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Jan 17, 2018 07:23:51   #
PeterS wrote:
I didn't have to be Obama's right hand man. I was alive during the period. I listened, I saw, I experienced what he said and what he did. If he was a Marxist he would have retained Banking and the Auto industry when he took them over at the beginning of his term. Did he keep them as a good Marxist would? No, he returned them as soon as they were stable and could repay their loans. So was he a Muslim? No, he was a Christian. Did he have empathy for Muslims? Sure, again he was a Christian so he would treat Muslims as if they were human beings.

So I was there. As much as any of you were. And if you weren't so biased and full of hate you would see that nothing he said or did was Marxist or devoted to Islam. The question is where in the hell were you conservatives? Because you certainly didn't experience anything that I did.
I didn't have to be Obama's right hand man. I was ... (show quote)

Gosh, I hated obama and I still so.
If obama was the first black anything, he was America's First Black Eye, and the sunnuvabitch is still punching.
He needs investigatin' .
Just because he's 6 % black doesn't mean that he's above the law.
The gay kenyan born muslim Marxist has escaped any criticism, let alone his treasons and phony past.
Biggest hoax ever .
Jan 17, 2018 06:15:55   #
PeterS wrote:
So who was he groomed by and I was there so when did he sell Marxism and Islam--I never heard any...

I will not be put to task.
Deval Patrick was one of the groomers, and acting coached worked with obama to develop a "presidential" style.
Biggest hoax ever to hit any civilization at any time in history.
Jan 17, 2018 06:05:09   #
kankune wrote:
It's same old same old Mike. It's never anything different. Never refreshing, never any hope or new ideas. Just think like they do or your not worth being here. I'm tired of it. They can just bite me!! ROCK ON PRESIDENT TRUMP! MAGA!!

And that you can believe in, believe me. 😊
Jan 16, 2018 22:20:42   #
kankune wrote:
Their moral superiority is what bites me..Where do they get off with that??

They expect remorse from their accusation of racism and greed and cruelty to the poor and widows and orphans. Get you to apologize or bend on one accusation, and then they build from there. Soon, if you are not in lockstep with the globalist left, you are humiliated incessantly until you fall into their beliefs.
Bullmueller. Trump is doing what has to be done to neutralize the political correctness weapon.
They have never encountered resistance to their supposed morality.
Jan 16, 2018 21:53:01   #
kankune wrote:
I certainly hope the other part of America wakes up. I have my doubts tho. I think the left is too far gone..I don't think they can come back to reality or rational thinking.

The lefties are fighting for their own demise. They don't realize that one government, one shirt, one barracks, one feed trough is the result of their fight. All under the guise of moral superiority and justice for all.
Bullmueller. It's dystopian servitude.
One standard of living, one Islamic religion, all equal in misery except for the rulers.
Jan 16, 2018 18:19:19   #
The coded language, the art, and the ferocious denials and the stifled investigations point to the guilt of the Pederesta Brothers and all others involved, perhaps the Clintons and obama too.
The tragedy multiplied by the lack of interest in pursuing this, the sickest of all crimes.
Jan 16, 2018 15:36:25   #
teabo82 wrote:
He did not sell to all black preachers his program I knew about Oboma and his polices every since 1977 and went cross the country trying to get the black race not support him I am 84 years old I knew he was a liberal when he was a teenager and I knew what he stood and about his life for and I know a lot of things I am not saying on Opps. So you are going about what you get in then News I know what I am talking about.

Obama was 13 in 1977. You knew him?
He spoke in the style of black preachers, he lectured like a Marxist, he supported gays because he is gay, transgenders because Manchelle is really a male, and he pushed to topple America.
Jan 16, 2018 14:13:44   #
EconomistDon wrote:
That is partially true considering Obama's extreme narcissistic nature. But more relevant was his financial backing and support from his Muslim brothers. They are intent on replacing Christianity with Islam in America.

The Globalist Left considers Sharia law as cheap effective policing of the masses. Thus the lefty dream of a borderless one government world with Islam as the official religion. Obama was born a Muslim, remains a Muslim, and actively promotes and supports Islam.
Jan 16, 2018 13:40:04   #
PeterS wrote:
So Barry went through all this just so he could get his jollies on for 8 years?

Obama isn't very smart despite the oohs and ahhhs from his adorati. He was groomed to sell America on their own demise, kind of like Mozart's Eine Kleine Nachtmusik playing in the room where you are to be executed. Obama sold Islam and Marxism through his jackassy grin and black preacher cadence. He stuck to what was written for him to read, otherwise the man couldn't speak a coherent sentence, Uhhh, aannnd, uhm, like I said, clearly. ...Bullmueller. Obama is pure bullmueller.
Jan 16, 2018 11:41:53   #
Obama and hilliar ought to take their money and run to rehabilitate some muellerhole country and live forever as king and queen, with obama as the queen.
Jan 16, 2018 09:51:22   #
boatbob2 wrote:
rumitiod,Is it true,that you still beat your wife with an ugly stick???

Heard it was all done not needin no ugly stick. She come already uglied.
Jan 16, 2018 09:43:34   #
kankune wrote:
Said perfectly Mike!!

Thane Q.
The tragedy is that most of Washington DC supports the international left. Trump's FBI and DOJ and State Department and who's getting investigated? Trump!
Hilliar and obama? Why, other than Oprah, they the most respected people in the world.
Our only hope is that Trump survives the sedition and America wakes up to the truth.
Jan 16, 2018 08:21:41   #
teabag09 wrote:
I'm pretty sure a lot is going on quietly. The SWHTF at some point and I don't think it's that far away. Mike

I hope you are right, but I think the shit is far away from the fan.
Jan 15, 2018 22:43:32   #
Pizzagate is real. The tragedy is that no one dares investigate or prosecute those pedophiles who are above the law, like the Podestas and Bill and Hillary Clinton.
Obama too, he remains the biggest hoax in history and the most heinous of creatures.
Jan 15, 2018 22:36:43   #
Hillary and Obama? They had no idea, no idea, no idea that that horrible crook Mark Lambert, yeah, Mark Lambert, did such horrible things. Why you'd think that he was a Republican. Hilliar and obama had no idea, they were shocked when they saw it on TV.
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