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We have ordinary people from all over the world reporting information that the media simply doesn't release to you.
Read this:

We are not some political camp blindly advocating an agenda by following a pre-set list of bullet points. Instead, we let individuals voice their opinions and back them with facts and logical reasoning.

Among our users we have influential business owners in various industries, active and retired military, former and current government employees who share their insight and provide unprecedented level of access to information that you won't find anywhere else. Some speak anonymously using aliases, others disclose their identities (it's up to them), and we provide a way for you to hear what they have to say. Some of them only post information on our website and nowhere else! So you won't find it anywhere.

We are a community of people who gathered together specifically to discuss politics and uncover the truth behind what's happening domestically in the USA and globally in the world. Today, right this minute.

Daily, you'll be receiving our political forum digest with the latest hottest news, analysis, discussions and some things the media simply won't report to you.

Here are just some of the things being uncovered on One Political Plaza right now:

• What hurts the economy more: the welfare or the defense spending? (The answer isn't what you thought. I guarantee it.)

• Do immigrants bring more money into the economy by being consumers or do they send more "back home"? We have some hard numbers posted.

(What if we take into account the new immigrants from Syria currently headed to the US? How does that change the immigration debate?)

• Why do politicians lie? You hear people always say that politicians are all crooks. But why is that? Why can't there be more honest politicians? Or can there? (This will surprise you, as it surprised me when I found out.)

• Is the minimum wage all about the union contracts or about actually helping those at the bottom? Does it actually help? (This will definitely change your mind about the issue.)

• Furthering LGBT equality rights through lawsuits to the point of forcing businesses to serve against their beliefs. Does that violate the rights of business owners? Or does the notion of equality trump it all?

• Will Obamacare actually solve the healthcare problem in the long run, or is just a fad that will be reversed eventually? (Some interesting arguments in favor of one of the sides. Something you probably haven't considered.)

• Join in and see for yourself. This will shock you. And it's all completely FREE!

• Let me repeat that. Since for some reason a lot of people contact us asking if the membership is really free or if there is some catch: we are a social website for people who like to discuss politics and know what's happening out there. So we don't sell anything, we don't solicit for political donations, and we don't work as a recruiting front for any party or agenda. It's as simple as that.

Here is how to proceed and what to expect:

Enter your name and e-mail address below, and you'll be instantly added to our political mailing list distribution. You'll receive a one-time confirmation e-mail. Right after that, the first e-mail with today's digest will be forwarded to you. The signup process is completely automated, so you are just a few minutes away from discovering what our existing users already received earlier today. You'll get up to speed right away on what's the latest on our website, without any long introductions or other delays.

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Going forward, the next digest will be released in just a few hours. So if you don't sign up now, you'll also miss everything covered in it too.

One Political Plaza -- Rules, Help, FAQ
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Dec 20, 2012 07:08:59   #
First of all, in order to sumit posts on our forum you need to register here.

(Forum rules are posted below.)

If you are already registered and need assistance, then please check this:
Help Index (please read this before contacting Admin)
Frequently Asked Questions (most definitely read this before contacting Admin)

Some of the most common requests:
How to Post a Picture
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User-Managed Sections
Dec 20, 2012 07:14:27   #
Forum Rules

As far as the forum posting goes, here is a list of things to keep in mind:

- Please be polite.

- Do not post content or images owned/authored by others without their permission. Complying with all laws (including copyright) is solely the responsibility of each individual user.

Complying with all laws (including copyright) is the sole responsibility of each individual user. Forum administration is not responsible for user-generated/uploaded/posted content. We serve merely as communications platform and are protected by the safe harbor provisions of the copyright law and/or DMCA.

Having said that, if you notice that your rights are being violated by a user of this forum, please feel free to contact the administration by sending me a private message. We'll investigate all claims and take action if necessary.

- Do not post any ads or promote anything without speaking to me about it first. That includes any kind of commercial activity. If you have something good, that a lot of people would appreciate, then it would probably be OK to mention it here.

- Do not post "affiliate" links of any kind.

- Please do not post links promoting any "signup" pages, newsletters, lists, message boards, sweepstakes, giveaways, contests, voting pages, etc. That includes any sites that are meant to collect "signups" for any purpose.

- Do not solicit for e-mail addresses or other personal information of other users to establish any kinds of lists, distributions, giveaways, etc.

- Do not send mass private messages to multiple users. We reserve the right to monitor and delete private messages to prevent spam, ensure compliance with the rules, and to deal with other issues.

- Do not make posts in all capital letters. This includes topic titles. (You might consider using your browser's zoom feature to increase the size of the font in case you are experiencing difficulties reading/writing.)

- When asking a general question (if you are not in the middle of a conversation), then try not to address the question to anybody specific. If someone else knows the answer when you asked a specific person, then they might not feel comfortable jumping in. So your chances of getting a question answered become greatly reduced.

- Try to use descriptive titles when creating new topics. Instead of something like "Please Help", write a title that briefly states the nature of your post. That way, people who know the answer or are interested in that particular topic would be more likely to click on it to read it and post replies.

- Please do not post your e-mail address or other personal information in the open.
Apr 29, 2016 04:24:48   #
- Please watch your language. We would like to keep this site clean.

- If you create additional fake accounts to troll, then be prepared for your main account to be revealed. Most likely with "aka YourOriginalUserName" as the status of all of your troll accounts.

- Do not include a link to your site inside the posts. Instead use a signature (you can set it up in your profile).

- If your signature contains a link to your website/blog/store, then please make sure to reciprocate and link to this forum's home page from your site.

- Signatures should not contain more than three lines without wrapping. Blank separating lines are also counted. Please, no flashing images either.

- If you are "hotlinking" an image from a remote site, please make the image stays in place, otherwise we end up with broken pages.

- Do not "bump" your topics up. If everyone starts doing it, the forum will get filled with empty posts.

- To prevent strain on the database we will be splitting up topics that reach 100 pages. All conversations will be carried over into follow-up topics.

- Approval or disapproval of users' posts by the moderators/administration does not shift the responsibility for the content of the posts (any claims made in the posts or laws violated) from users onto the moderators or the administration.

It is the responsibility of each user to make sure all his/her actions are within law.

In other words, just because a post wasn't removed/edited by the moderators or the administration, it doesn't automatically mean that the moderators or the administration condone the content of a post.

- This website is private property. Administration reserves the right to disable any user account at our own discretion without prior notice at any time and for any reason. While this is usually a measure of the last resort, we disclaim any and all responsibility for your inability to use this website due to disabled account.

- We do not generally delete old images/posts at user's request unless there is a valid reason. So if you don't want your content to be shown here indefinitely, then please don't post it here in the first place. The reason for that is simple: deleting one user's posts usually requires deleting responses posted by other users. So for the sake of keeping the forum stable, we maintain this policy.

- Just because somebody else is breaking the rules, doesn't mean you can do it too. Pointing out another user "doing the same thing" as a defense to a violation is in itself a bannable offense. If you decide to start breaking rules because you saw someone else doing it, you are compounding the problem.

- Threatening or hinting that you'll leave the forum unless I do something you want, threatening with legal action or posting ultimatums of any kind will not have the desired effect. I don't respond well to threats or ultimatums. In such instances, I'll either ignore your request completely (regardless of the merit of the original request) or I'll kick you out simply as a matter of principle.

- The most important rule of all is this: use common sense.

- Aside from that, please have fun, learn, and share your knowledge with others!

Various sections on this forum have specific rules of their own. So please make sure to read them as well before posting in a section.
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