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Jul 28, 2017 08:29:58   #
emarine wrote:
I insult you because your arguments are ludicrous... you post a link about the cores standing then you say a reporter said it was the outer walls???... chances are your expert reporter was @ the petting zoo playing with lamas before the planes hit... There is a very obvious difference between the core & outer do you suppose the tall core beams shed all the super strong spandrels ?... Jews with hacksaws again... how about you just read your link & spare us readers the humor...putz
I insult you because your arguments are ludicrous.... (show quote)

Please note which part of the tower is still standing over what once was the center core.
Also note the massive steel beams from the center core appear to have been severed by cutting charges.

Jul 27, 2017 17:37:47   #
Blade_Runner wrote:
Neither political or religious convictions have anything to do with an individual's skills.

Very nice greenhouse, by the way.

The ability to think clearly and accurately have a lot to do with an individual's skills.

The greenhouse is not a kit.
I designed it and built it from scratch.
Thanks for the acknowledgement of approval.

Jul 27, 2017 16:05:54   #
[quote=Super Dave]
payne1000 wrote:
The drones took off from the former Stewart AFB, which had been privatized. In 2000, National express took over management of the airport. National express is an international corporation. I suspect some of the board members are members of "Deep State." Both Flight 11 and Flight 175 flight paths converged over Stewart on 9/11. That would be when the airliners were switched to drones. As far as what happened to the real airliners, it could be the same as what happened to Malaysian Flight 370.
Ronald Lauder is president of the World Jewish Congress.[/quoe] I was wondering the Nut Burgers wanted you to think about that.
The drones took off from the former Stewart AFB, w... (show quote)

Why is it that you never have a valid rebuttal?
Are you as vacuous as you appear to be?
Jul 27, 2017 15:58:03   #
Super Dave wrote:
Which country is that? Pakistan or Iran?

Note my avatar.

Here's an avatar for you:

Jul 27, 2017 15:56:45   #
Super Dave wrote:

So where did they take off from?

What happened to the real airplanes OJ?

The drones took off from the former Stewart AFB, which had been privatized. In 2000, National express took over management of the airport. National express is an international corporation. I suspect some of the board members are members of "Deep State." Both Flight 11 and Flight 175 flight paths converged over Stewart on 9/11. That would be when the airliners were switched to drones. As far as what happened to the real airliners, it could be the same as what happened to Malaysian Flight 370.
Ronald Lauder is president of the World Jewish Congress.

Jul 27, 2017 15:32:43   #
Blade_Runner wrote:
That fat little throw back in NK is a psychopath. He is one year away from obtaining ICBM capability. Army Gen. Vincent Brooks, the commander of U.S. Forces South Korea said NK's recent ICBM test was a "Game Changer

Moreover, it is increasingly certain that NK is assisting Iran in its nuclear weapons development program.

You have to ask yourself why Japan and India in particular are very concerned about this.

It is foolish to think that some sort of "false flag" event is necessary to shut that crazy little bastard down.

You certainly have a major hate on for the United States, don't you, payne?
That fat little throw back in NK is a psychopath. ... (show quote)

I love my country. That does not mean I am required to love the assholes on Capitol Hill installed by AIPAC.
North Korea's leaders are not suicidal. They know if they attack the U.S. they would be annihilated entirely.
Lying propagandists such as yourself are employed to fan the flames of war.
9/11 was necessary to falsely demonize Muslims which persuaded Americans to agree to wars in the Middle East.
Those same Americans are tired of those wars which have had huge negative effect on national debt while creating thousands of American widows and orphans.
Wars or the threat of wars are necessary to keep the Pentagon budget padded with excess. Another 9/11 type false flag might be deemed necessary to
satisfy the needs of the psychopaths in control of our government and military.
Jul 27, 2017 15:19:41   #
Blade_Runner wrote:
Yeah, we know, payne, your radical Muslim pals are such sweethearts, aren't they? Why, they wouldn't harm a fly that was shitting on their Couscous, would they?

In Hijacker's Bags, a Call to Planning, Prayer and Death

AviationPros: Luggage that Didn't Get Put on Flight 11 Provided Lead to Terrorists

Apr. 17--Former federal terrorism investigators say a piece of luggage hastily checked in at the Portland, Maine, airport by a World Trade Center hijacker on the morning of Sept. 11 provided the Rosetta stone enabling FBI agents to swiftly unravel the mystery of who carried out the suicide attacks and what motivated them.

A mix-up in Boston prevented the luggage from connecting with the plane that hijackers crashed into the north tower of the trade center. Seized by FBI agents at Boston's Logan Airport, investigators said, it contained Arab-language papers revealing the identities of all 19 hijackers involved in the four hijackings, as well as information on their plans, backgrounds and motives.

The luggage saga represents what the former federal authorities describe as an untold story of 9/11 - offering explanations for questions long unanswered about the investigation of the tragedy, such as how authorities were able to identify the hijackers so soon after the attacks.

The former federal investigators said information found in the bag was passed on to Justice Department lawyers, who prosecuted Zacarias Moussaoui on charges growing out of the suicide attacks. A Justice Department spokesman, Brian Roehrkasse, said: "Under the judge's order, we're not going to comment on anything relating to the case."

Mohamed Atta, a chief coordinator of the hijackings, and conspirator Abdulaziz Alomari spent the night before the attacks in room 232 of a Comfort Inn south of Portland. They checked out at 5:33 a.m. on Sept. 11. Portland Police Chief Michael Chitwood said they drove in a rented blue Nissan Altima - eventually seized by the FBI - to Portland International Jetport.

Records show the Altima was parked in an airport lot about 5:45, allowing Atta and Alomari only a few minutes to catch a 6 a.m. commuter flight to Boston's Logan Airport. Although they planned to hijack an American Airlines jet that would take off from Logan later that morning, investigators said they might have gone through Portland in the belief that airport security would be less stringent there.

Once the commuter flight landed at Logan, Atta and Alomari boarded American Airlines Flight 11 bound for Los Angeles - which they would crash into the trade center.

'A number of telling items'

A staff report to the 9/11 Commission later concluded: "The Portland detour almost prevented Atta and Alomari from making Flight 11 out of Boston. In fact, the luggage they checked in Portland failed to make it onto the plane. Seized after the Sept. 11 crashes, Atta and Alomari's luggage turned out to contain a number of telling items, including correspondence from the university Atta attended in Egypt; Alomari's international driver's license and passport; a videocassette for a Boeing 757 flight simulator; and [a] folding knife and pepper spray, presumably extra weapons the conspirators decided they didn't need."

The report did not say how many bags were checked in Portland, nor did it differentiate them by their contents. But three commission staff members who helped prepare the report said there were two pieces. Two staff members, John Raidt and R. William Johnstone, said it was clear both bags belonged to Atta. "He plopped both of them down on the luggage rack," Raidt said. "Alomari just stood by."

Yeah, we know, payne, your radical Muslim pals are... (show quote)

No matter how much cover-up is distributed, if there are no airport security videos of the alleged hijackers, they didn't get on the planes. There would be no need for them to get on the planes. The planes were drones.

Jul 27, 2017 14:29:42   #
eagleye13 wrote:
Your hypocrisy is not going unnoticed.

I still want a picture of Payne's ugly mug here.
Quit hiding. your embarrassment is starting to show

Readers should see why I put you on my ignore list.
No matter what you post, your idiotic behavior defeats any truth you post.
I see you as a double agent.
You post the truth while revealing your character to be brain dead.
You are attempting to defeat truth by coming across as an imbecile.
Jul 27, 2017 14:13:47   #
eagleye13 wrote:
No good ones last I checked.
I still want a picture of Payne's your ugly mug here.
Quit hiding. your embarrassment is starting to show

Your stupidity is always on display.
Jul 27, 2017 14:12:07   #
Blade_Runner wrote:
Another ignorant asshole failed to get the memo. The "missing" Defense department funds have been explained and explained and explained. The funds were not missing or stolen, they were lost in the bureaucratic red tape and the archaic DoD accounting system.

"The adversary's closer to home. It's the Pentagon bureaucracy. Not the people, but the processes. Not the civilians, but the systems...

In this building, despite this era of scarce resources taxed by mounting threats, money disappears into duplicative duties and bloated bureaucracy—not because of greed, but gridlock. Innovation is stifled—not by ill intent but by institutional inertia.

Just as we must transform America's military capability to meet changing threats, we must transform the way the Department works and what it works on...

Our challenge is to transform not just the way we deter and defend, but the way we conduct our daily business...

The men and women of this department, civilian and military, are our allies, not our enemies. They too are fed up with bureaucracy, they too live with frustrations. I hear it every day. And I'll bet a dollar to a dime that they too want to fix it. In fact, I bet they even know how to fix it, and if asked, will get about the task of fixing it. And I'm asking.

They know the taxpayers deserve better. Every dollar we spend was entrusted to us by a taxpayer who earned it by creating something of value with sweat and skill -- a cashier in Chicago, a waitress in San Francisco. An average American family works an entire year to generate $6,000 in income taxes. Here we spill many times that amount every hour by duplication and by inattention.

That's wrong. It's wrong because national defense depends on public trust, and trust, in turn, hinges on respect for the hardworking people of America and the tax dollars they earn. We need to protect them and their efforts.

Waste drains resources from training and tanks, from infrastructure and intelligence, from helicopters and housing. Outdated systems crush ideas that could save a life. Redundant processes prevent us from adapting to evolving threats with the speed and agility that today's world demands.

Above all, the shift from bureaucracy to the battlefield is a matter of national security. In this period of limited funds, we need every nickel, every good idea, every innovation, every effort to help modernize and transform the U.S. military....

The technology revolution has transformed organizations across the private sector, but not ours, not fully, not yet. We are, as they say, tangled in our anchor chain. Our financial systems are decades old. According to some estimates, we cannot track $2.3 trillion in transactions. We cannot share information from floor to floor in this building because it's stored on dozens of technological systems that are inaccessible or incompatible.

We maintain 20 to 25 percent more base infrastructure than we need to support our forces, at an annual waste to taxpayers of some $3 billion to $4 billion. Fully half of our resources go to infrastructure and overhead, and in addition to draining resources from warfighting, these costly and outdated systems, procedures and programs stifle innovation as well. A new idea must often survive the gauntlet of some 17 levels of bureaucracy to make it from a line officer's to my desk. I have too much respect for a line officer to believe that we need 17 layers between us."
Another ignorant asshole failed to get the memo. T... (show quote)

Since the bookkeeping problem is known, why didn't they fix the problem? The missing funds have now ballooned to $6.5 trillion. Obviously the Pentagon doesn't want to fix a bookkeeping system which allows them to syphon huge amounts into their clandestine operations slush fund. Can we expect another 9/11 type false flag event very soon? This time they would blame it on North Korea or Russia.
Jul 27, 2017 14:02:08   #
Blade_Runner wrote:
A classroom full of 2nd grade kids is not a trained choir that can sing in unison with harmonic articulation. As I watched the video, Steve, I also listened. When the teacher called out a word, like "PLAYING", the kids yelled it out as if they were cheering a touchdown. IOW, Steve, some of the kids stretched out the word, some clipped it, some slurred it, some hammered it, some mumbled it, some sang it, so the overall sound was rather cacophonic, it wasn't a perfectly synchronized, coordinated, articulate, on key response. The kids didn't sound it out with the precision of a choir. So the collective sound was not a clear enunciation.

Now, you can go all metaphysical with this if you want, you can invoke synchronicity to explain it to yourself, you can feed it to your Dragon (????), you can hear whatever your conspiratorial mind wants you to hear, you can see whatever it wants you to see, but I reckon God is a bit more intelligent and effective in delivering messages to mankind.

When 19 Al Qaeda terrorists hijacked four jetliners on September 11th and flew them into pre-selected targets with one miss, I'd say there was a message in there somewhere. Who can say for sure if God was behind it, but radical Islam certainly delivered it. It's a shame so many didn't get it.

The Jew hating, blame Israel untermensch on this forum sure as hell didn't get it.
A classroom full of 2nd grade kids is not a traine... (show quote)

The airport security image below shows that Mohamed Atta got on an airliner in Portland MN at 5:45 am on 9/11. There should be a similar airport security video showing him going through airport security at Logan Airport at around 7:30 to 8 am. Where is that security video? If Atta didn't go through baggage security at Logan, he didn't get on the plane. Obviously none of the alleged hijackers got on the planes.

Jul 27, 2017 13:49:28   #
amadjuster wrote:
Actually, they call you all kinds of names. And is that "weed" growing in in the back of your greenhouse?

Maybe . . . why don't you call the narcs.
Jul 27, 2017 13:48:28   #
eagleye13 wrote:
"There you go, Eagleye. Larry will ignore anyone who disagrees with him. That means his debates will be one sided. The funny thing is that you agree with Larry on his favorite subject, 9/11, but you keep calling him a liberal." - amadjuster

He is an admitted Liberal. He thinks that the Bush admin is responsible, so he goes after it.
I hold the Shadow government/Deep State responsible for 911.
Just ask who gained?
As always follow the Big Money, and what it controls.
Who else could get away with a False Flag operation?

I still want a picture of Payne's ugly mug.
"There you go, Eagleye. Larry will ignore any... (show quote)

You have a lot of photos of your own ugly mug.
Go to my Facebook page and you'll find mine.
Jul 27, 2017 12:19:18   #
amadjuster wrote:
Actually, they call you all kinds of names. And is that "weed" growing in in the back of your greenhouse?

Like you, they insult me because they are defending lies.
When one chooses to defend lies, character assassination is used in hopes of reducing the credibility of the truth teller.
They are forced to hide behind anonymity to avoid being exposed as shills.
Since they refuse to identify themselves, they are the ones with no credibility.
Jul 27, 2017 12:11:13   #
Graham said:
"If I put together a finance team that will make me financially competitive enough to stay in this thing, I may have the first all-Jewish cabinet in America because of the pro-Israel funding. (Chuckles.) Bottom line is, I've got a lot of support from the pro-Israel funding."

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