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Mar 17, 2018 22:23:31   #
PoppaGringo wrote:

McCabe will squeal like a stepped on puppy. But someone has to do the steppin.
One ball Sessions doesn't have the courage to step on any obamite. Sessions sent flowers to India when hilliar was hospitalized for 35 seconds.
Sessions gotta go or get two balls like a man has.
Mar 17, 2018 21:19:58   #
moldyoldy wrote:
Horowitz determined that McCabe hadn't been forthcoming in regard to the handling of the FBI’s probe into Clinton’s use of a private email server while she was secretary of state in the Obama administration.
The inspector general’s finding sparked an FBI disciplinary process that recommended McCabe’s firing.
Horowitz’s investigation, which landed McCabe in hot water, faults the former deputy director for the way he answered questions about his approval for interactions between an FBI official and a reporter about the bureau’s investigation into the nonprofit Clinton Foundation.
Horowitz determined that McCabe hadn't been forthc... (show quote)

McCabe got muellercanned because of his role in protecting hilliar and then his seditious actions when Trump kicked hilliar's schumer in the election.
McCabe, was just taking orders.
The fun begins.
Mar 17, 2018 18:47:07   #
byronglimish wrote:
Unlike when Hillarygate cuts loose on one, like during the debate in , what was it..2007..?.. everyone on stage with her was looking for the nearest exit..

They had to repaint the joint.
Mar 17, 2018 18:45:22   #
moldyoldy wrote:
Not exactly true, they are making a case in support of trump, about whether he allowed agents to speak to the press about Clinton and he was the one going after Clinton. But he is also a Comey witness.

McCabe was instrumental in saving Hillary's schumer and surveiling Trump. McCabe was following orders from Comey who followed orders from Loretta Lynch who followed orders from obama who made a deal with Hilliar that she would be Obama's third term if he got her off the hook. Big House or Whitehouse, Hillary? Which do you prefer?
Mar 17, 2018 18:09:57   #
bahmer wrote:
I don't think that Pence is that way although I could be wrong. DC is nothing but a swamp and many have to go to even bring a vestige of sanity there. If Pence is behind it his religion is a mockery and he will no longer be able to hoist that side of himself to others.

As Hillary said in India, the plan is to remove Trump from office any way they can, and once Pence is in, they can do whatever they want because Pence is malleable.
Pence has that phony thousand yard stare and a seriousness look only assumed when one has loudly farted and no one is quite sure who did it.
Mar 17, 2018 18:05:40   #
byronglimish wrote:
Maybe the Dr can have Sessions do jumping jacks or something to encourage the drop..

Or, maybe he can get a loaner from Michelle.
Mar 17, 2018 17:39:18   #
Marsinah wrote:
My mother is dead. Get your facts straight, little man.

Straighten your towel and point your camel back towards Mecca.
Mar 17, 2018 17:36:22   #
bahmer wrote:
Right there is no reciprocity between Russia and US so he can indict all of Russia if he wants it isn't any good. It just makes it look like he is doing his job is all. Sort of like waking up when the boss walks by to look like you are working instead of sleeping.

Mueller's mission is to remove Trump from office any way he can with no restrictions and complete absolution from assassination should mueller decide that assassination is the only way to remove Trump. He'd have a high level cabinet position in the Pence Whitehouse.
Mar 17, 2018 16:39:28   #
Marsinah wrote:
You've got me confused with someone you once dated, Mike. Senior moment, perhaps?

Then it was your mother.
Mar 17, 2018 16:37:43   #
A good rye whisky, like Braddock Oaks.
But with cereal, Jameson whisky will do on the Holy Day.
Mar 17, 2018 16:35:34   #
moldyoldy wrote:
Mueller has many charges to convict trump on, but he wants to get the whole cabal including the Russians.

J Edgar Mueller can indict any russian he wants and nuthin will happen to any of them.
Mar 17, 2018 16:33:21   #
byronglimish wrote:
What is Donald J Trump guilty of... I mean, we all knew that, along with a few others, McCabe is dirty..
What proof do you have on our President Donald J Trump?..You should immediately forward your proof to Mueller, because he's been looking high and low and hasn't found squat..

McCabe is the first to be caught altering testimony to make hilliar look innocent for her treasons.
Last night, doctors confirmed that indeed one of Sessions' testicles descended. When and if the other one drops, you might see Comey and Lynch and hilliar and obama go to jail.
Mar 17, 2018 16:06:32   #
archie bunker wrote:
What's wrong with drinking before noon?

Too late.
Mar 17, 2018 16:05:49   #
Marsinah wrote:
How'd you like that swine you rode the other night, Mike?

Ask your twin sister.
Mar 17, 2018 15:28:48   #
From the authority of obama to Loretta Lynch to James Comey to the workers that were ordered to make it look like hilliar was innocent of any wrongdoing, they are all guilty of treason and sedition. McCabe is the first traitor caught altering testimony.
I am thrilled that mccabe is out without his pension. Let hilliar support him again.
Hopefully, I'll be supporting the traitor while he's in jail.
OK Sessions, let your other testicle descend and drain the swamp.
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