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Mar 26, 2020
Let’s Educate Trump
A simple message of compassion and common sense
If we go back to work..
$25.00 / hour
Joe Biden Completely Humiliates Himself, Dems Speechless
Major Universities Ban The Use Of This Phrase For COVID-19 Virus…Seriously?
Thoughts - Traitorous Filth...
3 GOP Senators and Sanders can derail Coronavirus stimulus package!!
Morality? What morality?
Alabama Looking To Restrict Some From Getting A Respirator, It's Called Triage
Hillary Clinton Responds to Coronavirus and Urges People to Ignore Trump's Guidance
Corona virus
Brit Hume says it’s ‘entirely reasonable’ to let grandparents die for the stock market
That's What I'm Talkin' About
Nevada governor bans anti-malaria drugs for coronavirus treatment
Nancy is 80 tomorrow
Perhaps the Book of Revelations was Correct
Dems went ballistic over delaying aid to Ukraine.....
‘I’d Rather Die’: Glenn Beck Urges Older Americans To Work Despite Coronavirus
Wow we have a new food stamp president
Dennis Prager on Coronavirus disease (COVID-19): Dr. Fauci is Lying or He's Stupid
Thanks to democrats
Pelosi's Plan: Up to $1,000,000,000 for Sanctuary Cities
Media Makes Move To Stop Donald Trump From Being Heard
California Police Chief: Test First Responders,NOT NBA!!
Video: Ted Cruz UNLOADS on Democrats for Using Coronavirus Bill to Push Far-Left Agenda
Take your choice...
These young people had a 'coronavirus party.' Now…one has it
Media Bias - Again
Is This Protocol a Possible Cure for Covid-19?
Small Businesses, Slammed by Coronavirus, Plead For a Cash Infusion, Quick Help
Trump to end reliance on China supply chain—
93% of Muslims in American Gov’t do Not support Your Constitution
Canadians buy out entire meat section and noe get death threats
Simple questions, not so simple answers
coronavirus AAA+++
Interesting time-line on the Chinese response to the bug.
Covid 19 “S” and 19 “L” Are Now accounted for
Walmart Coronavirus ‘Licker’ Arrested, Charged With Terrorist Threat
219 CEOs Resign Just before Pandemic Hit - Coincidence ?
Blame Trump: Pork in the Bill
White House and the Senate reach the deal for coronavirus stimulus package...
Hobby Lobby staying open because of vision from Gawd!
Quid Pro Quo - Pelosi Style
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