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Mar 15, 2019

Will Trump be trounced by a schoolgirl?

I don't need a gun....

For anyone confused...

House Voted Unanimously To Make The Mueller Report Public...What Does That Tell You?

2020 Census...And Citizenship question!!!

I'm Sure That I Will Get Some Grief About This Topic

State supreme court rules Remington can be sued over Newtown shooting

So tomorrow we will see how many cowards there are in the Senate!!!

Trump slump

Crazy so called "Experts" talking about our President!!!....

Is it sinking in yet?

Trump Will Only Get A Few Vetoes Before He Is Smacked Down...That's A Dangerous Game

For You Liberals Who Insist That There Is No Crisis At The Border


Is Alex Jones Right? - Is Trump Letting Down the American Public

Neighbors face fines for flying American Flags!!!!!!..... :(

Define 'National Emergency'.

Democrats Announce All 2020 Candidates Will Forgo...

Andrew Weissman is leaving Mueller Team in a very near future!!!

JW sues for documents on effort to shut down Clinton foundation on investigation—

Just Another Reminder

A sad state we have become.

Another Leftist Absurdity

SPLC Founder is FIRED!!!

GOP To Change Senate Rules To StopP Democrat's Delaying Tactics

Yet Another Muslim Rape Gang Is Charged

In spite of going seriously green Germany's Carbon emissions go up.

No Christians need apply

Migrants Using Nearly 2X The Welfare Of Native-Born Americans

Islam: America’s Established Religion

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