18 posts
Hackers find voting machines used throughout the US are vulnerable to attack
   by random3, 15 posts
Pres. Barack H. Obiden's Achievements Mount
   by crazylibertarian from Florida by way of NYC & Rhode Island, 14 posts
Senseless debt with Covid Bill - Must see
   by SinnieK, 14 posts
Third shot may be needed to combat new coronavirus variants, Bill Gates says - CBS News
   by SinnieK, 13 posts
Employers Cannot Legally Mandate Experimental Shots
   by eagleye13 from Fl, 12 posts
Why would the Biden admin want to get back into the Iran deal
   by 2bltap from Move to the Mainland, 19 posts
DeBlowsio tries to shut down Trump owned ice skating rinks.
   by BigMike from yerington nv, 10 posts
Joe Biden Held Hostage ~ Day 34
   by fullspinzoo, 9 posts
Remember this? How does a bill become a law?
   by Parky60 from Champaign, IL, 9 posts
SCARY: Yale students enthusiastically sign 'petition' to repeal the Constitution
   by dtucker300 from Vista, CA, 9 posts
Road Blocking Rioters may become Road Kill!
   by Gatsby, 8 posts
This Is Not a Sane World: Exhibit #1,000,006
   by Parky60 from Champaign, IL, 7 posts
President Trump scares the crap out of the progressive democrats
   by 2bltap from Move to the Mainland, 6 posts
Trump made $1.6bn while president, report says
   by Bad Bob from Virginia, 6 posts
SCOTUS 6: Betray the People again... while Thomas, Gorsuch, Alito Dissent
   by Sicilianthing, 32 posts
Every 30 Days Congress...
   by Sicilianthing, 11 posts
Thoughts - Fighting racism with racism: Escalation
   by Canuckus Deploracus from North of the wall, 9 posts
From the Archives: Punitive Liberalism
   by dtucker300 from Vista, CA, 9 posts
Biden; tough on China.
   by JFlorio from Seminole Florida, 8 posts
The Humor And Pure Futility Of Discussing Racism With Racists
   by woodguru, 8 posts
Donald Trump ‘Probably’ Interested in 2024 Presidential Run: Lara Trump
   by Radiance3, 8 posts
Some really good and interesting news
   by 2bltap from Move to the Mainland, 7 posts
Thoughts - Everyone wants reparations....
   by Canuckus Deploracus from North of the wall, 7 posts
Biden Speaking About 500,000 Dead
   by woodguru, 7 posts
Wy would Biden do this?
   by 2bltap from Move to the Mainland, 6 posts
Another Week
   by Lily, 5 posts
The Supreme Court Shoots Down Trump’s Final Pennsylvania Election Challenge
   by Bad Bob from Virginia, 5 posts
Judicial Watch Sues for Capitol Riot Emails/Video – What is Pelosi Hiding?
   by BigMike from yerington nv, 9 posts
Why Texas was unprepared for the cold.
   by 4430 from Little Egypt ** Southern Illinory, 8 posts
California minority communitees and the vaccine rollouts.
   by son of witless, 7 posts
When You’re the first...
   by Lily, 6 posts
Is the Biden Administration Stumbling Into War?
   by dtucker300 from Vista, CA, 5 posts
Hopes run high for Libertarian against Cotton
   by random3, 5 posts
The $1.9 Trillion is Not Only Intended for Stimulus But to Bail Out Bankrupt Blue States
   by Radiance3, 5 posts
Judicial Watch Sues Capitol Police for Riot Emails, Video
   by dtucker300 from Vista, CA, 4 posts
Texas Grid Operators Say Power Is Back To Normal, Except For The Price That Is
   by woodguru, 4 posts
Dying of Over-treatment
   by eagleye13 from Fl, 11 posts
Texas Texas Texas
   by Airforceone, 8 posts
The Global Warming case against Exxon fizzles.
   by son of witless, 4 posts
Exclusive: Joe Biden Team Colluded with Iran to foil Trump's Dimplmacy
   by fullspinzoo, 3 posts
More Proof Biden's Attacks on Trump's Vaccine Distribution Plan Are Based on Lies
   by dtucker300 from Vista, CA, 3 posts
Media Lies About White House Fencing
   by BigMike from yerington nv, 5 posts
Arresting Federal Scumbag Traitor Agents
   by Sicilianthing, 3 posts
Flaming Hot Hypocrite: Joe Biden Refuses to Condemn Cuomo's Nursing Home Deaths Scandals
   by fullspinzoo, 3 posts
VP Harris and her Socialist ideas
   by American Vet, 2 posts
Dual Justice System at work
   by ldsuttonjr from ShangriLa, 2 posts
What are your kids learning in school?
   by bahmer, 2 posts
Some Democrats Are Concerned About Biden's Lax Immigration Policy
   by fullspinzoo, 2 posts
NY State Demmocrats starting to move towards Republicans in dealing with their governor.
   by son of witless, 1 post
General Chit-Chat (non-political talk)
The Whitetails cometh..
   by permafrost from Minnesota, 26 posts
This is my new screen saver😂😂😂
   by Canuckus Deploracus from North of the wall, 5 posts
(rerun) The New Floridian
   by slatten49 from Lake Whitney, Texas, 23 posts
(rerun) Fake Super Bowl...
   by Don G. Dinsdale from El Cajon, CA (San Diego County), 9 posts
(rerun) A Topic Guaranteed to Provoke Dissension, Antagonism & Discord
   by crazylibertarian from Florida by way of NYC & Rhode Island, 9 posts
(rerun) States' jokes, 5th & final edition
   by slatten49 from Lake Whitney, Texas, 5 posts
(rerun) Advice for Husbands
   by Oldsailor65 from Iowa, 4 posts
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