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Posts for: Larry the Legend
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Sep 13, 2017 14:39:36   #
ProudTiger wrote:
I most strongly suggest that most any form of "Gun Control" is much more about CONTROL of the civilian population than guns. Historically, it's the step that precedes dictatorship. This Internet Link provides very strong support for my argument:

God Bless America and our Second Amendment!


Aug 23, 2017 13:50:29   #
Mr Bombastic wrote:
Well. What do you libs have to say now? I've always claimed that democrats want to confiscate our guns. And you idiots told me I was crazy. Well, here's the proof. It's happening now. Are you people OK with this? Can I get just one liberal on here to stand up and say this is a bad idea?

Aug 23, 2017 13:15:07   #
2tap wrote:
Damn Larry where the heck have you been? It seems like a long time simce I saw one of your posts. I hope you have been well. Take care.
Semper Fi
Damn Larry where the heck have you been? It seems ... (show quote)

Life been getting in the way. Want my *sob* story?
Aug 21, 2017 15:25:08   #
Super Dave wrote:

Good Stuff.

That's nice. Here's a not-so-oldie but still goodie!

Of course, even the not-so-oldies can do some oldies but goodies!
Aug 21, 2017 15:08:07   #
patriotnana67 wrote:
Just watched a you tube video about illuminati it explained alot. Know i realy now why dems and RINOS are freaking out . To bad so sad lucifer lol u lost again trump derailed their whole plan started in france during french revolution. Utube vid called illuminati 50years check it out

There's lots of theories about that, this looks about the most well-informed. It's long but worth the investment...
Aug 21, 2017 14:58:34   #
ldsuttonjr wrote:
Common Sense......

Don't forget the pop-tart shaped like a pistol. Or the kid who made the fake time bomb for his science project. Or, my personal favorite, burping in class. Yes, a 13 year old was arrested, cuffed and hauled off to juvie for burping. In class. No kidding.
Aug 21, 2017 14:28:17   #
no propaganda please wrote:
Democrats in Oregon have announced a new law that allows state funding for abortions to everyone, including unlawful immigrants, according to Fox News.

Oh. My. God. It's true. I didn't believe it. I thought this was another one of those 'sensation' stories, but it really is true.

Wow. Just, Wow. Unfreakingbelievable.

Last one out, bring the flag.
Aug 21, 2017 14:07:45   #
S. Maturin wrote:
The 'feel good' politicians on both coasts are gleefully rubbing their hands together as they survey another 'accomplishment'. What does it all mean, though?

Ready for that $20 cheeseburger? It's coming. Minimum wage laws were, are, and always will be, a bad idea. By the way, can anyone point out the clause where government is delegated this authority? I can't seem to locate it right now.
Jul 20, 2017 10:02:48   #
Sicilianthing wrote:
Why cant Trump stop the printing of money or the spending?

The answer will haunt you!

Simple, really. The House of Representatives has the power of the purse. The Office of the President holds no sway over spending or budgeting beyond making recommendations to Congress; who may or may not act on said recommendations. Here's the kicker: The President has no power to alter or adjust spending or the lack thereof. That's what Congress does. The Office of the President puts acts of Congress into actionable statutes. Without the statutes, the laws are toothless. Without the laws (acts of Congress), the statutes cannot be written. This is why the spending will continue until Congress has its credit cards revoked. The President is powerless to stop it.

The printing of money is neither under the purview of the President nor the Houses of Congress. That's the function of the Federal Reserve System, a privately-owned banking cartel solely in business to 'make money'- literally. Since the passing of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, this cartel has had the sole (legal) power to print money and give it to Congress to spend how they wish. Congress, in their turn, have made it illegal to refuse to accept these debt-based, fiat generated promissory notes by passing the legal tender laws.

The Office of the President has no power to reign in the spending or to remove the Federal Reserve from the position of 'lender of last resort', hence the President will not be joining the party anytime soon.

Feeling 'haunted' yet?
Jul 14, 2017 16:57:50   #
Mr Bombastic wrote:
I'm sure many of you remember this one. How many quarters did you feed into this little bugger?

I like this one better...
Jun 12, 2017 22:35:53   #
Mr Bombastic wrote:
LOL! Seriously?

Seriously! It's right there in the article. Google it if you need more. There's a ton of stuff on it. This was a big deal at the time. Major troll! This guy's making a killing with a book full of blank pages.
Jun 12, 2017 22:20:37   #
Mr Bombastic wrote:
Can anyone tell me what democrats stand for?

There was a book on that very subject made the NY Times bestseller list a few months ago. 266 pages of blank paper. Nope. This is for real...
May 20, 2017 20:14:16   #
cesspool jones wrote:
The real reason for the 2nd amendment is to put a hole in your head that I can see through.

He already has one - just look down his ear, there's nothing stopping you seeing right through to the other side.
May 20, 2017 20:06:15   #
Nickolai wrote:

Another asshole calling the kettle black, Try and open up your brain cells to reality and try not to be such an ignorant ass hole This video explains the ugly origin of the second amendment

Slavery? Again? Seriously? What will it take to drag you kicking and screaming into the 21st. century? Newsflash! THE SECOND AMENDMENT IS NOT ABOUT SLAVERY!

I do not arm myself in order to keep my slaves in line. I arm myself in order to mount a formidable defense should my government take it into their heads to overstep their authority and attempt to separate me from my natural rights. One of those rights just happens to be that of self-defense. Should words fail, I still have the ability to apply force when it matters most.

May 20, 2017 17:12:30   #
Nickolai wrote:
There is no mention of democracy in the constitution because the founders believed that only the elites were qualified to run government and so believed aristocrats, men of property should run government they regarded democracy as mobocracy and they wanted to be aristocrats free from the English Monarchy but aristocrats in the new country

Bzzzt! Incorrect. Here's a rundown of how it all shakes out:
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