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May 15, 2019

Why President Trump will win his reelection again...

And you can't believe Trump won?

tell a lie 100 times and it bcomes the truth particularly as it pertains to Christians

Tennessee Pastor Who Repeatedly Raped Daughter, 14, Gets Light Sentence Because of Jesus

Things To Think About....

Equality Act

As long as we have poorly educated people this kind of BS will keep us in the mud.

You know her, AOC, maybe your next President!

Tom Fitton Is Really Pissed Off!!!!!

Trump's Tariffs & China Trade War

Study finds 98% of FDA rules unconstitutional

A little humor.....

AOC Does Complete 180, Says She Was Only Joking About the World Ending in 12 Years


Trey Gowdy on Where US Attorney Durham Should Start His Investigation into Russia Probe

Just a little history.

Intelligent design is irrefutable...

Bitch-Slap of the Day...

Don Jr agrees to appear in front of Senate Judiciary Committee....

Joe Rogan Interviews Tulsi Gabbard

Things Are About to Go to Hell Very Fast!

In Your Face Nadler ~ Bill Barr Laughs at Being Found in Contempt

Tariffs: The Taxes That Made America Great?

Bob Livingston Report, A must Read

The Early 90's Called Joe Biden ~ They Want Their Foreign Policy Back

What? The Holocaust brings Calm to Rep. Rashida Tlaib

WikiLeaks Documents Show Stumbling War Effort in Afghanistan

In Search of Equal Justice Under the Law

The Real Deal...

Sacrificing America...

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