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Dec 2, 2019
A Challenge to anybody in the GOP
Franklin Graham claims 'demonic power' is behind opposition to Donald Trump
Seems the IQ of the voting public has dropped a few more points!
New Poll Shows More People Oppose Impeachment, Especially Among Independents
Legal storm clouds gather over Rudy Giuliani, America's tarnished mayor.
The Flu Shot - Safe, Effective?
Fisher Border Wall, El Paso Texas
Newsweek fires reporter for reporting whitehouse announcement
Do you really want this guy to be your President? ~ For a good laugh ~ Don't Miss!
Yazidi Girl Faints Confronting Her ISIS Rapist on Iraqi TV
The end of the Democrat Party along with the Marxist media known as Pravda
What Is ‘Failson’ Culture? Look No Further Than the Family Trump for the Answer
Seattle is Dying
Thoughts - Border Walls
Foreign Policy Does Matter
The progressives are never racist
Breaking - White House refuses to participate in Nadler's clown show
New Fusion GPS Info Confirms the Special Counsel Probe Was a Hit Job
Justice Thomas Compares Modern-Day Liberals to Klansmen in New Film
The Way Out for a World Economy Hooked On Debt? Yet More Debt
The United Nation speaks
78 yrs ago WW2 lest we forget.
Kamala Harria Aide jumps to Bloomberg.
A few letters you may be interested in
Glenn Becks The Democrats Hydra which is the name of this video
U.S. bans Huawei tech near Montana nuclear missile base
Bump in the Night
Why hasn't Adam Schiff released the intel IG’s testimony?
Schiff subpoenas are just fish wrappins'
Another thing that got lost in the furor
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