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• What hurts the economy more: the welfare or the defense spending? (The answer isn't what you thought. I guarantee it.)

• Do immigrants bring more money into the economy by being consumers or do they send more "back home"? We have some hard numbers posted.

(What if we take into account the new immigrants from Syria currently headed to the US? How does that change the immigration debate?)

• Why do politicians lie? You hear people always say that politicians are all crooks. But why is that? Why can't there be more honest politicians? Or can there? (This will surprise you, as it surprised me when I found out.)

• Is the minimum wage all about the union contracts or about actually helping those at the bottom? Does it actually help? (This will definitely change your mind about the issue.)

• Furthering LGBT equality rights through lawsuits to the point of forcing businesses to serve against their beliefs. Does that violate the rights of business owners? Or does the notion of equality trump it all?

• Will Obamacare actually solve the healthcare problem in the long run, or is just a fad that will be reversed eventually? (Some interesting arguments in favor of one of the sides. Something you probably haven't considered.)

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Aug 22, 2013 19:13:51   #
how can people that make less than 25,000 a yr afford it?! i cant even afford food sometimes
also no one is saying why should we do if we can not afford his obamacare do we just go to jail and pay a fine that we cant afford!? I only make around 25,000 alittle under that and I have a husband that has crohns disease and I cant even afford his med, bills also I suffer from severe migraines and cant even go to the doc no money !! I have bills to pay and food to feed my family.
Aug 22, 2013 19:30:38   #
granny wrote:
how can people that make less than 25,000 a yr afford it?! i cant even afford food sometimes

My understanding is that anyone earning less than 400% of the poverty level (I think the poverty level is $20,000 for one person) will get a subsidy from the gov. Those on welfare will get it free on the backs of the young workers. No one has spoken to the overall effect ACA will have on the economy. It is now young people like to have a nice ride. But Obama has changed that by forcing them to buy health insurance. Buying a house, or starting a family will be pushed further into the future. Why does Obamacare require that kids stay on their parents policies until age 26. That's because college students won't have to buy Obamacare until they finis college. Otherwise the gov. would be paying all their health care insurance until they finished college and got a job. Obviously, any one who has no income will get free health care insurance. Even the beach bum hippies who chose not to work. Even with the new taxes Obamacare is going to bankrupt the country, or taxes are going to be so high that the country can't survive. /In 9 states welfare pays better than entry level jobs, more than $15 an hour. Why work for $7.25?
Aug 22, 2013 21:52:25   #
that doesn't explain anything for us that make 25,000 or less a year
Aug 23, 2013 09:59:55   #
Pennylynn (a regular here)
Granny, You are right, Obamacare will affect those who can least afford it the most. My insurance, I now pay $178 a month for Blue Cross. My insurance cost will be around $520 with Obamacare. I am a widow, I will not be able to afford Obamacare. So, I intend to sell my house to my kid for $1, put all my nest eggs into an off shore account, declare myself as impoverished. With just my retirement as a taxable income, I will fall below the poverty line.

If I were you, I would go to Social Security and your local welfare, apply for medical care. That way, if you in the system on 1 Jan 2014, you will not be burdened with the new tax.

Good Luck!

granny wrote:
that doesn't explain anything for us that make 25,000 or less a year
Aug 23, 2013 20:37:41   #
I cant even get disability either we have 2 cars and one child that still lives here . we live paycheck to paycheck and it is so very hard Obama needs to be impeached and let the americans work and choose their own ins como
Aug 23, 2013 20:52:48   #
Pennylynn (a regular here)

First go to your doctor and explain your situation and that of your husband. If he says that you are disabled, then take his documents with you to Social Security. In the last two years, the requirements for both disability and Medicare has become less restrictive. DO NOT APPLY FOR BENEFITS ON LINE. 98 PERCENT ARE DENIED For on line applicants. But, helpful information can be found at:

You also need to go to your state office and apply for food stamps. If your doctor says that you are disabled, again take those documents with you. Your doctor may have an opinion that your need to be on a special diet due to your high blood pressure and your husband's Chromes disease. Also apply for counseling to help you deal with the illnesses in your home. The child that lives with you, minor? If so, don't forget to put him as a dependent. If not, then ask them to get a job and live on their own or pay you rent. It sounds cold, but you have a right to live without the fear that I detect in your posting.

Unfortunately, impeaching Obama will do nothing for your current circumstances. As a matter of fact, it will take 2 or more years to undo the damage that has been done to our economy, family units, or how we appear to the rest of the world.

granny wrote:
I cant even get disability either we have 2 cars and one child that still lives here . we live paycheck to paycheck and it is so very hard Obama needs to be impeached and let the americans work and choose their own ins como
Aug 24, 2013 15:02:09   #
here in tenn. they have to many strictions on food stamps and any other gov. assits. I not like having our pres. telling us that we have to buy is ins and it doesn't cover anything we have . still cant afford to even take off work to get anything done and here in tenn. it is hard to find any jobs!!
Aug 24, 2013 15:03:03   #
we need to stop obamacare before he breaks our country!!!!
Aug 24, 2013 15:16:15   #
Pennylynn (a regular here)
I just read the web site pertaining to food stamps in TN. They are pretty standard requirements, nothing special. Medicare is a federal program and those requirements are standard.

I guess you only want to complain about Obamacare. Okay, I agree that it is a bad program. However, consider this if you are not insured now then the appeal of Obamacare would not make a difference to your family.

Good luck.

granny wrote:
we need to stop obamacare before he breaks our country!!!!
Aug 24, 2013 16:41:28   #
it would make a difference cause my taxes is high enough the IRS shouldn't even be part of this program . I have to pay extra taxes for something I cant even get !! and the pres. wants us to go to jail for him just because we are broke thanks from him!!
Aug 24, 2013 16:48:01   #
tenn doesn't what they say I have tried several times
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