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Nov 9, 2019
Impeaching Trump Is Imperative to Preserving Our Democratic Republic.
The coup and Grand Juries are underway
Have You Ever Noticed?
Don Jr. Absolutely Destroys Liberal Hosts of ABC's "the View"
Rep Mazie Hirono on Donald Trump. Absolutely spot on!
Now Trump doesn't want Hearings televised.
How to know a Trump-hater or Never-Trumper?
How Can Anyone Support This Kind of Person?
11/11/19 a day the world will remember forever
Great News for Thinking People
Has the Nazi's been reborn?
President Trump doesn't learn!!!!
Kanye West as President of the United States??😊😊😊
Ignorance Should Be One Of The Seven Deadly Sins
E = mc2 (well, a variation)
Red Flag Laws
I have the extremely sweet comfort of being on the right side of history regarding Trump.
Biden And Quid Pro Quo Is Nothing Compared To What Went On With The Ukraine
Sanders far-left immigration plan!!
Senate Republicans are 'sweating' over impeachment trial, Ohio's Sherrod Brown says
Donald Trump's ego
Who can Trump trust?
Democrats next move!
Oops! The Dems have foot in mouth disease.
Technically President Trump can legally out Whistleblower!!!!
"Bad lòok" Vindman's testimony while in uniform divides military community!!
The Whistleblower's Attorney Just Threatened Trump With Three Violations Of The Law
From a White House staffer
Yovanovitch lied about "delicate issue " under Oath in Congress!!!!
The Reasons the IG Report Has Been Delayed Will Delight Trump Supporters
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