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May 14, 2019

President Trump want's to boot illegal aliens from "Public Housing".

Immigrants and crime: New study rebuts Trump claims

An important public service announcement

A Brief History Fact

Why isn't the Senate investigating Joe Biden's son Hunter over China, Ukraine dealings?

Pic's, Some really great ones! Politically speaking

Cory Booker's supporters claim Mayor Pete is more popular because he is white...

Trump referring to Mayor Pete as "Alfred E. Neuman" is genuinely hilarious

U.S. School Caught Red-Handed Pushing Islam

Abrams Tanks and Troops Being sent to Middle East to Confront Iranian Threat

The real Obama


Hatred for Christianity rears its ugly head AGAIN

Is Trump winning the Trade war

The Politician's Theme Song...

Trump moves to keep deadly carcinogen legal

Alysa Milano calls for Sex Strikes to protest anti-abortion law....

Illegal Apprehension exceeds 500,000 at Southern Border so far....

this is the latest from fox news

Top Obama Advisor: Biden in "Candidate Protection Program" as Aides Work to Avoid Gaffes

The Issue with Tissue

60 countries ban asbestos but not the US were going to start buying it from Russia

I Have a New Theme for Trump Rallies

How Criminals Get Through Gun Control Laws

Trumps latest target is Chris Wray--his own appointment.

The elite soldiers protecting the Amazon rain forest

Training Program for Afghan Pilots in US Ends After Nearly Half Go AWOL

Facebook Censorship Hits More Political Channels, 600k Followers Gone

Nation’s Oldest Medal of Honor recipient dies

Why don't you support Israel?

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