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May 27, 2017 13:11:41   #
AuntieQuated wrote:
No, not British. Just educated by the old school system with a grandmother who insisted on proper English grammar. Also educated to use logic and reasoning in debate. Name calling has never persuaded anyone to change their mind on anything. It just tells the other person you aren't going to listen to anything they have to say on the topic of disagreement. Not worth the expenditure of energy.

It was your spelling of "recognise" and your social-euro outlook.
And welcome, not all are old school here OPP.
May 26, 2017 23:19:35   #
Mr Bombastic wrote:
Cheesecake is way superior to apple pie.

When applied to women, it's American apple pie in a cakewalk. Cheesecake works a pole in a club.
May 26, 2017 23:01:00   #
Mr Bombastic wrote:
Hey. Did you make that cheesecake yet?

Nuthin about lindajoy is cheesecake.
She's American as apple pie, maybe with ice cream too, but not vanilla.
May 25, 2017 17:05:39   #
Gosharooties capn Comey, wouldn't it seem that information like that would intensify the Illiar investigations and include Lynch and obama too?
May 25, 2017 17:00:50   #
The First Laddy.
May 25, 2017 16:53:13   #
Auntie, are you British?
May 24, 2017 22:02:34   #
Maddowshit, no Russians. They got caught with email evidence that Illiar wasn't going to be prosecuted. This is the elaborate lie to get them out of it.
May 24, 2017 21:22:00   #
Bug58 wrote:
Wonder if THIS was the Russian connection they were referring to??

I feel sorry for the man, someone wanted him out of the way..and I don't think it was Trump OR the Russians.

Are you referring to Seth Rich?
May 24, 2017 18:54:11   #
Well those clever Russians! Imagine, knowing how to make an email look like it came from Debbie Wasserman Schultz to a Soros operative to Renteria, a Clinton campaign advisor second to none. And to think that the Russians had the gall to plant the seeds of a FIX by the impeccable obama administration FBI and DOJ!
Well then, no wonder Comey had to end the Clinton investigation with no indictments because the Russians interfered. What an honorable man!
May 23, 2017 23:13:01   #
Robbie Mook and John Podesta cooked up the Russian interference theory 24 hours after illiar lost the election. The DNC instructed the media to push this lie along with support from the deep state left. It's their only hope to stand in the way of Trump's successes. If obama wants his legacy of taking down America to continue, Trump must be stopped.
This is a highly choreographed last gasp effort planned in early February to preserve anything the left can preserve from illiar's loss.
May 22, 2017 18:11:20   #
lindajoy wrote:
Ohh YES I can imagine it, Mike😱🙃😂

As for the rest, it is at this point our true demise., we have more than enough illegals and we can not sustain anymore!!

Trump tried doing as he said about it and look at the opposition from the people that profess to be a patriot....I got some bridges for sale if you believe them!!

Fight sanctuary cities in your state, admonish and call for the sheriffs and police depts that violate the very laws they pledged to uphold, etc!!
Most important stand WITH Trump!! Make America Firsr!!!!!!
Ohh YES I can imagine it, Mike😱🙃😂 br br As for... (show quote)

May 22, 2017 13:57:07   #
lindajoy wrote:
Great article, Raddiance!! Truly is a great crimes of the Hill manuscript in the making..

Comey is a snake, perplexed by not having his cover in place or backup net to counter...

Trumps finesse and radar in high gear, he was smart not to let people know until he did it!!!

The repercussions of such are mounting even more than we have witnessed thus far...

Trump once again makes his mark for America!!!

America First!!!!

Can you imagine? Illiar and obama in prison for treason and the media embarrassed to silence and history awarding Trump Lincoln and Washington status?
America might be a mix of nationalties, but it's not a mix of cultures. That idea has to stop. It brought down Babel and Rome.
May 22, 2017 13:29:55   #
Bevos wrote:
I think you should be telling this ALL to President Trump!!! He should be going through and FIRING EVERY PERSON that Obama put in!!!

They're all running scared, hilliar was supposed to win. To survive, Trump must not only fire, but prosecute every obama era holdover, starting with obama hizzelf, and then illiar.
May 22, 2017 10:07:40   #
Bevos wrote:
LOLOL!!! I DO LIKE the pictures you paint with your words!!!
LOLOL!!! I DO LIKE the pictures you paint with you... (show quote)

After I hit Comey with a straight left jab to his crotch, he folds in half. A 3 foot 4 man is easy to beat.
May 22, 2017 09:39:16   #
Bevos wrote:
We never had Trump at the HELM before!!! AND JEFF SESSIONS. Jeff is a very quiet man, usually, but when it comes to getting things done, he is a BULLDOG!!! And He HATES what Obama and KilLIARy has been allowed to get away with!!!

Hope so, but it's a race to see who can damage whom first. There's more obama in government than Trump. And the media will fix things to make Trump a liar. Trump can't wait to strike mortal blows to the obamaleft, he must take what he has and attack.
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