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May 22, 2020
Shut Up Telling Me To Stay Safe
Looks like trump just got his silly Obamagate theory blown up in his fat orange face
One Way to Frame It
Republican Scumbags Don’t Dare Call It Treason
Trump and his cabal steal trillions
Woman takes hydroxychloroquine 20 years for Lupus, just got coronavirus
Libs Are Disappointed People Aren't Dying!!
Biden Shows SEVERE Mental Decline During Virtual Event
Refusal to take a polygraph test indicate that tara reade may be lying or deceptive
How did “herd immunity” work for Sweden?
Fauci and Birx: Lock Them UP !
Nationwide Protests Planned for Friday
In California casinos can open,but churches are can not ????? Does that make sense ? ??
Working Hard
Democrats Should Stay Locked Down
Only Trump could make Biden sound articulate!
Was Trump Right? New Study Shows Success With Use Of Chlorine Dioxide On COVID-19
Biden's options
Give Emmet Sullivan A Taste Of The Military
Gretchen Whitmer Allows Gay Swinger’s Club to Operate While Barber Loses License
Red states unemployment sky rocket to worst in nation
Fake News Strikes Again
Today in History
Letter signed by 500 doctors call on President Trump to end shutdown !
The way trump talks
TRUMP: congress should ‘call’ Obama to ‘testify’ on ‘biggest scandal in US history’-
Again Trump keeps trying to indict Obama
Muslim Scumbag Attacks Corpus Christi Naval Base
Election Judge in Philly caught taking bribes.
Interesting data from the latest fox news poll
Newsom Uses First Responders as Hostages to Make Sure He Gets Federal COVID Aid
Vote-by-mail in Texas hits a snag!!!!
New Poll Shows President Trump Has Edge Over Biden in Crucial Battleground States
Americans continue to Sleep as Politicians hand over the Country to Illegals - WARNING !
Georgia: Reopening Fails... Georgia’s jobs not coming back
The wall
Trump's deranged Scene at Trump’s Ford Factory Tour
Judge of Elections Indicted in Philadelphia
Mark Cuban trashes trump on hannutty
Trump and the continuing Axis of Evil - Hitler Debates Churchill
Blame Trump for the ongoing Destructions
Governor Ron DeSantis unloads on lame media about their coverage of Covid -19 !!
Conservative Cartoons of the Day - Townhall
The democrats answer to CV-19
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