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Obama's Defense
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Nov 6, 2013 11:37:16   #
bahmer (a regular here)
vernon wrote:
he was trained as a communist by a communist queer and in=m sure that he got a great sex ed there to because he was plying with gu
ys in chicago and im sure he has done it in the white house to

He has brought disgrace upon America as well with his antics and I'm sure God will judge this nation. I pray for mercy every day for this country but until we the people wake up and smell the coffee we will not continue as we should.
Nov 6, 2013 21:58:15   #

my approval of obozo was at zero five years ago
Nov 6, 2013 22:31:41   #
Liberty Tree
alex wrote:
my approval of obozo was at zero five years ago

Alex, I am with you. I said when he first came on the scene he was nothing like he pretended to be. I knew he was an Alinsky/Marxist hater of America.
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