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Jul 12, 2019
Suddenly the re-election of trump is in search of 10 electoral votes
So Has The Right Decided Whether To Support Epstein Or Denounce Him?
no brainers
Heroes Parade???..NOT in my eyes!!!
The Smartest Thing Trump Has Done Yet...Cave on The Census Question
Letter to Nike re:Colin Kaepernick
The Holocaust Did Happen
Chuck Schumer's Ties to Pedophile Epstein Revealed
New Bill holds Sanctuary Cities accountable!!!
Ocasio-Cortez is Scared of Rain.
Standing Up With Out Fear...
Dow Jumps More than 100 Points to go Above 27,000 for the First Time Ever...
The ICE Raids Are Coming
Turns out, the Jews in Israel are already home
Out of control spending by trump administration?
Demoncraps pull race card on each other now!
Authoritarian and Totalitarian behavior on full display
Oof. Biden's Lead Contracts, Bernie is Disappearing
Trump gathers all the conspiracy theorists in the WH to get them motivated
Trump Again Rails Against Media
AOC wants to dismantle DHS...Why it is MORONIC idea!!!!
Don't cry for me America,
'Lest We Forget'...
This simply could not be government over-reach, could it?
Gun Bans Put Women At Greater Risk
Warning 7.5-7.6 canceled
Checks and Balances
Right wing extremists get an invitation to the white house
Its NOT Russia you have to fear, but our US Tech Giants!!!!
House Dem blasts 'juvenile' Ocasio-Cortez, chief of staff: 'Ignorance is beyond belief'
Some issues and facts the Progs are too scared to address.
Stephanie Ruhle showing her racist side. No proble for the left, though!
What Being Backed Into A Corner And Being Forced To Cave Looks Like
Great article on "State of the NEWS"!
Kansas Economy Doing A Fantastic Rebound From Brownback Economics
A solution for all that money being sent to Central America by the illegals.
Bipartisan Efforts To Strengthen Voting Security Still Being Blocked By McConnell
What If?
This Is In Response Wood Gurus Cave In Topic.
This is the way it has always been
You Fricken Figure It Out!
Social Media Summit...Brilliant Example Of Trump's Assembling The Brightest And Best...
Is there trouble in Paradise???
Free Speech Talk At Oxford
California Dems Want Illegal Immigrants To Run For Office
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