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Mar 22, 2017 19:28:14   #
Blade_Runner wrote:
How exactly does the smoking gun photo prove Dutch is a liar?

How does it prove that Muslims were not involved?

How does it prove that Islam's war on the world is fake?

Islam's Religious War with Everyone

Thomas Jefferson & Radical Islam's War on the West

And you thought Islam's war against the West didn't get started until 9/11? Think again.

How exactly does the smoking gun photo prove Dutch... (show quote)

Can you share some of those many reasons why you won't reveal your identity?
The first one on the list must be that you are a Zionist shill and propagandist.
Revealing your identity would expose what you are to everyone.
Mar 22, 2017 19:24:23   #
emarine wrote:
Sounds like you have revised tube design... so putz what do you call it?... PVC pipe in pipe?... How can you not know about the fire rating if you read the NIST report?... to assume a structure is aircraft proof upon design is somewhat unrealistic until you have real data to work with... that is unless you're a troofer hunting for the perps... then it's obvious that Zionists did it in their plan to takeover the am I close putz?

Close to what . . . the all-time record for babbling?
The fire rating had nothing to do with the collapse.
The fires didn't burn hot enough or long enough in
any of the three towers to cause total collapse or even partial collapse.
Mar 22, 2017 17:33:01   #
emarine wrote:
How can you say that tube type construction is unsafe?... you have claimed it took anything from mini nukes to nano thermite to bring the towers down not to mention the 767's... what do you expect?... Towers that can duck under aircraft putz... your argument is wavering all over the place... try and focus on one thing at a time ... the NIST report was funded to find out why the towers failed before the fire rating & if there were any inherent design flaws to improve construction safety... you will find any recommended improvements in the new WTC tower like a reinforced concrete core instead of sheet rock... the NIST report was not about who to blame...that's your job putz & you suck at it...
How can you say that tube type construction is uns... (show quote)

Those who refer to the construction as tube type are the ones who are claiming it to be unsafe. You belong to that group.
". . . the NIST Report was funded to find out why the towers failed before the fire rating"? What's that supposed to mean? Before what fire rating?
You fail to say whether the other three skyscrapers should be condemned since they have a similar construction to the Twin Towers.
Since it's been 16 years and they haven't been torn down, I guess the construction method is pretty sound.
Here are some of those to blame. As far as I know they are all still walking free even though they were involved in mass murder.

Mar 22, 2017 15:04:44   #
amadjuster wrote:
So we can ad "so-called" to all of absolute statements concerning mass murderers and Zionist criminals. That is a good admission on your part.

Making sense has never been on your agenda.
Your agenda is to smear me using anything which comes to your small mind..
You must lay awake at night dreaming up insults and obfuscation you can throw at me.
You are a sad little man, David.
Mar 22, 2017 15:00:13   #
Blade_Runner wrote:
OPP is not a social networking site. Facebook allows "friending". If you "friend" someone, you grant them special privileges, such as allowing the "friend" to post to your timeline and send you PMs. Many Facebook users have regretted "friending", many have regretted posting personal information and photos of themselves and their family and friends.

A perfectly valid reason for refusing to post personal information is simply not wanting to. Refusal to do something because you don't want to is common in daily life.

If you are going to accuse Professor Dutch (or anyone for that matter) of publishing a lie, you will have to provide something far more substantive than a 9/11 truther bumper sticker slogan.

If you are going to make the outrageous statement that we are engaged in a "fake war on Muslims", you have a monumental challenge in front of you to prove it. To do that, you will have to go back to the 6th century AD and work your way forward. It was then that the prophet Muhammed and his Muslims declared war on the world. The historical record is clear on that. The United States of America was a teenager--14 years old--when our third president was forced to deal with Muslim aggression.
OPP is not a social networking site. Facebook allo... (show quote)

Not wanting to reveal your identity is not a valid excuse. Your activities on this forum suggest that you're a shill covering up for mass murderers.
By showing who you are in real life, you could provide evidence that you are not a shill. By continuously refusing to identify yourself, you're admitting that you are a shill.

The Smoking Gun photo proves Dutch is a liar. It also proves that Muslims didn't attack us on 9/11. That is why the war on Muslims is fake. It has always been based on lies.

Mar 22, 2017 12:56:29   #
Loki wrote:
لأن المرأة ذكية وأنت غبية.

Why should anyone believe any of those on this forum who hide behind cowardly anonymity?
Mar 22, 2017 10:18:01   #
Bevos wrote:
I did not answer for Loki. I answered for MYSELF. If you are too much of a COWARD to receive other people's opinions, then maybe you should stay off PUBLIC FORUMS!!!

"Receive other peoples' opinions?" What the hell does that mean?
Do you mean "believe" other peoples' opinions?
You don't believe my opinions. Why should I believe yours?
Mar 22, 2017 08:45:35   #
Blade_Runner wrote:
None of us are "afraid" to use our real name here, doing so is not necessary, it isn't smart, and we are not obligated to do so, especially when you are the only one demanding we do. You just use that as an excuse to classify anything that doesn't fit your fantasies as "lies and misinformation", which lets you off the hook for trying to fashion a response. You are incapable of providing an honest, intelligent response to anything challenging your fantasies, so you just dump another truckload of stupidity.

So, explain why Steven Dutch, a Univ of WI professor, would publish "lies and misinformation"? Universities monitor the publications of their faculty members and their papers are generally peer reviewed. A professor who publishes "lies and misinformation" could get in big trouble.
None of us are "afraid" to use our real ... (show quote)

Why is it not smart to reveal your identity on this forum?
Billions of people tell all about themselves every day on Facebook.
You have yet to give a valid reason for your cowardly anonymity.

Steven Dutch knew he could get away with his lies because they supported the lies of those in power on Capitol Hill.
Nothing has changed much on Capitol Hill since 9/11. The fake war on Muslims is still going on.
Congress and the Executive offices need a complete purge in order to bring liars such as yourself and Steven Dutch to justice.
Mar 22, 2017 08:36:28   #
Blade_Runner wrote:
I have yet to encounter anyone who is as scientifically illiterate as you. The idea that ONLY explosives could blow the aluminum cladding off the perimeter columns is patently absurd. But we know where that obsession comes from, and it has nothing to do with any scientific law or engineering principle. This obsession is, in fact, the product of blind hatred, specifically hatred of America and Israel. It is unforgivable that a man who hides behind an American flag would fall for a body of lies that dishonors all those killed on 9/11.

I have yet to encounter anyone who is as scientifi... (show quote)

The "smoking gun" photo is the North Tower. There wasn't much loose cladding there. There wasn't much fire either. Jet fuel burns out very quickly, doesn't it?
Working to expose the truth about criminal behavior is not hatred. It's a call for justice. Covering up the crimes of mass murderers is unforgivable. Nothing could dishonor those killed by the 9/11 false flag operation more than what you are doing while hiding behind cowardly anonymity. I don't hide behind anything.
My name is Larry Payne. This is my Facebook page:

Mar 22, 2017 08:20:38   #
emarine wrote:
Why must you make me make you look stupid?... The NIST report is all about the cause of failure not the collapse... The twin towers were a tube in tube or box in box design... Structural System

1 and 2 World Trade Center used the so-called tube within a tube architecture, in which closely-spaced external columns form the building's perimeter walls, and a dense bundle of columns forms its core. Tall buildings have to resist primarily two kinds of forces: lateral loading (horizontal force) due mainly to the wind, and gravity loading (downward force) due to the building's weight. The tube within a tube design uses a specially reinforced perimeter wall to resist all lateral loading and some of the gravity loading, and a heavily reinforced central core to resist the bulk of the gravity loading. The floors and hat truss completed the structure, spanning the ring of space between the perimeter wall and the core, and transmitting lateral forces between those structures... The far majority of controlled demolitions the buildings are structurally weakened & brought down by cable & gravity... no building was ever brought down the way you claim was done on 911 by blowing the shit out of it... putz... gravity brings everything down on planet earth putz...
Why must you make me make you look stupid?... The ... (show quote)

You reveal yourself to be criminal for constantly defending the actions of mass murderers. NIST didn't attempt to explain the collapse because further analysis would reveal the use of explosives. The excerpt you pasted from 911research used the term "so-called" to describe "tube-in-tube" construction. "So-called" is defined as: "used to express one's view that a name or term is inappropriate."

Did you know that these skyscrapers were built using the same type construction as the Twin Towers?

The Sears Tower (1450 ft)
The Standard Oil of Indiana Building (1125 ft)
The John Hancock Center (1105 ft)

If the "so-called" tube-in-tube construction is unsafe, why haven't these skyscrapers been condemned?

Standard Oil Bldg.

John Hancock Bldg.

Sears Tower

Mar 21, 2017 18:31:20   #
emarine wrote:
Seems you don't mind associating your name with ignorance do you?... Maybe those 1400 ft. long box columns flexed a bit once cut loose from the floor system that tied the inner & outer tube structures together... you are still proving yourself clueless on violent energy releases...putz

Still pushing the pancake theory? NIST abandoned it long ago since they knew how stupid it would sound to architects and engineers.
How many times do I have to explain to you? The Twin Towers were not tube in tube construction. They were strong building inside strong building construction.
The most "violent energy releases" are those powered by explosives. Gravity? Gravity has never brought a steel-framed building down unless accompanied by many explosives.

Strong building inside strong building construction

Tube in tube is never used in skyscraper construction.

Mar 21, 2017 17:09:00   #
emarine wrote:
The majority of solid material outside the dust cloud is light weight aluminum trim that was covering the steel columns not structural steel... pictures can be deceiving when misrepresented ...

What lateral force blew all that aluminum cladding off the steel columns?
Explosions would do that, wouldn't they?
The exterior wall structure would retain that cladding if it were a pure gravitational collapse.
Pictures tell the truth when you don't let your cover-up agenda get in the way.

Mar 21, 2017 17:05:17   #
Blade_Runner wrote:
From an anonymous Zionist Shill named Steven Dutch, professor of Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

Some conspiracy theorists claim that large amounts of the buildings were unaccounted for by the size of the rubble pile. Since only 12% of the building volume was solid, the towers should collapse into a pile 12% of the original height of the building, or just about 50 meters high. Since 18 meters of that pile would be filling the basement, the above-ground portion would be 32 meters high.

The actual rubble pile reached the fifth story of adjacent buildings, so well outside the footprint of the tower the pile was five stories, or about 15 meters high. The pile would have been roughly conical, and would have included a lot of void space, increasing its height and offsetting the larger diameter of the pile. Overall the rubble pile is what you'd expect.

So it simply isn't true that the rubble pile is only a small percentage of what would be expected. Some conspiracy sites allege that the rubble pile is only 5% of what would be expected. Others use a figure of 33% as the height of a rubble pile relative to the original building and then argue that the pile should have been 140 or so meters high. But when Controlled Demolition Inc. ( dropped a 23-story, 439-foot (134 m) building in Detroit in 1997, they ended up with a pile averaging 35 feet high (11 m) and a maximum of 60 feet (18 m) high. The rubble pile was an average of 8% of the height of the original building and a maximum of 14%. Scaling that up to the World Trade Center, we get heights of 33 to 58 meters. In other words, the rubble pile at the World Trade Center is totally in line with other large building collapses. 33% may work for a small building a few stories high, but a large building will compress the debris pile a lot more and also fill void spaces more effectively with pulverized debris.
url= (show quote)

Steven Dutch is not afraid to use his real name when posting lies and misinformation. Why are you afraid?
Mar 21, 2017 16:57:23   #
Blade_Runner wrote:
One can only laugh at the utter stupidity of these two statements.

Apparently the only explosive demolition that has happened here took place inside your skull.

Denial is not rebuttal.
Insults are not rebuttal.
Cowards hide behind anonymity to post lies and libel.
Mar 21, 2017 16:14:09   #
Randy131 wrote:
My name is Randy Hemmerle, and I look forward to our meeting with great anticipation.

Where do you live, Randy?
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