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Dec 7, 2018
Did anyone watch the funeral?
The right wing denial (PAY FOR PLAY)
Surprisingly, Tucker Carlson Says Trump 'not capable.'
Coming to a state near you; if Democrats have their way.
Next Thursday....Public Hearing...Regarding Clinton Foundation Whistleblowers!!!!
Good Question...Who Mueller answers to???
History - Must Read...
To all the school kids going on "strike" for Climate Change.
Voting Problems and Solutions
The triple whammy
Pork Sausage Served at National Islam Conference
Splain this warming enthusiasts!!
Trump on debt crisis: "I won't be here"
Why does man think they can justify.....
Has anybody heard from Trump
OMG more voter fraud
I'm talking to you! Go gramps!
77 years ago
The Police Can't Be Everywhere...
Illegal immigrant 'made Donald Trump's bed and dusted his golf trophies'
Canada embraces World without Borders........
"The Fate of Psychopathic Eskimos"
Chinese man arrested for taking pictures of Navy Base in Florida.....
What Was the Real Point of the Mueller Investigation?
The 2020 Election Will Be The Most Violent In American History
House Democrats plan to send Trump aides' transcripts to Mueller
I didn't hear Poppy mentioned during the furneral doings.
Republican officials had early warnings of voting irregularities in North Carolina
Syrian War Report, government forces eliminated over 23,000 militants since 2018
DNC Chair Tom Perez Complains that Voters Are Influenced By Church
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