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Feb 20, 2017 10:37:22   #
Cmac wrote:
The libs and commies on these sites are really just stupid.they think there immune from this shit and there our worst enemy,when they start to lose there heads and they will then we all be praised because we have the most arms.but I will never stick up for them,let them put flowers in there barrels and see how well that works out,keep your powder dry and in stock and just get ready!

Muslims don't care whether we like them or not, they just want to kill us, although they may be pleasantly surprised at the support and respect that they get from the American left.
Feb 19, 2017 18:42:21   #
robmull wrote:
AMEN, Mikey. {Radical} Islam developed the 7th century barbaric, mid-evil Sharia Law, "victim," military "Jihad" strategy, in the 7th century to eventually (D)ominate the entire world. And as you can see by the war-torn and dire situations in the nearly totally Muslim Middle-East and Africa, the "infidel" humanitarians are now either enslaved, have escaped, or were quickly assassinated - if they were VERY, VERY lucky. But torture and slow, painful death is the terrorist MO, and they are now filtering into Western Europe, Australia, Japan, Canada, America, etc.; and are STILL non-assimilating {forbidden} to ANY culture but Islam. And it's the ole' "enemy of my enemy is my friend" crap, and the secular/radical liberal progressive Marx/Alinsky (D) ideology in America, fits-in nicely to their radical "victim" military strategies, and woe-be-tide the foolish and ignorant who feel an obligated calling to aid the "victim." The Middle-East and Africa used to be full-of "infidels" who felt it their moral obligation to jump to-the-rescue of ANY victim; but radical Islam is a MUCH (D)ifferent animal. Hummmmmmmmmm. Where are they now, I wonder???? Hummmmmm, again. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PRESIDENT "45" DONALD J. {BORN AGAIN} TRUMP (R)!!!
AMEN, Mikey. {Radical} Islam developed the 7th ce... (show quote)

A moderate Muslim keeps the safety button on his allahboomboom vest. A moderate Muslim will hold your feet while his brother removes your head.
Feb 19, 2017 18:38:43   #
Progressive One wrote:
Obama was a super-smart non toadie. A community organizer, professor, lawyer, senator and two-time POTUS. What a resume. He is even writing scholarly articles as Barack Obama, JD outlining how repealing ObamaCare will hurt the insurance industry and individuals. That brother is way over everyone's head and not a all don't like those kind of blacks. That is why I try my to work my ass off to be that same caliber of black man....a scholarly non-toadie who could never have his self-perception shaped by those with an inherent lowered view of black people. If Obama wanted to destroy America, he would have continued W's policies that would have led to a full depression and not turn things around.
Obama was a super-smart non toadie. A community o... (show quote)

You should have stopped after community organizer.
And judging from what you just wrote, you have already surpassed obama in writing ability and at least a naive tenderness for America as seen by the benign faction of the Left.
Obama was a groomed plant with a manufactured family and a reconstructed past. He rarely spoke without a script, but when he did he rambled incoherently hiding his handicaps by using triple negatives to sound intelligent.
His books were written by William Ayers.
Obama had nothing to do with the presidency other than to play a role, while the international left wrote his scripts. Valerie Jarrett was calling the shots in the Whitehouse.
All in all, obama is the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on any country at any time in history.
I don't regard him as a former president, he's a patsy, well rewarded for his 8 year performance.
Feb 19, 2017 18:09:33   #
Steve700 wrote:
This whole thing about the UN constantly going against Israel and aligning itself with and placating Islam way beyond the interests of Western civilization is so astoundingly stupid and asinine that it is nearly incomprehensible to those with a sound mind. The only thing that explains it is that It Is The Nature Of Evil To Hate Good and most of the world is evil. Also have you noticed how different kinds of evil and evil ideologies will forgo their differences, although they have nothing in common, and band together against Christians and what is good, right, and sensible. It seems the whole world is under an affliction of the Stockholm syndrome.

It's unbelievable these idiots believe the way to deal with Islam is to placate it, when that will only go further to convince the Muslims that we are weak spineless degenerates as the Quran tells them about us. The only real cure to Islam is to go Roman on it and for us to stop having all this free sex and aborting the product of it which is enabling the Muslims to outnumber us, because they have more children than Catholics and they don't abort.

The leaders of the civilized world should be yelling out like Hitler "Who the hell are these people and what kind of religion is this that directs its adherents to subjugate, terrorize and slaughter their fellow human beings in order to spread the religion. How do the Muslims believe that Jesus who said love and pray for your enemies came from the same God as Mohammed who said to subjugate and slaughter your enemies and to keep doing it until there is only one religion Islam and Allah alone is worshiped. These despicable murderous Quranic directives and mandates to wipe out and convert all humanity until only Islam remains are evil. -- This is not of God, but of Satan. Has ISIS, Al Qaeda, Boko Harum, Al Shabob, Hamas, and Hezbollah taught you nothing". This is not hate speech, this is Truth Speech and NEEDED AWARENESS. The moderate Muslims tell us that ISIS is not Islam, but just crazy people that do not represent Islam, yet Al Baghdaddi the the leader of Isis (who Obama released in 2011) is an Islamic scholar with a PhD in Islamic studies. Only the truth and exposing the Islamic evil to the light of day can defeat Islam. Placating Islam and making laws against telling the truth about it (which is the liberal way to try and deal with it) is exactly the wrong way to go. Everyone is afraid of it, but if we told the truth, half of the Muslims would be embarrassed and realize we are right and leave their religion and the other half would crawl back under the rock from which they came. Mohammed is held up in Islamic theology as the ideal man, but he was a murderer, a mass murderer thief, a robber, extortionist, pedophile, a rapist and slaver and the Muslims are okay with that. But if they hear us say it with no fear it is like the policeman walking into the room and they suddenly realize the evil of what they are saying, thinking and aligning themselves with.

God help us. These crazy liberals believe kindness, understanding and sympithy and their coming wonderful leftist utopia, lacking in Christian morals will win over the Muslims from their religion. We are such ignorant unknowing degenerate cowards and it's going to lead to the demise of all of us.
This whole thing about the UN constantly going aga... (show quote)

They're victims! The left sees them as being exploited by the United States, after all, we're stealing their oil and imposing our Western lifestyle on them. And almost more importantly, the left shares the same goal as Islam; to topple the United States.
Feb 19, 2017 16:06:01   #
Progressive One wrote:
Not trying to tell you anything....i'm just making my own observations and navigating my way through this mess!!

Real simple. We had a president who hated America, and now we have one who loves America. Obama's job was to destroy America, had Hilliar won, they may have accomplished it.
Feb 19, 2017 15:53:54   #
Progressive One wrote:
you have a GOP Congress

We have 5 traitors on the republican side, they are just as ardent in opposing Trump as the Democrats. Every bureau is staffed with Obamites, soon to change though.
And you and the media try to tell me what I see?
I'm supposed to believe that chaos and infighting run rampant in Trump's Whitehouse?
America has never been in a better spot with Trump as president; and America had never been in a more dangerous spot than with obama, the anti American plant installed to topple America.
Feb 18, 2017 18:39:25   #
But then again, how many Muslim problems does Russia have?
Japan too, they aren't moved to solve Muslim problems by embracing Muslims as countrymen.
Keep the problems out. Muslims will eat your bread and slit your throat.
Don't invite them to your table.
Feb 18, 2017 17:26:34   #
Loki wrote:
Boyfriend. Anatomically correct blow up dolls don't complain very much. (guess where the inflation valve is located?)

Uh, I've never dated one.
Feb 18, 2017 16:24:44   #
Climate change is almost as big a hoax as obama. Both weapons of the left to topple America.
We wish we could control the climate. We are of the earth, we take nothing and we contribute nothing. Humans are as random to the earth as a gust of wind or a crashing wave or a bolt of lightning.
Any attempt to alter our fuel source or change to a vegan diet or impose guilt over success is a cheap rube to weaken America.
Feb 18, 2017 11:32:52   # complaints from his girlfriend?
Feb 18, 2017 11:31:01   #
Super Dave wrote:
Obama wasn't installed, but he clearly had a motive other than American greatness. Nobody could be that wrong that often by accident.

Trump has his chance. I hope he doesn't blow it.

Trump won't fail, but the overwhelming opposition from the global left might stop him for a while.
Obama rode the biggest lie support system ever assembled in history. The media supported the caricature created, the family assembled, and debunked every truth about obama to keep him on his mission to topple America.
Biggest hoax ever.
Feb 18, 2017 10:50:07   #
S. Maturin wrote:
Of all the tomfoolery and ignorant behavior, the most disheartening, to me, was the re-election of that feckless buffoon in 2012.

That indicated that this nation had 'gone off the rails'... at full speed.

2008 was the election that tested Lincoln's comment about fooling all of the people all of the time. 2012 proved for the first time that Lincoln really was wrong.
Feb 18, 2017 09:42:13   #
snowbear37 wrote:
The "truth", in this case, is nothing more than someone's OPINION! That you choose to except an opinion as truth is your prerogative. My opinion is that Obama was demonstrably the worse President of our time.

Obama was installed to weaken America so that the transition to a one government borderless world would be possible. Hillary was supposed to continue that mission. Trump was a shock to the international left, and Trump's opposition is from a much broader coalition than just American democrats.
Feb 17, 2017 18:54:40   #
EN Submarine Qualified wrote:
Forget it. On second thought. I do not disagree that manners are important. My thrust was wondering what is in the mind of people who make no reference to how fortunate that they have food and worry about which utensil to use and trying to control the masses by snot nosed rules. Your bidet reference is crude to even a submariner and does not portray a knowledge or use of manners. Your spelling does not impress me excessively either.

Well, at least he got bidet right. ..and besides, you get the right bidet...maybe not that bad.
Feb 17, 2017 18:48:46   #
Steve700 wrote:
Of course he was. We were tricked into electing a Muslim communist revolutionary. Do you remember how he was introduced to us? -- By the TV showing us his trips to foreign lands and pointing out how all the foreign people loved him and then telling us he would make America loved and respected again without ever explaining to us anything about community organizing and Saul Alinsky who is the father of community organizing's nasty book on how to destroy America.

What gets me is that still nobody, not even Trump, is going after the biggest hoax in history.
Barack Hussein Obama is a gay kenyan Muslim Marxist, and the media adores him and no one does anything about it.
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