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Feb 19, 2017 21:09:06   #
pafret wrote:
The program was generated by the Kansas Sect. of State and has been adopted by about 27 others. Both sides are contentious about who is rigging the findings in their favor. I read your linked article and several others. What they tell me is that your diatribe is totally partisan and contains accusations not supported by any evidence.

Your opinion about how many votes Trump actually lost by, is based on the same fantasy as the rest of this post. You don't like the fact that your heinous criminal candidate lost so you will calumniate the opposition by distortion of fact and blatant lies.
The program was generated by the Kansas Sect. of S... (show quote)

So, you don't like what I have to say... You don't like what the articles have to say... Why don't you just say that?

pafret wrote:
Post something when you have facts and not unsupported opinion.

What - even more facts? Weren't the facts I already presented enough? Oh wait, that's right... You don't LIKE any of those facts so, I guess they aren't facts... are they? :(

Feb 19, 2017 21:01:18   #
Ricko wrote:
straightup-exactly. Simple photo ID to all eligible voters will solve the problem.

It will solve the problem of illegal votes... but it *can* create other problems, like representation if the system is controlled unfairly.

Ricko wrote:

However, the democrats do not
want the problem solved. It disenfranchises their party. Level the playing field and they lose most elections.

I think the Democrats are thinking about those other problems. What's going on here is only the latest in a long history of voter suppression. In the last 20 years the Republicans have been loosing ground on a per citizen basis and this has caused them to push the envelope on representation through redistricting efforts and so-called "anti-fraud" systems. You're drinking kool-aid my friend, it's the Republicans that are disenfranchised and although that may only be my opinion, what is empirically evident is that Democrats consistently score higher in the popular votes and that trend is increasing.

Ricko wrote:

America First !!!

LOL... I want to see you say that in a skirt with some pom poms...
Feb 19, 2017 20:48:58   #
LG wrote:
You were the one that made the comment the Democrats have bigger brains than Republicans. I comprehend the article just fine and I don't need a lesson on the south, because I'm from and have lived in the great state of TENNESSEE my whole

1. I was being facetious and VERY obvious about it too. My whole point was to highlight the absurdity.
2. I wasn't suggesting the article was incomprehensible.
3. You don't have to live in the south to learn what happened with their politics.

So get over your self TENNESSEE.
Feb 19, 2017 20:40:43   #
So.. I watched the video... funny guy... (if you like cheesy dorks I guess)

He doesn't really say anything.
To be honest, I wrote that response after reading the first paragraph... I was turned off by the "oh, Democrats are dumm - arh, arh.." crap but I took the title and made the assumption he might have a point....

TOTAL misread!

I decided I should at least watch the video... since I'm replying to you about it... The guy's an idiot. His first stat is a percentage of a gazillion or some stupid made up shit. I thought he was playing around and would have an actual number to back up his point... ya know like we liberals always do. But, no... he just went on to the next thing... so his entire point was based on a fraction of gazillion.

Is this where you get your knowledge buddy..? Is there someone that can check on you? 'Make sure you're not eating paint chips?
Feb 19, 2017 20:23:59   #
LG wrote:
The reason LIBERAL DEMOCRATS have bigger brains than REPUBLICANS, is because they're FULL OF SHIT. An OXFORD study shows REPUBLICANS have higher IQ's than LIBERAL DEMOCRATS. ROLLING STONE is a great source for LIBERAL DEMOCRATS, they're known to report lies, just like the article published about the rape on the campus of the University of Virginia, that was totally made up and a flat out lie.
The reason LIBERAL DEMOCRATS have bigger brains th... (show quote)

A few things to point out..

1. I have NEVER been a Democrat:
Since the article you link to seems to be targeting Democrats, I thought it might be worth bringing up. (in fact I was a Republican from 1980 to 1984)

2. Republicans are more Liberal too:
That's what the article you point to actually says. I bet that doesn't actually make sense to you. Let me explain something, starting with point #3...

3. Not all Republicans are the same:
When I registered Republican I was joining my father's party. The party I associated with Reagan. That's not the Republican party I see today. For the first half of the 20th century, the Republicans WERE the liberals... the Democrats were conservative... because the Democrats were not always the same either, which brings up point #4...

4. Political Parties Change faster than Culture Does:
Which explains why people jump parties. The entire south switched from Democrat to Republican during the Nixon campaign. Look up "Dixecrats"... I'm not making this stuff up. Americans don't trust politicians, but we ARE faithful people. We put faith in our cultures. (Yes, as in plural.) That's part of what being free means. The fact that our founders were able to construct a light weight framework for a federated government is admirable as were most liberal movements during the Age of Enlightenment but that's just what it was. The American Revolution itself was a liberal idea... to replace a monarchy with a republic. Neither Republican nor Democrat existed yet. It was all Whigs and Tories. Whigs were the liberals that supported the revolution, Tories were the conservatives, loyal to the crown... Finally, point #5...

5. The Article is Telling you that Smarter People Tend to be Liberal:
When he says Republicans are more liberal he is qualifying the subset of Republicans that are... more liberal. To that subset of liberal Republicans, he is crediting smartness that exceeds even the Democrats, which precedence being set, he could filter anyway he wants.

Feb 19, 2017 19:22:00   #
buffalo wrote:
The article came from the Horn News Editorial Team (which I credited at the bottom of the post, which I doubt your attention span allowed you to read that far down) and sited several different studies and reports of voter fraud.

I read your entire post - (not that hard to do). At the end I saw... "— The Horn editorial team". (I've never heard of them before). So I did a search and found the website... run by Red State Radio... Gee, that doesn't sound biased at all. :) Anyway, I didn't see anything about your supposed study, so that's why I responded the way I did.

buffalo wrote:

The DNC was exposed ion those LEAKED emails (not hacked by Russia) the fraud that they had committed against Sanders, but you fricking bird-brained, butt-hurt moonbats ignore that or anything else that doesn't fit your ideological narrative. Obammy even told illegals to vote.

Yeah, you're just telling the story the way you want to. I still don't see any evidence... Why not link to the study?

buffalo wrote:

Maybe Trump just wants to make sure that all votes, whether dem or repub, are legal votes.

Maybe he just wants to make sure that enough Democratic votes are taken out.

buffalo wrote:

You moonbats just don't want to be exposed so that is why you deflected the LEAKED emails as being haclked by Russia. NO evidence has ever been offered to prove that goofy assertion.

I don't think proof was part of that conspiracy theory when the right-wing bullshitters invented it. You really don't understand what fake news is do you?
Feb 19, 2017 18:56:31   #
Kickaha wrote:
Why not try to figure out a way of cross checking the voter rolls? Anyone who hasn't voted for X number of years would have their registration flagged and would be sent a notice that they need to re-register. The same could be done by cross checking death certificates and drivers license lists. It might not be perfect but it will help clean up the voter registration rolls. Then we need to require voter registration be done 2 weeks prior to an election and photo ID is needed to vote.

An honest system doesn't have to be so complicated. Banks don't have a problem identifying who you are when you take out cash, why should the election system? It's not even a government thing... the IRS doesn't have a problem identifying people to send refunds too. The only reason I can think of for all this apparent chaos is that people in the state governments WANT to play games with the ballots, especially when they know they are loosing their majority grip. So they keep things loose and chaotic.
Feb 19, 2017 12:07:23   #
Progressive One wrote:
The president said what?
PRESIDENT TRUMP boasted of his election victory and attacked journalists at his news conference. (Pablo Martinez Monsivais Associated Press )
Studio City resident Daniel Berez wonders about Trump’s grasp on reality:
So the dirty little secret is working its way out of the box: Trump lives in his own reality. He really does believe he won the popular vote and the electoral college by a greater margin than God. He really does believe journalists are dishonest. He says he inherited a huge mess. He’s not just saying it, he truly believes it.
Trump is in way over his head. The stress of his job will further exacerbate his unfitness for the presidency. He jeopardizes the country.
The whispers have begun in Congress: This is the most dysfunctional administration ever, and there is a reason for it. The reason is the president.
Jim Krause of San Pedro criticizes the people around Trump:
For the president to stand in front of a television camera, surrounded by reporters, and tell one lie after another shows he has become dangerous to the nation and the world. Yet cabinet secretaries continue to support him, and the congressional majority does virtually nothing.
Have these people not realized that their names will one day live in infamy?
Los Alamitos resident Terry Bales finds an antecedent to Trump in cinema:
The rantings and ravings of Trump in his news conference reminded me of a paranoid Captain Queeg as played to diabolical perfection by Humphrey Bogart in “The Caine Mutiny.”
All that bombast and denial made me hungry for strawberries.
Calabasas resident Jim Thompson also refers to film:
Watching Trump at his epic news conference saying the real story is not Russia but Clinton stealing the questions at a debate brings to mind a scene from “Blazing Saddles.”
In it, the character Gabby Johnson talks in “authentic frontier gibberish,” and an observer asks, “Now who can argue with that?”
Kymberleigh Richards of Van Nuys suggests a new way for Trump to get attention:
The president blames the media for every downturn, every roadblock, every negative in his brief administration.
As more people come to see his attacks on the media as background noise, I wonder what he plans to do to get attention next. If he’s looking for suggestions, I offer “resigning his office.”
Mailbag br The president said what? br PRESIDENT T... (show quote)

"Now who can argue with that?" LOL
Such a great analogy... Ya know, I look through the posts here and what I see is so freaking obvious... There's a bunch of right-wing morons. (Sorry guys, but you ARE morons) that simply don't care about evidence or truth all they care about is supporting the guy on their side. Gabby Johnson could walk right into any of these arguments, spew out all kinds of gibberish and as long as he's identified as being on the right side, which can be as easy as offering an insult about Hillary and they will treat his gibberish like it's the Word of God Himself. And if Einstein came along with a black board to prove the theory of right-wing bullshit, they would all be booing and hissing and calling Einstein an idiot.

It's just the way it is.
Feb 19, 2017 11:58:44   #
Bevos wrote:

Oh, I see... So when I ask a right-wing retard for an explanation the most I can hope for is one exclamatory sentence in upper case. So, why did we fight WW2? Answer: "JAPS!!! How does a phone work? Answer: "TECHNOLOGY for ONE!!!"

... got it ;)
Feb 19, 2017 11:21:44   #
buffalo wrote:
FEBRUARY 17, 2017

A new study has added significant weight to President Donald Trump’s claims on mass voter fraud in the 2016 general election.

A new report has concluded there could have been up to 2.1 million non-citizens that illegally cast a ballot last year — a startling number that backs up Trump’s claim that he won the popular vote.

The analysis was done by James D. Agresti from the independent think-tank Just Facts, which concluded “Contrary to the claims of certain major media outlets and fact checkers, a comprehensive analysis of this issue shows that substantial numbers of non-citizens vote illegally in U.S. elections.”

The Horn News reported in January that a previous Dartmouth University study found more than 834,000 votes for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton were cast illegally.

Additionally, in December of last year a massive voter fraud scheme was uncovered during the Michigan recount that included dozens of instances of people voting twice.

Last Sunday, Presidential adviser Stephen Miller also warned about an illegal voter fraud scheme that is suspected to have taken place in New Hampshire.

And during the election, hidden camera footage caught Democratic party members plotting a massive voter fraud scheme, while multiple reports of dead voters illegally casting ballots and evidence of voting machine tampering surfaced all across the country.

It’s an issue the mainstream media doesn’t want Americans talking about.

But the more evidence that surfaces, the more clear an urgent investigation is needed.

It’s time Americans demand the Trump administration look into these claims once and for all.

— The Horn editorial team

DAMN!!! They voted in the wrong states!
FEBRUARY 17, 2017 br br A new study has added sig... (show quote)

Trump won the election... So why is it soooo important for him and his supporters to lie about illegal votes? I noticed you offer no link... You just said "a new study"... OK, I got one ... "New Study" by Dr. E. P. Morris shows that all Republicans have smaller brains sizes than Democrats... There ya go... How's that?

Better yet... let me show you what a link looks like.

This link is to a Rolling Stone article by investigative reporter Greg Palst (Author of "Best Democracy Money Can Buy"). He wrote this article (and I read it) before the election even happened. The article discusses a system called the Interstate Voter Registration Crosscheck Program, which was started by Kris Kobach, Republican representative from Kansas, who was also responsible for a racial profiling system following 9/11 that has since been deemed inappropriate. Kobach has been working on this new system for years now and leading up to the 2016 election it's been promoted by a powerful Republican operative AND by Trump. The "official" concept is to find voters who have registered in more than one state, add those voters to a list and disqualify their votes. So it's an "anti-fraud" system. Except... the voters get no warning or notification... They aren't even told that their vote is discounted so the voter never even knows. Here's the genius part... The list itself is kept secret. How's that for a transparent system?

As it turns out, part of the list was leaked, containing the names of 1 million voters... that's just the part that was leaked. You might wonder if this is normal. Do millions of voters really cast ballots in more than one state? Why has this never been discovered before..? Did these voters suddenly realize in 2016 that they can drive a car across state lines? I've been watching the Republicans pulling these stunts for years. The classic move in voter suppression is redistricting... In Texas, this seems like a weekly event... every time time more Hispanics move in to the state the Republicans rearrange their congressional districts to minimize the effect of their votes.

I actually remember the investigation that Bush launched that the article describes. Bush was miffed about the Florida recount and launched the investigation into possible voter fraud (which had to have been rampant for such a wide chasm to appear between the actual count and what Bush thought should have been the count.) In any case after five years and plenty of tax money they came up with nothing.

So when I heard about the Crosscheck system I was pretty much already expecting something like that. Republicans rely too much on old white people with racists hangups and that demographic is shrinking, so they continue to rely more and more on voter suppression techniques, disguised as voter fraud prevention.

As it turns out, several states pulled out of the system, citing problems with the methodology, as Oregon's secretary of state recently explained: "We left Crosscheck because the data we received was unreliable." Still, 28 states stuck with the system. Among them, Virginia which produced a list (part of what was leaked) showing 342,556 names which they apparently cancelled from the voter rolls right before Election Day. Lists from Georgia and Washington state were also leaked. It turns out that a quarter of the list that was leaked didn't even match middle names or suffixes like "Sr." or "Jr." On the Georgia list alone there was 357 people with the name "James Brown" and there were no SS numbers at all!

I'm sure you won't read the article because it's not going to tell you what you want to hear. But just so you know... there are a lot of us that aren't making out with the Republican sphincter and we are at liberty to review the investigations commissioned by either side and when you do that it becomes really obvious that Republicans have been playing dirty pool for a long time.

I haven't made a big deal out of this until now, because it's not worth arguing with a bunch of right-wing maggots about voter suppression when they will only deny it. Besides, the way I see it, Trump won the election whether it was fair or not. Sometimes cheaters win. You just have to move on and maybe work toward making elections more fair in the future.

Still, judging by Trump's record breaking low approval ratings and the record breaking protests against him, along with many other indications, I would say he lost the popular vote by a margin far greater than the 3 million actual votes that were counted. I would guess there were another 2 million at least that were qualified to vote but were not even counted because of bullshit systems like Crosscheck.

I'm sure the "study" you reference in you original post comes from these bullshit lists... It would be just like the Republicans to quietly disqualify the voters based on erroneous data and then hold up the list and state that these people voted illegally... and of course lie and say their votes were counted.
Feb 18, 2017 15:55:24   #
RETW wrote:
Go away ass hole. No one wants to read your posts. Take a hike, go back to that rats nest you came from. I said you were a troll and you agreed. You have also stated you are here only to piss people off. You add nothing but hate and slander. Lies is what you wallow in, and deceit is your trade.

A TRAITOR to this country is what you are. And you will remain that way till you die. You are a miserable scum bag. TROLL TROLL TROLL


Go away ass hole. No one wants to read your posts.... (show quote)

LOL... funny picture.

Too bad a pile of insults and demands is so ineffective. Maybe you should try understanding things better so you can actually dispute my statements instead of just getting pissed off and stomping your feet which only confirms that I'm a better American than you are.
Feb 18, 2017 15:47:59   #
badbob85037 wrote:
Dobbs, Franks, and Obama are the 3 that ran interference for Fanny Mae and keep any type of investigation from taking place. Dobbs followed by Obama then Franks took large sums of money from Fanny Mae. When they could no longer avoid an investigation that's when all Hell broke loose that we are still paying for today.

Interesting. I'd appreciate any links you can send me on this as I am not having much luck in finding any such confirmation.

badbob85037 wrote:

The 3 top executives at Fanny May Rains, Howard, and Johnson even though the company had lost billions took over $250 million in bonuses. The courts made the three give back half and they say crime doesn't pay.

Are you sure it's a criminal act for corporate executives to award themselves bonuses?

badbob85037 wrote:

The three were then given jobs as economic advisers in the obama administration. So if you are trying to make Trump look like a bad guy you have a long way to go.

I wouldn't say that considering how Trump has already proved himself to be a bad guy. But you're of course entitled to your own delusions.

badbob85037 wrote:

Besides no one with an active brain cell would trust the judgement of a hillary supporter or the lame stream media.

Ah... I see. No bias here right? LOL

Let me know when you have something substantial to say.
Feb 18, 2017 15:35:25   #
trucksterbud wrote:
If you really understood what is going on, you would question anything to do with Dodd-Frank. Including the CFPB. Its only there to protect the big guys. Not you.

Well, if you're going to toss out the accusation you should try to at least explain it, right?

Can you tell me how anything involving Dodd-Frank is only there to protect the big guys? What is your reasoning? Where is your evidence?
Feb 12, 2017 15:46:46   #
lindajoy wrote:
Bob Seger I like... it was more for the title than the song itself....


lindajoy wrote:

Sure I remember 2008 and 2012 and while there was dissection there was not any of what is going on now.. The hate and venom rule... Nothing more...

I strongly disagree with that perception. LOL I seem to remember the right trying to disqualify him by saying he wasn't even born in the U.S. Obama shows his birth certificate and they said it was fake. Trump himself made a huge deal out of it. Not too long ago Trump said he believes Obama WAS born in the U.S. but Obama isn't running for president so it doesn't matter. So was Trump lying when he was pushing the birther movement? That's just scratching the surface... I remember the reaction on the right... there was PLENTY of hate and venom.

lindajoy wrote:

Ridiculous so many work so hard on dividing rather than manning up and see what we can do to bring some mutual cause rather than this internal meltdown that makes us even more of a laughing stock in the World wide arena...

Yeah, there's a lot of dividing going on. I think a big problem is that we don't focus on the real divides like (1% - 99%) because we are so obsessed with the superficial divides (Republican - Democrat).

lindajoy wrote:

Also sorry, but I don't see patriots fighting for the benefit of our country

Did you mean to say progressives?

lindajoy wrote:

but do see many that would rather it fall because their chosen didn't pull it off

I haven't seen any. Honest. Every progressive I've ever talked to want America to succeed. I think you might be referring to fringes... I don't speak for them.

lindajoy wrote:

Thank God...The progressive globalist upset because they weren't able to pull off their leftist mantra of socialism full fledged and using you as their slaves to do the dirty work.. Once that is achieved you will mean nothing to them... Look at the many countries Soros has destroyed... Did he do one thing for the people he brainwashed into his BS.. I truly thought you smarter and up on what is really going on.... Sorry....

Yeah, I've heard these arguments a lot... Sorry, I categorize them as conspiracy theories that don't really hold up. You loose me as soon as you tell me the progressive aim is socialism. Did you know the progressive agenda was initiated by the Republicans as a way to avoid socialism? I did a long study in college on Cold War propaganda and I'm pretty sure I know how the fear of socialism was fit into political rhetoric.

lindajoy wrote:

We'll agree to disagree because no matter what logic is discussed nothing changes...

You aren't helping America you are helping to destroy it!..

Well, yes... if your idea of America is a nation being exploited by a tyrannical plutocracy, or a nation in which people are not treated equally, then yes... I aim to destroy THAT America. I want a different America that treats all people with respect and dignity, like the one the progressives were building from 1890 to 1970. I like that one.
Feb 12, 2017 15:18:13   #
Carol Kelly wrote:
Sometimes it's best to wait and see how things stack up. Don't be so ready to criticize everything and everyone, especially the elected President of the USA.

Ya know Carol... I hear that from you folks NOW. I wasn't hearing that from you before. Funny how tables turn eh?
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