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Jul 21, 2017
Invite-Only Discussions
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(a rerun) Obama returns to his roots.

(a rerun) Just a friendly Note to the Right

(a rerun) Dearest Bernie and Jane


Returned for the kudos and apology I will not receive

John McCain, a real American hero.

My thoughts on God…

the next Democratic candidate

O J gets parole, rightwingnut blather sites are WRONG again

Organizing for action (OFA) /Plan To Destroy Our Constitution and Country

Russia is not our friend: it is an adversary desperate for America's demise

New game to kill our President

British Humour...

To ALL 9/11 Truth Deniers: -- New Information

Texas defunded Planned Parenthood and created a Christian nightmare

Russian Collusion and Global Warming

The 22 million number

Just the beginning-Craven Maine Democrats block bill to protect safety of little girls

Americans Happier Than They Have Been in a Long Time (at Least 8 Years)

The Feminist Movement Should Be Outlawed

It won`t help to impeach trump

Brave New World of transgender toys

President Trump

Rep Pelosi

Today in History

Those brave right wingers

Traitor Republicans

Breakfast And Politics

Electricity vs. healthcare

The trump-russia scandal is expanding, and trump is scared

Collusion And More By Classless Traitors...

Mike Simpson - Republican Rep from Idaho and a Deep Red Conservative - his quote:

When is Speech Violence?

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu Expresses True Feelings For Obama Administration

General Chit-Chat (non-political talk)

the Sandpiper

City girl


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