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Oct 23, 2017 11:43:33   #
Israel did 9-11.

This presentation identifies the evidence that the 'ideation' (conception) of the 9-11 plot goes back at least to 1978. Israelis worked to gain control of the World Trade Center security. At every juncture of planning, execution, and cover-up there are zionist operatives.

9-11 was not investigated as a crime. It was a foregone conclusion--without evidence--that 9-11 was an act of war.

Commendable work by Christopher Bollyn.
Oct 21, 2017 17:29:55   #
Maintenance workers aren't here to seek the truth. Their tactic is to lie, deceive and mislead.

When lies, deception and misdirection don't persuade, they also project their own failings on their adversaries.
Oct 21, 2017 17:23:26   #
We've completed the 2nd 100 pages of exchanges in this topic.

A stark contrast exists between the "maintenance workers'" postings and the postings of Payne/whole2th regarding analysis and supportive references.

The persistence of the maintenance workers is consistent with tactics used by zionists to contain (put up a smokescreen to cover) evidence of Israeli-zionist perpetrators of 9-11.

An interesting aside. People applying for grant money to repair damages from hurricaine Harvey have to sign this agreement. Note provision #11 in the agreement.

Oct 21, 2017 17:12:42   #
emarine wrote:
Meet David Chandlers 100 fold math mistake in if you only knew what it meant in regards to the second law of motion...

The allegation (alleged to be illustrated by the crude drawing) does not communicate clearly any mistake made by Chandler.

You and your fellow maintenance worker(s) are desperate to absolve Israel from responsibility for the 9-11 crimes.

Israel did 9-11.
Oct 21, 2017 16:07:27   #
Blade_Runner wrote:
Yeah, I've met him. He's an idiot.

Readers can judge whether Chandler or Blade are competent. Time for indictments.
Oct 21, 2017 15:54:06   #
Meet David Chandler:

Chandler uses his own name. He references observed conditions to principles of physics. He provides detail (not crude drawings).
Oct 21, 2017 15:48:08   #
Emarine does not account for large explosions in the lobby of the Twin Tower.

His pile driver idea does not explain waves of explosions 20-40 floors below the cascading arches of debris.

This repeating clip shows explosions--the North Tower being explosively demolished.

Visual proof of cutter charge severing corner column:
Oct 21, 2017 09:59:28   #
Blade and emarine would have us believe they are using logic.

Their narratives are designed to conceal the obvious: explosive demolition.

The preponderance of evidence supports explosive demolition--and is especially evidence in Building 7 destruction.

9-11 was a zionist-conceived and executed crime. Zionist media continue the cover-up.

This excellent presentation covers the 'ideation' (conception) of 9-11 and notes zionist operatives at every juncture where the crime could be accomplished and covered up.

Two Jews show their dogged determination to reject the evidence: Note the pattern of 'thinking' that they employ in their mutterings.
Oct 20, 2017 21:07:51   #
Blade_Runner wrote:
What is all this crap about "massive center cores"? The vertical columns were supporting the floors, the bulk of the collapsing mass was colliding with the FLOORS, you know, those flat, horizontal spaces that supported the offices and bathrooms and elevator machinery where people did their business. IOW, the collapsing mass smashed into the floors, tore them loose from their connections to the support columns and continued on down. It is a simple matter of area that is exposed to the collapsing mass.

The area of each floor in the towers was 43264 square feet, the office space area was 31519 square feet, and the core floor area was 11745 square feet. This is what faced the brunt of the forces in the collapse, not the support columns.

If you measured the horizontal cross section of all the support columns, core and perimeter, and calculated the total area in square feet, it would be minuscule compared to the area of the floors.

Civil engineers at MIT estimated that the force of the collapses exceeded by 30 times the load bearing capacities of the floor connections. The job of the vertical columns was to support the weight of the floors, not to maintain the integrity and strength of the floor truss connections.
What is all this crap about "massive center c... (show quote)

How do you account for complete destruction of the 47 central core columns which were cross-linked at every floor with massive beams as shown in the images Payne has posted?

The "pancake hypothesis" which your description resembles was rejected by NIST as having a very low probability of having occurred.

You are grasping at straws, Blade_Runner.

Who do you work for?
Oct 20, 2017 19:53:18   #
emarine wrote:
So now you go out of your way to hurt my feelings... My buddy & I have had a well established relationship long before you showed up blessing us with pure bullshit... Jr...

The alleged "well established relationship" is one of total disagreement about what happened to 3 buildings on 9-11. Payne's position is that the buildings were rigged with explosives.

Calling my efforts "pure bullshit" and expecting people to accept your label as a refutation of the effort I've made to establish Payne's thesis of explosive demolition is wishful thinking, at best, on your part.

Your "rebuttal" consists of labeling ("pure bullshit"). Whose reply is actually bullshit?
Oct 20, 2017 18:51:19   #
emarine wrote:
you are clueless on the construction of the "mighty" center core... That's why you only show the large bottom floors and Photoshop what you can't see inside higher up... you want a refresher on reinforced concrete buddy?...

Payne is not your buddy, and was not born yesterday.

It is you who have no legs to stand on.
Oct 20, 2017 16:56:06   #
emarine wrote:
you can call the top section whatever you choose... objects fall from the top down on earth and impacts the first object under its path not the first 90 objects... one floor with a weight limit ... the top section well exceeded this weight limit from the static weight alone... the rest is basic physics in which you can't revise to the planet earth according to larry payne...

The top sections of both Twin Towers disintegrated well before their intact masses could have crushed the more massive structures below. The top section of the South Tower was tilted and should have 'slid of the side' as its angular momentum (*if it had stayed intact) would have put that section to the side of the skyscraper. Instead, that section of 15-20 floors disintegrated and both Towers demonstrated radially symmetrical explosive destruction in waves of explosions from the top-down.

Your physics is woefully lacking as you attempt to cover-up obvious explosive demolition.

Top of the South Tower sliding off--could not possibly have been a 'pile driver' to crush, symmetrically, the lower, more massive structures.

Radially symmetrical explosions produce a ball of ejected debris.

Oct 19, 2017 21:44:30   #
emarine wrote:
You ask "Could falling floors tear this structure apart?"... Yes... look at the crude drawing once again & follow the down arrow in the middle... do you call the top section of structure " floors"... the answer is no... it was the entire top structure mass including the floors... time to quit the deceptive crap buddy...


The entire top structure exploded into pieces such that its mass was not available to accomplish what you allege with your crude drawing.

It is proven that explosive demolition took place in the THREE buildings in New York with far better analysis and evidence than you have produced here.
Oct 18, 2017 14:46:00   #
saltwind 78 wrote:
whole, The only item that you mention that has a grain of truth is the Liberty affair. The USS Liberty was a spy ship operating is a war zone. It was attacked by Israeli warplanes and surface vessels. As I understand it, some of the Israeli pilots were arrested for refusing to take part in the attack. The IDF was scheduled to attack the Golan Heights on the very next day. This was a war priority in which thousands and thousands of IDF soldiers would take part. Syria had been using the heights to shell peaceful Israeli settlements for years. The Golan Heights had been used to attack Israel with armor and is a natural highway to central Israel. It had to be taken at all costs. The Israeli command could not risk that the Liberty's messages would be intercepted by Egyptian intelligence. This could mean that the Israeli attack might be beaten back by Syrian troops. Hence the attack. In wartime when a nation's existence is threatened as it was during the Six Day War, that nation must do what it has to do! Another question that has never been asked is why was the Liberty in a war zone without a naval escort? Why didn't the US Navy inform the Israelis that they were monitoring the battle near Israel's coast?
As far as the attack on the King David Hotel, it was the seat of the British colonial government. The Irgun and Stern group that attacked the King David Hotel
were irregular forces fighting the Brits for independence. They warned the King David Hotel that they planted a bomb, but the Brits did not evacuate the hotel. I don't know who owned the hotel. I always assumed that it was the British, not that it mattered. It was a legitimate target. After the war, the Irgun and stern group were disarmed by the Israeli army.
I noticed that you have not mentioned all the help that Israel has given the US over the years. Keeping the Suez Canal closed during the Vietnam War, saved many American lives, since Russia could not send arms to Vietnam by a sea route. There is no telling what the intelligence about the Mideast gathered by the Israelis and given to the US is worth. Many Israeli tech companies have developed fantastic medical devices and procedures like the camera pill swallowed by patients for lower GI procedures. The WAZE app is helping motorists navigate highways and roads. Apple has a huge center in Israel to take advantage of Israeli tech mastery. Apple has developed the I phone X by mostly using Israeli technology. There are thousands of other Israeli inventions and procedures that have helped make this country and world a better place.
whole, The only item that you mention that has a g... (show quote)

All the hasbara you can come up with does not counter the fact that Israel did 9-11.

Oct 13, 2017 11:49:33   #
Alicia wrote:
Infowars? ? ? ? ? Now we know where you get your news - from a bigmouth with nothing in his head.


I'm also disappointed in Infowars for several reasons.

Having said this, would you have specific criticisms directly refuting the claim that FBI wiped cell phones rather than just making a sweeping rejection of the source (Infowars)?

Even David Duke gets a lot of things right--while his name is used as permission to reject everything Duke produces.

Such sweeping rejection does a disservice, IMO, to productive exchange here, Alicia.
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