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Mar 22, 2017 22:20:21   #
karpenter wrote:
Estimates Of Socialist Regime Induced Deaths Of The 20th Century Alone
From The Reasons Above, Are OVER 120Million Peacetime Deaths

Please Inform Us Of How Many People Died On The Streets Of America From Famine
(0. Ever.)

That's two of us arriving at the same conclusion. Independently of each other. Think he got the message yet?
Mar 22, 2017 20:12:34   #
no propaganda please wrote:
The earth is almost round, apparently it is slightly bulging at the equators so it is not absolutely round, but close enough for all practical purposes. (Emphasis mine)

How many "equators" are there?
Mar 22, 2017 20:07:38   #
Tanya wrote:
I hope they continue to build tunnels and blow Trumps wall to hell! It's a waste of money, time, and energy!! We got border security killing EVERYTHING that moves, ICE HAS GONE ROGUE, hell the Republicans have gone crazy like TRUMP!! I'm going to clue white people in on a few things!!
1) You are not Gods Chosen People
Read your Bibles that's the Holy Bible,King James Version. Prove facts
2) White Europeans came here and Raped, Massacred, and Enslaved the North American Native Indians, proven facts
3)White Men feel their Superior to all other Races. PROVEN FACTS
A) There's only been one 1 Man of Color Elected as President
B) Majority of most People elected to Any Government Office
C) Most Serial Killers
D) White Men Breed Racism
1) They feel their way is best
2) White Men feel their Ill equiped with their genitalia (smaller, pencil like, or just not equiped)
3) they breed HATERED in order to feel Superior, that's why it's easier for them to lie about other races,
A) Most Discoveries are made by Black Men, they end up being killed for their Discoveries or made slaves so the White man could claim it
B) Yes, Black Men are capable of Thinking , Their capabilities are superior to others because of the way White People have Treated Them
C) Yes white women intentionally caused thousands of Black People to be KILLED IN THE SOUTH,
D) White Men hate seeing The Races come together as Couple, Friends, or Partners, because they know the HATE THEIR FILLED WITH IS BASELESS
MANY WILL ASK WHY I KNOW THESE THINGS, WEELLL, TO BE HONEST WITH YA. IM A WOMAN OF DIFFERENT ETHNICITIES, IM A GOOD OL TRUE SOUTHERN ALABAMA WOMAN. BORN AND BREED INTO HATE!! I've grown up seeing the animosity between White People and other Minorities. It's just here Recently that it's been more Prevalent. People looking at me crazy because my Husband is a Beautiful African Man, hell we been TOGETHER 9yrs. We see you!! But we laugh at you, your ignorance of what LOVE IS, is Hysterical! GOD SAID, LOVE YE ONE ANOTHER! Not love ye white people One to another, unless I'm reading it wrong, am I??
We have 3Adult Kids, and 3Handsome Grandsons, whom we adore!! We didn't raise our Kids to Breed HATE. But we taught them to Love those who Persecute you because of your skin Color or because they don't know you. My grandkids teach me to be the Bigger Person if we encounter hatred. We ask them to Pray with us!!
People it don't matter what color you are, if you live like God says too, then their should be no barriers in race!
I don't like it when you say that minorities only bring bad. This is the biggest lie! Even Emitt Tills Persecutor denied he done anything. Can you imagine how many more lied?? That Truth will never come out but it should stand as a reminder , that what you do in the dark always comes to the light!!!
If your a Man and your upset because I'm woman enough to speak this Truth, then you should get on your knees and Pray!! GOD has given us all the Answers to this Problem!! If you seek his face, and come before him humble he can give you the Answers you seek!!
Hey, is The TRUMpeteers Bible the KJV?
I got an extra if. Anyone needs it!!!
I hope they continue to build tunnels and blow Tru... (show quote)

Wow. That's a lot of problems I couldn't begin to fathom. The most obvious one is some serious spelling deficiencies. Did you get past 3rd. grade?
Mar 22, 2017 20:02:24   #
maureenthannon wrote:
Has any other POUS ever worked without the salary?

George Washington, for sure. Fact is, the President is obliged to take a salary, and George Washington took $1. No doubt Trump will find a similar circumstance.
Mar 22, 2017 17:39:12   #
buffalo wrote:
Medical CARE should be considered a right for ALL. As it is now, some people, mainly the poor, get to treat it as a right, while the average taxpayers that pay for them to have that right have to treat their medical CARE as a bankrupting privilege.

This again? Really? I thought we already put this one to bed. OK well, we can go around the houses one more time I guess, in the interest of.... whatever it is in the interest of.

First. A 'right' is not something somebody else pays for. A right is something that has no inherent cost associated with its exercise. For instance, 'freedom of speech' is a right. It costs nobody anything if you speak. To bear arms is a right. It costs nobody (except you, of course) anything, no matter how you arm yourself. Then there's the right to privacy, etc. OK, now that we understand that a right is an activity or prerogative that is only likely to cost the person exercising that right anything, let's consider some of the more modern (and more expensive) 'rights'.

Aaaaand jumping straight in..... Healthcare. Let's consider this for a moment. Premise: Healthcare as a 'right', same as speech or privacy. Everybody needs healthcare so it is supposed to be a right. OK, so I get sick and go to the doctor, the doctor checks me over, writes me a prescription and wants to see me again in 10 days. I go to the pharmacy with my prescription and pick up my medicine. 10 days later, I see the doctor again and he is pleased to give me a clean bill of health. The system has worked as it was designed and I go back to work, happy and healthy. Eeeeexceeeeept.....

So let's unpack that little story some. The doctor is a professional physician who spent 7 to 10 years in college/university and several more years as a houseman in a hospital being taught the trade. Let's round that off to an even 10 years and call him a general practitioner. OK so he has one function in his professional life - to treat sick people. And he spent 10 years and over a million dollars learning how to do it. So how does he eat? He must charge people for his services as a physician or find a second job, right?

So, before I even leave the doctor's office, someone has to pay the doctor.

The pharmacist who fills my prescription is also a highly educated professional who also spent close to 7 years at college/university and usually is tasked with purchasing some very expensive tools of the trade. Even worse than the doctor, the pharmacist must buy the raw materials required to produce the prescribed medicine and he too must eat, so he too must charge for his product and/or services.

So, before I even take the first dose of medicine, someone has to pay the pharmacist (and, by proxy, the pharmaceutical company).

And then, after my 10 days of medication, I again show up at the doctor's office. Same as before.

So, someone has to pay the doctor, yet again.

But I am only a lowly street sweeper, and cannot afford to pay these high wages and exorbitant medical costs for the doctor, the pharmacist or the pharmaceutical company (the latter being a total ripoff, in my opinion). Whatever shall I do?

OK so here's my options:

Carry health insurance. There will most likely be a deductible but at least the cost is not ruinous. Of course, there is that monthly payment to make, month in, month out. These days it ain't cheap - government regulation, anyone?

Borrow the money. This will spread the cost out over a period of months or years. The bank will listen, and many hospitals will offer this option. Banks need collateral. Hospitals need to see an excellent credit score.

Sell off property. Simply head to the second-hand store and get what I can for my prized possessions. If it's really expensive, my car might have to go. Hopefully it's enough.

Look for a donor. Parents and siblings may be open to putting something together to help ease the burden. Some charities are in existence to help with medical catastrophes. Some hospitals are also registered charities. Nobody ever got shot for asking. Tell 'em Larry said....

Some combination of the above. Maybe my insurance pays up and I cover the deductible with the other options. Maybe I have no insurance and really have to hash it together.

Of course, there are some, shall we say, less than legal options that we shall not go into here.

And there are probably other (legal) options that I have not thought of. I bet my highly educated and widely knowledgeable friends here on OPP will be more than happy to point them out... (head explosion in 3... 2... 1-1/2... 1-1/4...)

Let government pay. 'Sure, why not? Government deals in billions every day, what harm is another 20 grand going to do? They're rolling in money!' Yes, they are, they're rolling in other peoples' money that was garnered by force and threats of violence against those who had no choice but to pay. Taking money from government just makes it that much worse for those who are forced to pay up. Oh, and the act of forcing someone to pay a debt for a third party is a very insidious form of political arrangement called socialism. Socialism is the exact opposite of our Constitutional Republican form of government. In our form of government, if it ain't allowed by the original agreement (the Constitution of 1789), it ain't allowed, period; and socialism ain't allowed.

Now, will you please quit inventing new 'rights' for the rest of us to pay for? If you're really so much in love with socialism, there's a country south of here called Venezuela that will be happy to eat you. (Meet! I meant MEET! Not 'eat'. Though they are very hungry right now, like literally, because 'socialism'.)
Mar 22, 2017 16:11:50   #
JFlorio wrote:
Should of known it was Republicans holding up the earth. No parachutes for jack asses.

Oooooh! Didn't think of that! ROFISLMFAO!
Mar 22, 2017 13:15:30   #
"Mexico's government on Tuesday warned Mexican companies that it would not be in their best "interests" to participate in the construction of U.S. President Donald Trump's border wall, though there will be no legal restrictions or sanctions to stop them if they tried". just a lot of angry Mexicans boycotting their businesses:

At least the Mexican government understands the basic tenets of the free market and how it's 'invisible hand' both rewards and punishes all on its own. Unlike California. In the 'land of the free', "[S]tate lawmakers have introduced a bill that would force the [S]tate to drop its pension investments in any companies involved in the project". You heard that right:

"Assembly Bill 946 would require the California Public Employee Retirement System and the California State Teachers Retirement System — the two largest public pension funds in the nation, with investments of $312 billion and $202 billion, respectively — to liquidate investments in any company involved with the wall’s construction within a year. It would also require the pension-fund management to report a list of those companies to the Legislature". Presumably for further 'sanction'.

Once again, Mexico outclasses California in 'getting it right'.

Hey! California! Secede already, will ya!?
Mar 22, 2017 12:03:02   #
JFlorio wrote:
That's very thoughtful of you. Where do I land?

On one of the gigantic elephants holding the Earth up, of course. Silly goose!
Mar 22, 2017 11:58:07   #
Dr.Dross wrote:
Have you any estimate on how many people starved to death, died of neglect, or were lost to crime because of this lack of "socialism"?

Zero. Nobody has starved to death, died of neglect, or been lost to crime because of a 'lack of socialism'. Socialism has an abysmal record as a governmental system, that's why there are plenty of people in Venezuela right now eating from dumpsters and dying for a lack of urgent medical attention, because socialism has destroyed it all.

Dr.Dross wrote:
A welfare state is not socialism.

Yes it is. Any government handout is socialism. Any time someone forcibly takes from one person and gives to another, that is socialism. Without government force, socialism cannot survive, because people tend to make better decisions than the governments that purport to rule over them, and so would not voluntarily give up their possessions in the name of socialism.

Dr.Dross wrote:
Educate yourself. Stop spewing Right Wing talking points. Think this way: do I want my neighbor to suffer or die because of lack in this land of plenty?

Just exactly what is a 'right wing talking point', anyway? I've never seen or heard of one. I have seen whole books dedicated to socialist talking points though.

"[D]o I want my neighbor to suffer or die because of lack in this land of plenty?" Nope. And he does not wish that on me either. That's why we work together to sustain both ourselves and our communities. We do much better for ourselves and those around us than we would ever achieve by sitting at home mooching off those who get up in the morning and work to produce beneficial goods and services for a living.

Dr.Dross wrote:
The Right consistently gives the impression that people getting entitlements are mostly scum. Try losing your job in an industry that has moved to China.

Did that. Lost my job before I even left college to a new satellite system. Rebooted and lost that one to an international startup. Started all over again and lost that one to a new digital technology. Lost several jobs to lower cost Chinese operations. I have been employed by over 20 different businesses since leaving college 32 years ago. I have been tempted to quit and go on the government plantation exactly zero times. Ever heard the term 'welfare queen'? Look it up.

Dr.Dross wrote:
Romney practically invented this practice.

I'd be very interested in the logic behind that statement. I'm no fan of Mitt Romney, but as far as I know, he has never described anyone as 'scum', at least not publicly. Am I reading that wrong? I think I must be, but I see no typographical error or other way to phrase it.

Dr.Dross wrote:
My urge here is to explode with outrage at your ignorant comment. But, as Jesus said, you know not what you do.

I would describe that comment as both educated and reasonable. You appear to be seeing things that are not there.

Dr.Dross wrote:
You just blindly follow ideology. "Socialism...yuck! Evil! Un-American! Destroy it!" You are sadly clueless.

"Socialism...yuck! Evil! Un-American! Destroy it!" Well, yes, socialism is evil and un-American. It is evil because it prompts the enslavement of it's subjects. It is un-American because it goes against every word in the US Constitution, a document written to guard against such evils. I can't speak for others, but I tend to judge the veracity of legislation by comparing it to the basic tenets of the Constitution and if it appears to agree with the powers duly delegated, then it is good. If not, then to borrow a phrase - "Destroy it!". Incidentally, I have never actually tasted socialism, but yeah, I imagine it does taste pretty 'yucky'.

Mar 22, 2017 11:01:15   #
no propaganda please wrote:
The scariest part of it is the statement "perhaps the theory that the earth is flat is an alternative fact" There is no such thing as an alternative fact, there may be alternative theories but NOT alternative facts.

I think that depends on whether you're in an 'alternative universe' or not. Also, how would you know?
Mar 22, 2017 10:51:23   #
Happy Birthday, Captain James T. Kirk!
(Also known as William Shatner)
86 today!

Question: How many actors can say their show inspired a number 1 hit song in the popular charts?

Answer: At least one:

And don't forget the memes!

Mar 21, 2017 22:05:16   #
vettelover wrote:
Do you think Lady Macbeth wore Pants Suites too?

Nah. She was way more into the whole 'goth' thing.
Mar 21, 2017 22:04:11   #
JFlorio wrote:
My bad. How this quote ended up on this thread is beyond me.

No problem. Probably an ID ten T failure. Might even be PICNIC. Had me going there for a minute, though.
Mar 21, 2017 11:47:08   #
Ricko wrote:
Trump won fair and square because the democrats put up the most corrupt candidate ever to seek the office of POTUS. The EC has been , just fine, for democrats until they got their butts whipped. Instead of looking inward at their poor choices, lack of vision, for America, a discombobulated campaign and a terrible candidate, they blame the EC or the Russians. It is indeed laughable.

I say they get awarded a 'participation award' and done with it. That's their biggest problem, no recognition for just showing up and losing. Give 'em something, a cookie, anything, pat them on the head and send them on their way. Done, and then we can all get on with our lives.
Mar 21, 2017 11:35:57   #
Loki wrote:
If you are waiting for a statute, get used to being disappointed. He hasn't violated any. Dross will doubtless try and change the subject or offer more baseless opinions in lieu of research.

I wouldn't doubt it for a second. Point is, he made a very silly assertion and now he's on the hook. If he cannot refer to a valid statute, then his heartfelt apology will be graciously accepted. If no statute or apology, well, we may have to resort to what I did in Kansas City. And he won't like what I did in Kansas City.
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