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Jan 10, 2019

donaled trump ended his presidency last night

Open Border? Or the Wall? A solution....

Wall nuts

I am tired of the focus on the wall and shutdown.

That is not rhetorical! Where do you stand???

Here's a question

Trumps Speech

It's Official, We're In Trouble...Trump Says It's A Crisis If He Can't Make A Deal

Trump flops again

Pitchfork Farmer and Wife

You can't make this stuff up

Remember when the Democratic Party actually stood for something?

Come together': US Dems introduce gun background check bill

To people who think we should let just anyone in......

Another Caravan on its Way

Goodbye To California

Chuck tells the nation of Israel a wall is immoral

What is America going to do about its Trump problem in 2019?

Sad Chuckles for the Day?

The show biz "elite" and athletes who take a knee could use some lessons!

Fact Checks...CBS Agreed With the President

Holy Crap...What Was Trump Thinking? Barr And Mueller Have Been Friends For Decades

A growing number of Americans blame Trump for shutdown: Reuters-Ipsos poll

Lets look at the bright side

Rosenstein is going to resign after new AG is confirmed....

Defeated Trump Admits His Immigration Address Was Pointless

Sheriff Israel may be suspended....I think he should be fired!!!!

Donald Trump's Border Speech Gets A Savage Instant Fact-Check On Fox News

A "No Wall" Alternative Proposal For The Left

Trump Declares Nationalism or Globalism and the Giant Awakes !

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