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Jan 15, 2020
The Senate Should Not Call New Witnesses
Is Prince Harry "Whipped"?
Message to Senate President Asking to Dismiss the Articles of Impeachment
I agree that there will be deep regret
The difference between patriotism and nationalism
Standing up for women in Greece
Partisan Pick !!!!
My overall thoughts on our country's situation
Thoughts - Diversity
Video surfaces of Putin, Assad laughing about Trump at Damascus summit according to fox
Trump want's the articles of impeachment dismissed.
Whistleblower: Obama administration sent letters to Soleimani-
Leftists are getting more and more radical!
Their is only one reason trump is still in office!
Democrats Should Be Ignored In Senate Trial
Whoa...Canada Blames Trump For The Canadians Being Shot Down
Hope this ends CNN!
Trump vs New World Order......
Tired of muslim crap
Trump Epic Failure 2019’ #2 = Trickery importation of illegals causing widespread damage !
Is Ms. Nancy trying to throw the primaries to Joe Biden ?
Kushner at work!
Now Trump Says The Intelligence Doesn't Matter...Really?
I am sick and tired of "do gooders"
Trump Epic Failure on Immigration 2019 !
The Democrats Are Very Generous...
Bill Barr STRIKES – Trump Is Smiling
The USMCA Is a Bigger Threat to America Than Russia, China & Iran Combined If Passed!
The Thing We Did Not Plan For When Iraq Was Attacked
MSM is turning against Democratic voters.....
Why would the democrats shoot this resolution down? For real!!!!
A Badge Of Honor
How Communist Ideology Infiltrated America’s Security Agencies and Fueled Spygate
Illinois passed one LGBT bill that could bankrupt the state
elosi was tongue-tied when asked to explain this strategy-
Soleimani Was A Target Since June 2019 After Iran Shot Down A U.S. Drone
Democrats are the party of never-ending hypocrisy-
Soleimani will not RIP!
Bongino Blisters Geraldo For Attacking Trump Over Iran; ‘Get Your Head Out Of Your Butt!’
IRS placed lien on Hunter Biden for $113,000 in unpaid taxes-
Q ? Whattabuncha CRAP !
Biden's Worst Nightmare - UkraineGate – Inconvenient Facts
Bernie Sanders Has A Problem
not American, but he's got a rich footprint in U.S. environmental politics-
Boris Johnson: Let's replace Iran's Nuclear Deal with "Trump Deal"!!
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