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Mar 25, 2020
Two Words To Describe Democrats In Congress
Trump failing the Nation when leadership is needed most.
I wonder what Democrats who are out of work....
Do Americans Have the Guts to Survive the Coming Civil War?
Back to work by Easter?
L.A county sheriff shuts down all gun stores.
considering this is an emergency why not a clean bill
New Yorkers.... Stop Spreading The Virus!!
A Bit of Perspective!
Just curious. What do you all think about this possiblity?
Message from our First Lady Melania Trump....
Tensiions Flare on Senate Floor as Coronavirus Bill Derailed Seoncd Time by Dem Objections
I still have the very same question:
And Another Liberal Endorses Violence
And the MSM Wonders Why They Aren't Trusted
What's in Democrats' Coronavirus Bill? Art Funding, Union Help and more....
Democrats still playing politics with the pandemic.
Speaker Pelosi's Truth
Pro-Abortion Logic
Feinstein's Real Insider Trading Scandal
Vice News: Transgender Surgery Should Remain “Essential” During Outbreak
Thoughts - Were the Dark Ages really so dark?
Pelosi kills Coronavirus bill because it didn’t include these demands
Gun shops are nonessential,but pot shops are?
RUN on Gold Begins
McConnell Hammers Pelosi for Blocking Coronavirus Bill and Adding Green New Deal Items
Gallup: President Trump's job approval rating matches all time high!
For Tucker and the Rest of the Enslaved Sheeple - about the IRS...
A Presidential Electorate Amendment
The democrats obviously hate america
Have we contained H1N1?
22 DAYS: Complete and Utter Economic Meltdown
A idea whose time has come, regardless of party
Italian virologist says political correctness doomed his country's coronavirus response
Obama bailed out the auto makers
I just heard this morning why it took so long...
Old Lives Matter 'It is the elders who should be especially esteemed'
Joe Biden recedes into the background
MSNBC Tells the Truth! Lol!
Dire warning to young people about coronavirus!
Thoughts - Changes coming?
Coronavirus Insanity
Playing the Trump Card: We Have the QUR
The future of the Democrat party. Perfect.
The Virus is Not Invincible, But It’s Exposing Who’s Irreplaceable
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