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MTV Video music awards gets political......
What else is new???I hate President!!I hate President!!! I hate President!!!1..Blah!!Blah!!Blah!!!...Why cant these entertainers do something original???Like for example actually entertain without being hateful jerks???..I used to watch MTV Music awards when it actually was fun....Now i turn a channel...SAD!!!....
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Remember the Trump quote by Trump on Airforce one
Rember Trump telling you on tape on Airforce one of no payments and then he said go ask Nichael Cohen.

Well today we asked Michael Cohen and he pleaded guilty and said it was at the direction of Trump to pay these two women to influence this election. Trump screamed fake news and the MSM is out to get him.

Wow well Trump we did what you asked and went to Cohen and now he faces jail time.

It’s time for Trump to step down a face his own criminal charges and let this country move on .

Fake news fake news fake news that’s all this criminal says. Not so fake now is it Trump you and toy’re Crime family will not excape this now. Finally one of the biggest crime families will finally face there charges and Trump will not be able to buy his way out as he has in so many other cases.

Please Trump step down
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Who is more stupid, lacking in integrity and anti-American? Hannity or Carlson?
I will save you some time: it is a tie. As witless entertainers, spewing mistrust in reality and government, stoking the fires of hate and division daily for ratings, these slimes rightfully do their autocratic duty to White Nationalism. Make better decisions about what you listen to and believe.

I am telling you now that in less than three years both these guys will be laughed off the air and gone, a joke to moronic partisanship.
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Chris Evans Thinks He Knows Why 'Moronic' Donald Trump Keeps Misspelling 'Counsel' over half a year on numerous occasions
Chris Evans


It’s ‘counsel’, Biff. The word is ‘counsel’.

I was trying to comprehend how in the world a man, even as moronic as you, can misspell a word he probably reads fifty times a day. But then it dawned on me, you probably only HEAR the word.

You don’t read shit.

And we all know it.
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Wow more crime for republicans. Manafort goungvto jsil for life.
Well now Rep Collins and Rep Hunter all republicans indicted. Cohen pleaded guilty of Bank fraud and paying illegal funds to Trumps porno Queen under the direction of Trump. Manafort found guilty of 8 counts 10 counts hung jury. Popodaupolis being sentenced this week. Damm by the Time we get done the only Trump supporters left will be the ignorant southern voters. The rest of the Republican Party will be in jail.

So I guess all this fake news BS by Trump is not so fake.
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"I am going to surround myself only with the best people": Zinke caught red-handed trying to sell off public lands
The Interior secretary has pledged on several occasions that he opposes the sale or transfer of public lands to private entities. At his confirmation hearing in January 2017, Zinke said: “I am absolutely against transfer or sale of public land.”

In a March 3, 2017 speech, only days after getting sworn in as secretary, Zinke promised Interior staffers: “You can hear it from my lips. We will not sell or transfer public land.”

Just last December, Zinke reiterated this pledge. “There’s not one square inch, not one square inch, of land that is removed from federal protection,” Zinke told Fox Business.

But then last Wednesday, the Trump administration released its management plans for the much smaller Grand Staircase and Bears Ears national monuments — prepared by the BLM and the U.S. Forest Service — that placed a priority on energy development and included the plan to sell off the 1,610 acres of public lands.

he plans cover the 880,000 acres carved out by Trump from Grand Staircase and the 200,000 acres remaining in Bears Ears from its original 1.35 million acres.

Either Zinke had a change of heart about selling off public lands or does not have a clear understanding of what his agency is doing.

“Does Secretary Zinke have any idea what’s going on inside the Interior Department? He was caught red-handed trying to sell off our public lands to his political supporters,” Jennifer Rokala, executive director of the Center for Western Priorities, said Friday in a statement. “It’s only after two days of terrible news stories that he is now changing direction.”

In December, Trump announced the largest-ever reduction of a national monument in the nation’s history, shrinking Bears Ears by some 1.1 million acres, or nearly 85 percent. Trump also announced that he would be reducing Grand Staircase to nearly half its original size.

“The attempt was more than just Zinke’s dirty scheme to illegally sell off public lands, as some of the land slated for sale is adjacent to land owned by an avid Trump supporter and a current Republican lawmaker in Utah,” the Sierra Club said Friday in a statement.

One parcel of the public land that the BLM proposed selling was a 120-acre property that sits adjacent to 40 acres owned by Utah state Rep. Mike Noel (R) and which were removed from the monument.

Noel applauded Trump’s decision to shrink the size of the Grand Escalante monument. He unsuccessfully attempted to rename a Utah highway after Trump to thank the president for the executive order, HuffPost reported last week.
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Ahhhhh Hell just another One pleading guilty
Well nobody cares about this crime infested campaign of Trumps. It’s just another day in the Trump corporation of crime.
Cohen pleads guilty
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The current leftwing attack on Donald know...collusion, etc
I agree;
"It behoves me to add a comment or two to the current leftwing attack on Donald know...collusion, etc. without any evidence. It is being conducted in a psychological arena that is foreign to most involving "EMOTIONS" that those so encumbered may use as their yardstick for decision making...not common sense. I call them Demo-Nazies, as they use NazI fear techniques invented in America by the Democrats or Dummycrats...ref: Dinesh D'Souza.

CNN uses that approach almost exclusively as it is easily picked up by females especially, as they are extremely tuned into the emotional content of anything broadcast...over and over. They (CNN) rightfully assume and know it is very effective. It creates violence by inciting people to riot, destroy property, etc. without thinking, which is counter to a conservative or "right wing" approach that males tend to favor in their decision process. The Clinton Foundation, run by Hillary Clinton finances much of this rhetoric against Trump. CNN, which is their champion of anti-Trump "fake news" delivered by gay announcers (not a psychological threat to women) in many cases.

An analysis of this procedure can be verified by watching CNN, and determine whether or not they are telling half-truths, or outright unsupported lies that will never fly in a court of law. The elite favor Clinton as they feather their income nests by direct ownership of the means of war material production...unseen by the general public. The wealthy Koch brothers were, and still are on the Clinton band wagon. They want Trump to fail and Pence to take the reins, for he is more easily influenced by the financial crowd of Wall Street...and the personal assault on Trump and his family and guessed it, paid for by the elite cabal and the Clintons.

A socialist female would hate Trump, for he is the personification of a single man with lots of dough to throw around to get what he wanted...they think. In reality, he's quite normal, is conversant with the working class, and smells a bad deal when he sees one. He doesn't pay the "Now you see it, then, now you don't", which is the usual political process we have seen over many years...from wanna be rich candidates for president, so they are owned by the wealthy elite when the political dust settles.

Personally, I will NEVER vote for a crooked candidate, which includes any Democrat (including Elizabeth Warren) who believes the government is entitled to steal from Americas citizens through the tax system and high interest rate loans for college students...their fair-share tax does not make a theft look OK. Hogwash."
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Nixon's Supporters Stayed With Him Way Longer Than Made Sense, But They Did Turn In The End...
...when the evidence that he was guilty smacked them in the faces.... when will the right start turning?

When he admits guilt?
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What I truly hate about my thread 'And even worst things about Robert E. Lee' was the totally blind and unquestioning allegiance to myth
That really bothered and scared me.

Most of those who commented from the Right made no effort to find the truth, just echoing what they had been told or somehow came to believe. The preposterous statements by many on the Right that he owned no slaves is easily disproven by others on the Right, equally uninformed, claiming he voluntarily freed them or was nice to them. Which is it? But that this thread garnered so many responses shocked me. Why so many? What was at stake? What was there to lose or gain? Those are questions for you Lee-backers, that I feel you will not address.

There was also so much vehemence expressed by many on the Right over "tarnishing" Lee with the truth. Now I begin to better see why speaking truth against power, such as Trump, will never dampen his supporters: they don't care about truth. Facts and sources and videos and eyewitness accounts are useless to deter how you care to see things. You will invent incredible and twisted conspiracy theories to attack what is plain and simple reality. Like a drug addict. He or she will lose his family, friends, house, car, teeth, reputation, and life, but never desert his beloved drug of choice. Fascinating to watch the frenzied defense of Lee.
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