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Jun 29, 2020
Poor little AOC.
Congresswoman Makes Reparations Demand on the House Floor: 'Pay Us What You Owe Us'
A message to Democrats
And he's running for President ..............
Ten Commandments monument torn down.
My Red Line
Hang him from a great oak tree.
George Floyd autopsy report .. Shows he died of OVERDOSE
The latest lie from donny plump , 'Nobody briefed me'
When is this going to stop ??
A Word Of Warning
I finally found the place where we could send Pelosi ,Waters and the rest of them...😂😂
25 ways Trump will run down the country while he runs for re-election
Did anyone else notice this?
Civil rights attorney; no systemic racism
I'll admit it, Biden is old...
COVID: The difference between democrat governors and republican governors.
Shutdown? WE don't need no Stinking Shutdown!
Eat The Rich! Abolish Capitalism Now! good job public schools.
4 charged in attack on Andrew Jackson Statue.
heros you never knew about.
What ever happened,
Major power orders Christians: Renounce God or we'll cut off food and housing
Now tell me all of this is just coincidence
A little hard ass message for some of the rioters...
Bio warfare
Immigration reform that would make America great again!
As a veteran myself
What is privilege?....
Not to worry, democrats have been fixing California for years!
Shocking development
News from Afghanistan
These thugs have been arrested and charged with felony after looting in Tampa
The latest trump news
Killer Cops Slaughter 19 more since June 21 last update =
Chuckles - Corona Virus Clarity
How Donald Trump Shifted Kids-Cancer Charity Money Into His Business
Biden Cancer Group Spent Insane Amounts on Salaries, Little on Cancer
BLM Leader Newsome
BLM The New Enforcement Wing Of The Democrat Party
CNN Picked the Wrong Person to Interview About Police and BLM
Systemic Murder!
Remington Preparing To File for Bankruptcy, Could End Up in Hands of New Group
Mississippi scraps the disgusting racist rebel state flag, about time
Time to Tear Down the Georgia Guide Stones
General Chit-Chat (non-political talk)
135-Pound Mastiff Becomes Obsessed With A Tiny Kitten
(a rerun) Old Goat Quiz.........................
(a rerun) More Stuff
(a rerun) A little of this - A little of that
(a rerun) I Miss
(a rerun) Dogs
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