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Jun 30, 2020
Don't fall for it!
   by RandyBrian, 61 posts
Trump is our only hope!
   by ldsuttonjr from ShangriLa, 159 posts
What constitutes hate speech ??
   by proud republican from RED CALIFORNIA, 51 posts
A shameful betrayal
   by Kevyn, 57 posts
Iran issues arrest warrant for President Trump over Soleimani killing....
   by proud republican from RED CALIFORNIA, 43 posts
NYT: It “Strains Credulity” To Believe Trump Didn’t Know Of Russian Plot
   by PeterS, 23 posts
White House Briefing Only GOP Members On Russian Bounties...Why Is That?
   by woodguru, 23 posts
Die hard trump suportors told they will not be treated if they contact the virus in AZ
   by Lonewolf, 32 posts
Bizarro World, Coming to a Neighborhood Near You
   by fullspinzoo, 43 posts
Veterans group declared trump a tratior
   by Lonewolf, 31 posts
Startling news, trump is trying to 'Kill off the 'Greatest generation'
   by factnotfiction, 26 posts
Fox news guy suggests that trump may drop out because he is so unpopular
   by factnotfiction, 30 posts
A reasoned response to Russia
   by Kevyn, 12 posts
News, from snowflake central
   by moldyoldy, 50 posts
Thoughts - Starting to Wonder about the Future
   by Canuckus Deploracus from North of the wall, 36 posts
black lives don't matter to Black Lives Matter
   by RandyBrian, 20 posts
Safe firearm classes
   by SWMBO, 24 posts
So obvious to but the cult
   by permafrost from Minnesota, 17 posts
What Is An Image Worth???
   by Don G. Dinsdale from El Cajon, CA (San Diego County), 13 posts
You Get What You Vote For and in Democrat-Run Cities You Get Riots
   by Simple Sam from USA, 59 posts
Thoughts - Yep... Seriously worried
   by Canuckus Deploracus from North of the wall, 18 posts
Just a thought
   by rdthom22, 13 posts
Police officer drives into crowd as protesters surround car
   by Oldsailor65 from Iowa, 9 posts
Putin Pays
   by Milosia2 from Cleveland Ohio, 27 posts
COVID curve: How the US compares to other nations
   by PeterS, 17 posts
Why I Love America.
   by bahmer, 15 posts
We're in a Cultural Civil War. It's Time for Conservatives to Fight Back
   by fullspinzoo, 12 posts
Don't Be Fooled: Recent Coronavirus Data Suggests the Lockdowns Were a Colossal Mistake
   by Parky60 from Champaign, IL, 10 posts
DeBlasio confirms he will cut 1 billion from NYPD Budget.....COWARD!!!!!
   by proud republican from RED CALIFORNIA, 10 posts
Tell Us More, Liberals, About How "Mail-In Votes" Fights Voter Suppression
   by Smedley_buzkill, 9 posts
Now isnt this just perfect
   by 2bltap from Move to the Mainland, 7 posts
Should a draft dodging racist be honored? Not in 2020 in the US.
   by Kevyn, 14 posts
Now Trump Says He Was Told But That The Intel Wasn't Credible...The BS Is Getting Deeper
   by woodguru, 12 posts
Shooting at Louisville Black Lives Matter Protest Captured on Video, Multiple People Shot
   by fullspinzoo, 8 posts
Misleading Headlines, as Trump Changes Federal Judiciary
   by dtucker300 from Vista, CA, 7 posts
Digital Soldiers
   by manning5 from Richmond, VA, 6 posts
I have my own idea as to how to take care of the law biding citizens
   by 2bltap from Move to the Mainland, 7 posts
A few memes....
   by EmilyD, 6 posts
“A Racial Program for the 20th Century” Comments????
   by ImLogicallyRight, 5 posts
A black Sheriff just became Black Lives Matter’s enemy by dropping one fact they hate
   by SWMBO, 12 posts
The Media is Lying about the ‘Second Wave’
   by Sicilianthing from Earth, 11 posts
The Left just won't give up! They are sieving in there own purulent stupidity
   by ldsuttonjr from ShangriLa, 6 posts
A couple of topics
   by Lt. Rob Polans ret., 5 posts
Speaking of being offended
   by plumbob from Common Sense USA, 5 posts
Patriot Post Cartoons and Memes-- Brace Yourselves
   by Oldsailor65 from Iowa, 4 posts
What educated elite?
   by ldsuttonjr from ShangriLa, 3 posts
Another Sellout By Roberts
   by Liberty Tree, 3 posts
COVID-19 Hype Is Essential...
   by ACP45 from Rhode Island, 3 posts
Joe Biden’s role in a My Pillow Advertisement is Short Lived!
   by tbutkovich, 3 posts
Instagram Brands Christian Worship 'Harmful'
   by Parky60 from Champaign, IL, 3 posts
The hidden agenda of the planned destruction of America.
   by SinnieK, 4 posts
   by ACP45 from Rhode Island, 4 posts
Trump racism from the 1970's to the 2020's, no wonder his supporters are racist and bigots
   by factnotfiction, 4 posts
1 In 5 Mail-In Ballots Rejected As 4 Charged With Fraud In New Jersey Election
   by ACP45 from Rhode Island, 3 posts
(Satire-Humor from The Babylon Bee) Mastercard Changes Name To Equalitycard
   by Oldsailor65 from Iowa, 3 posts
What Black Girls really think of their white Sisters.
   by son of witless, 2 posts
Mark Levin interviews Colonel Allen West
   by 2bltap from Move to the Mainland, 2 posts
Democrat ripping off the CA Taxpayers!
   by ldsuttonjr from ShangriLa, 2 posts
words from others
   by permafrost from Minnesota, 2 posts
Continued contradictions
   by nwtk2007, 2 posts
Hold Your Governor Accountable for COVID-19 Deaths in Nursing Homes
   by dtucker300 from Vista, CA, 2 posts
Trump’s Authority & Duty to Suppress Chaos and Insurrections - By: Dr. Edwin Vieira
   by Sicilianthing from Earth, 1 post
Message to America
   by Sicilianthing from Earth, 1 post
What is Google planning for Nov 3 2020
   by ldsuttonjr from ShangriLa, 1 post
Lets Hope He can get 4000 more Constitutionalist!
   by ldsuttonjr from ShangriLa, 1 post
General Chit-Chat (non-political talk)
How The "Skunk Works" Got His Name?????
   by Oldsailor65 from Iowa, 3 posts
Not As Crazy...
   by Don G. Dinsdale from El Cajon, CA (San Diego County), 1 post
(rerun) Old Goat Quiz.........................
   by Oldsailor65 from Iowa, 17 posts
(rerun) More Stuff
   by Oldsailor65 from Iowa, 12 posts
(rerun) A little of this - A little of that
   by dtucker300 from Vista, CA, 8 posts
(rerun) I Miss
   by AuntiE from 46th Least Free State, 7 posts
(rerun) Dogs
   by AuntiE from 46th Least Free State, 6 posts
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