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Oct 23, 2017

(sticky) I'm going to clean up OPP. Some major changes.

Opinions wanted

Assasination of JFK

How high can Trump go?

Congresswomen Wilson trumps the Donald.

Take America Back

How to lose your arse in a hurry.... Piss off the fans!

The Death Of Civility by the Democrat Party

Stupid to the Core -- All Those Statues they Revile are Democrats

What the hell's wrong with Minnesota Parents?

Trump Destroys NFL And Owners For Their Idiotic Decision....

I've been vindicated. I think!

Slap on the wrist

Russian Infiltration Scandal Breaks....Hillary, Holder Involved, FBI DOJ Silenced

Vegas Shooting. Pulling Bodies Out OF Hooters? 15 Minutes Away?

Oh BTW, The Budget Deficit Just Grew to $666 Billion

Does anyone have an example of Trump apologizing?

Trump..The Lowest form of Life

Will Pence learn from Ford?

the Government's Fraud started when

Americans and Their Love for Perpetual Wars

More absurdity from the "progressives" AKA Marxist socialists

3 out of 4

Feminists are still complaining......

Puerto Rico Exodus - “Vulture Bonds” - Trump’s Debt Jubilee - WARNING to Investors !

In response to admin cleaning up opp thread

Michelle: Hillary Is On Drugs.....

Some of my most favorite should be on your car too....

Breaking News...Muslim Suicide Bombers going on Strike!

One thing we absolutly for sure must fix in the next eight years of the Trump presidency

What would you trust more than Hillary Clinton? Here are some suggestions

Introduce Yourself

I am from Motana


General Chit-Chat (non-political talk)

Parenting In The Wilderness Pictures

Did you know the US of A has its own Loch Ness Monster

Dancing Traffic Light.....Very Cool!

For twenty years, I had always liked our differnet tasks

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