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Nov 22, 2020
I'm torn....
   by proud republican from RED CALIFORNIA
OPP Poll... Pay people to stay home....
   by proud republican from RED CALIFORNIA
Voting fraud is a federal offense.
   by steve66613
More healing from Biden supporters
   by American Vet
A post for all Americans
   by whitnebrat from In the wilds of Oregon
Giuliani doubles down on claims of fraud
   by SWMBO
Sweden To stop the birth of Downs Syndrome Babies
   by amadjuster from Texas Panhandle
Thoughts - Toxic Masculinity
   by Canuckus Deploracus from North of the wall
The futile final flailing of a desperate, despot
   by Kevyn
This election was so corupt that even a young man and his home computer can show it.
   by Homestead
Majority of voters want Special Counsel to investigate Biden family about overseas dealing
   by American Vet
The seventy percent
   by saltwind 78 from Queens, New York City
Are blue states headed into receivership?
   by Peewee from San Antonio, TX
Biden makes no sense at press conference, so press asks Harris questions.
   by American Vet
The Madness Is Damn near Everywhere !!!!!
   by Milosia2 from Cleveland Ohio
Kyle Rittenhouse out on bail.
   by Peewee from San Antonio, TX
Once Out Of Office, Trump Faces Significant Legal Jeopardy
   by GoCubs from Earth
Biden's margin of victory widens as trump tries to destroy democracy
   by Lonewolf
Holiday Season
   by AuntiE from 46th Least Free State
On the Georgia Ballot Re-Count
   by ACP45 from Rhode Island
Call them what they are.
   by Sonny Magoo from If you ain't Dutch you ain't much.
here see the real truth no lie 2 weeks will be different
   by meridianlesilie from mars
Dominion in hiding?
   by debeda
another case of fraud
   by SWMBO
Leading Canadian Health Expert Outraged at Government Response to COVID
   by ACP45 from Rhode Island
Example of socialist success
   by American Vet
All trumps doing is harming America
   by Lonewolf
Reckless Homicide Prosecutions: For Suckers and Losers Only
   by Milosia2 from Cleveland Ohio
Georgia sucks , but now we need Georgians ...
   by proud republican from RED CALIFORNIA
Thoughts - Diversity?
   by Canuckus Deploracus from North of the wall
It's the only fair way!
   by Capt-jack from Home
The logic of Simple-minded politicians.
   by Capt-jack from Home
The Great Reset: What our globalist overlords are planning
   by Auntie Dee
Do you live n a "failed" state
   by Simple Sam from USA
Giuliani's Rant About Suspicious Voting Was Based On A Massive Error
   by Michael10
You believed them the progressives. Why not now?
   by JFlorio from Seminole Florida
FOX News Videos McEnany claims Trump was not allowed orderly transition in 2016
   by rumitoid
I just located another decent channel to watch
   by 2bltap from Move to the Mainland
Biden's first lie as President -elect, first of much more lies to come I'm sure . ..
   by proud republican from RED CALIFORNIA
First Clorox and now this
   by Kevyn
When Orange Man Bad goes away . ...
   by proud republican from RED CALIFORNIA
Need to band the Communist party.
   by Capt-jack from Home
Trump entertaining Michigan officials in hope of,,, what?
   by permafrost from Minnesota
The last family that had to stay isolated together for several months...
   by Parky60 from Champaign, IL
The Federal Election Assistance Commission (EAC) & 2 private testing certifiction labs
   by ACP45 from Rhode Island
Introduce Yourself
New Member
   by A243057
General Chit-Chat (non-political talk)
This is nothing new....
   by Offshore Drilling from Pompano Beach, Florida
Some memes
   by Squiddiddler from Phoenix
A clown...
   by AuntiE from 46th Least Free State
   by Fit2BTied from Texas
Thoughts - For the gents👍
   by Canuckus Deploracus from North of the wall
(a rerun) Thoughts - Where there's a will, there's a way...
   by Canuckus Deploracus from North of the wall
(a rerun) Thanksgiving & Gratitude! ♥
   by Larai from Fallon, NV
(a rerun) The poor thing..
   by permafrost from Minnesota
(a rerun) A Stiff joke
   by Oldsailor65 from Iowa
(a rerun) Sad Christmas Tree to finish off sad 2020!😦
   by proud republican from RED CALIFORNIA
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