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Mar 14, 2019

Are you pro or against Death Penalty???

The Left is Openly Executing its Detailed Plan to Replace President Trump With Pelosi!

California Governor to block more than 700 executions with executive order....

BOMBSHELL REPORT!!!..Lisa Page testified Obama DOJ ordered FBI NOT to charge Hillary!!!

Manafort is sentenced to additional 3.5 years in prison...

President Trump signed an order to ground Boeing 737 Max

"Man,i'm just born to be in it!!"

As If AOC Wasn't Enough...

The 'Collusion' Canard

$575 Million, And That's Just For Starters!

Nancy Pelosi Says on impeachment that "Trump is Just Not Worth It"

Pelosi Admits Democrats Have Nothing Impeachable On Trump

One Step Closer to Banning free speech

Birds Of A Feather?

Things To Keep In Mind, This Mar. 13, 2019

Five predictions of Climate Change

Best Posters YET of 2019

Brexit Panic! Elites Stalling Populist Divorce!

Many in the Trump Base are Growing Restless...

Presstitutes Turn Blind Eye to UN Report on Venezuela

Birth Strike Movement

Why is it? is Fox News fair?

Court Lets Ohio Defund Planned Parenthood in Major Pro-Life Victory

Mr. President, Which of the 5 Criminal Enterprises below do you work for ?

Raw Footage Shows the Terrifying Truth About Dangerous Sanctuary Laws

Sammy L. Jackson Says Trump Supporters Are Destroying The Planet

NY charges manafort with 16 crimes !

Obama DOJ

Two new News items

Extremist Attacks

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