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May 23, 2020
Whiner In Chief
just in case you forgot how trump murdered thousands of Americans Ill refresh your memory
36,000 lives
Conservatives Appear to Want it Both Ways
AG Calls Trump ‘A Petulant Child’ And Says He Is Not Welcome In Michigan
Where is Dr. Fauci?
A photo speaks a thousand words
The Epitome of Class -
Interesting Observation About Republicans
Trump orders all places of worship to open,declaring them essential!!
Masks: Are There Benefits or Just a Comfort Prop? Let the Facts Speak
Trump election staffer found guilty of election fraud.
Why liberals fear the coronanvirus more than conservatives
Biden and the lefts use of Black Americans
Eisenhower Warned About Scientific Elites Like Dr. Fauci
More Right Wing lunacy: the Freedom to Infect Shall Not Be Infringed
It's getting stinky in the Democrat Party
Unmasking the tweeting trump reelection plan
Fauci knew and published effective treatment for coronavirus in 2005f
So much for Hydroxycloroquine
The attorney for tara reade just dropped her as a client
Finally! Amy Klobuchar Admits Miracle Drug Hydroxycloriquine Saved Her Husbands Life
How to Save the November Election
GOP streak continues
Joe Biden: "You Ain't Black" if You're For Trump Over Me
Houses of Worship
So, you will only have to stay home until 2022.
So us deplorables are sick minded for voting for President Trump?
Why is trump illegally ordering places of worship to reopen?
Why can a strip joint like Curves in Tucson open yet Churches cannot?
MI. dams update
What Would Biden Rejoining the Iran Nuke Deal Mean? ~ Analysis
GOP: selling their souls to a Snake Oil Salesman
Trump/Pence Nascar
Biden Transparency? Not hardly! Food for Thought!
More voter fraud unearthed
Amy Klobuchar as Biden’s possible running mate??
The drug that tweetie pie loves is showing increased risk of death
Very interesting, one of the fools at fox admits "Walls and Fences don't work"
Blaylock: Face Masks Pose Serious Risks To The Healthy
Trump Irate Over Disturbing Footage of Elderly Man Being Brutally Beaten at Care Home
Brutal beating of an elderly captured on video!! Extremely Disturbing!!!
What is trump trying to hide now? He still hasn't completed his physical, is he sick?
More truth about black violence.
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