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The Good Old Days When Our Country Was Great, Or At Least Better
I am 62, when I was in about second grade, so about 7 or so, my mother married a guy who was an aircraft mechanic for United Airlines and an Air Force reservist, flew C-119's. I remember he made somewhere around $8 an hour. I have three brothers and sisters and they had another kid, so five kids. The first house they bought was a three bedroom for about $11k. Needing a bigger house they bought a brand new much larger four bedroom for $18k, and moved to a much nicer area when I was in the 4th grade. The next house when I was in the 8th grade near the base he had scored a civil service job that payed a lot more, we bought a $32k house in the country on acreage.

So during an eight year period working wages that were from $20k to maybe $40k was sufficient to raise five kids, own houses, have full on healthcare, and do a lot of camping and other activities. We had a boat and a tent trailer.

The huge difference and what happened is that the income needed to raise a family on one income went north, especially the cost of the same home, while the working class income, even union did not keep up. Meanwhile the rate executive pay went up was not on an equal amount relative to working class wages. I hired a controller for my business that had been in charge of a bank of america branch for $55k in 1986. A customer service job for a print shop probably still pays what it did right at that time today, about $25k give or take. The pressmen are not making much if any more in the 25 year interim.

But what I can look at is that the upscale homes that workers and sales people were living in that were $400k or higher homes in great areas when a regular nice house was $70 to $125k is a house that these class workers and managers can still afford to buy today even though they cost well over a million dollars. Higher end employees pay has kept up with higher housing and living costs, their lifestyle has not changed.

Meanwhile there has been a consistent claim that workers pay has not moved much because companies don't have the money, when in fact they have had the money it's just that the first priority has been management incomes and profit, which has done well.

In all this, which to me is really easy to figure out simply by doing the math, why have working class people been so easy to placate? Why do they accept such an ever increasing difference between wealthy and comfortable people and working class people? The corporations can obviously pay more if they paid their overpaid top end management less. I'd be seriously unhappy even at $50k a year if the CEO pay went from a few hundred thousand to millions a year, and then find out they get millions of dollars in bonuses.

In the 80's I had a bindery business with about 145 employees. They got paid piecemeal to limit my labor, but every month I worked out the profit margins on jobs and paid them 10% of the profit margin divided by the pay they had earned. I was making a profit of around $25k to $50k a month so it was actually a rather nice bonus, and I paid it when contracted jobs were done and I knew what I was clearing after expenses.

As far as I'm concerned business owners have a tendency to be greedy as all hell. Most will worry about a BMW or bigger house before ever rewarding their employees with bonuses, meanwhile the management gets the raises and bonuses. I've seen way too many small business owners that have employees that are barely getting by when the owners have a ridiculous lifestyle. Growing up My grandfather was a painter and handyman, and had a lot of contractor friends. Their workers lived pretty much the way they did, they were not greedy people. My grandfather helped people who worked for him build their own homes, he loaned them the money to do it. So I guess my attitude toward employees is in my DNA huh?

What's wrong with this country right now is greedy people and corporations. In the past when the country went through hard times the wealthy industrialists had a different attitude about higher taxes and doing their part to rebuild the nation. Not to mention they understood than when the government supported their industries with infrastructure they hired more people and made even more money. In the periods where the wealthiest paid the highest taxes in history the rich got richer and the country did better. We'll never break this cycle when the rich keep wanting lower taxes no matter how low they go.
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Gorsuch Matters!
Gorsuch matters. Read this to understand how much he really does matter. VERY SHORT READ. We need more of these type of decisions.Gorsuch matters!

Neil Gorsuch has only been on the
Supreme Court for a short while. Recently he ignited the
fire of liberty and broke 40 years of precedent when he
refused to join the SCOTUS "cert pool."

The cert pool was established in 1973
during the early days of the Burger Court, in order to
efficiently review the near 8,000 petitions received each
term. In practice, the petitions are apportioned among the
Court's law clerks, who then circulate a memo to the
justices recommending a grant or denial. The obvious problem
here is that this gives the power in these 8000 cases to the
law clerks instead of the Justices. It also, in theory,
allows 3rd parties to unfairly influence a case through the

That is NOT how the Supreme Court was
designed to operate. Neil Gorsuch just managed to set his
foot down in the Supreme Court and say it is NOT okay to
pass off judgments to the discretion of legal clerks. This
is the kind of story everyone should be hearing or reading
in the media, but obviously is not.

Today the United States Supreme Court
issued a direct and final blow to the Islamic Indoctrination
of our young in this nation.

The full panel of the United States
Supreme Court which consists of 9 judges met to decide the
fate of Islamic indoctrination in our American public
schools. In a typical 5 X 4 decision, common sense won out,
and we have sanity restored to our schools once again.

The United States Supreme Court was
able to hand out this decision banning Sharia Law and Islam
from being taught in classrooms because of the tie-breaking
vote of the newly appointed Supreme Court Justice Neil

Gorsuch went on to write about the

"The government certainly has no
business being involved in religion, but this isn't a
government issue or a religious issue. This is about the
judicial branch interpreting the laws as they apply to the
teaching of religion. We shouldn't be teaching any religions
in the public schools of this country
Amen, Justice Gorsuch, Amen!

Liberals are all about teaching Islam
and Sharia Law but they also have issues with "Under God" in
the pledge of allegiance and "In God We Trust" on our
currency. This should have been a unanimous decision, not 5
to 4, but it seems like the 4 liberal judges on the Supreme
Court don't care about the Constitution, nor our values.

Perhaps this is the start of restoring
America to its founding glory. Thank GOD for our new Supreme
Court Justice Neil Gorsuch--- a great selection by President
Trump. Truth Has no Agenda!
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One Of The Russian Military Superiorities People Aren't Aware Of, Vacuum Tube Technology
I had a Top Secret clearance in nuclear missile systems back in the 70's, height of the cold war. We had an intelligence awareness that when we transitioned from tube based electronics to solid state, Russia stuck with tubes for a reason. They are not vulnerable to being knocked out by the EMP created with nuclear detonations. So preparing for a nuclear war Russia was going to have that edge. Development of tubes effectively stopped in the US, but Russian military tubes became the best in the world, and the technology was constantly improved.

One of the high end stereo manufacturers I used to sell was founded by a Russian who had good connections with Russia, he had tubes available to him that were military sourced that were giving him an edge in tube equipment.

My point here is that I have had an awareness of military information that indicates where Russia is at. They developed a prototype jet that would embarrass our very best and most expensive models. They made two and flew it at the Paris airshow. Russia did not have the money to go into production, they have the technology but not the resources. Exxon was to Pay Putin half a trillion dollars and develop their oil resources. This is resources Putin desperately needed for weapons. The idea of Exxon only caring about profits without regard for aiding a country who is likely going to use weapons against us or allies is treason. Trump putting Tillerson on so that this relationship can be fostered is treason. Trump's choice of many cabinet members is far beyond coincidence that everyone has had extensive longer term ties and involvements with Russia, that is not okay to anyone who cares about this country.

One of the sanctions that Trump was going to lift early on is the restriction on selling state of the art military electronics to them. We have had an edge there, and superiority is a big deal with an enemy. Sharing even the plans for state of the art military electronics is treason in war time, and amounts to the same thing if the policy of the US is to keep it away from Russia.

This is an administration that is putting us at risk. Our generals are warning us, but the right is hearing it as deep state hysteria.

Nazi Germany had the same dynamics, Adolph playing to a base of racists that had no problem with a strong leader who took Germany back from the Jews. Hard right nazi groups still think Hitler was the man, look at them still doing the heil hitler salute, and at Trump rallies no less, so don't say I'm full of crap, the same dynamics are going on right here right now. And if Trump is impeached he will have a small following that will want to support him.
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The type of people who elected Trump
I have been trying to understand how a man like Donald Trump could have been elected to the most powerful job in the World.

As I looked thru his life of unwelcome advances at women and proven through the Billy Bush tapes as he discribed how he just kissed them and grabbed there Pussy. The 19 women accused of being sexually violated by Trump. (All ignored by the Evangelical Southern racist voters)

Now his affair with a porno star using campaign funds 1 week before the election to pay for her silence. Affair took place 1 week after his son was born. Ignored by the evangelical south

Again another Beauty queen coming out explaining an 8 month affair with Trump all ignored by the evangelical south.

Again Trump comes out and supports a well known Pedaphile not only ignored by the evangelical south but voted for a disgusting piece of garbage.

Trumps avoid entering the military because his father was able to get doctors to show that Trump had bone spurs. All ignored by the evangelical south.

11 times he claimed bankruptcy but the evangelical south said he was a great businessman.

Well documented evidence that showed how Trump bankruptcy screwed employees, vendors and contractors all ignored by the evangelical south.

Trump claiming how he built his own company when he inherited a business built by his father along with $150 million inheritance. And Trump claims his father was his mentor who was a card carrying member of the KKK. All ignored by the evangelical south.

There were many stories of Trump from pleading guilty with Trump university, to out of court settlements with Trump stakes, entering the dressing room at the teen USA pageant all ignored by the evangelical south.


I did some reseach to try and find a history of the evangelical southern voter that are nothing but racist and it was bread into these people over many years of disgusting acts that these people have done. Although the stories are many from beatings and stabbing of blacks there is one story that shows why these evangelicals should be deported not the Mexicans or Muslims but this disgraceful bunch of hypocrites.
So letS just document this story:

Emmett Tillis: A 14 year old Black male was visiting his uncle in Mississippi. Was supposedly lynched because a white women said she was offended by him in her family store. (SHE LATER REPORTED THAT THESES ACCUSATIONS WERE FALSE) but it makes no difference to evangelicals.

Tillis was tortured beaten eyes gouged out then hung and with barbed wire tied around his neck and tied to a heavy gin fan and dumped into a river later to be found by two kids fishing.

The two white southern evangelical men accused were found not guilty by an all white evangelical jury. It was the most disgraceful crime ever committed and it was done on a 14 year old boy.

Tillis mother forced authorities to open the casket and what she saw was a disgrace as to how two men could do this to a 14 year old boy. Below I found the pictures of what an evangelical could do to a 14 year old boy.picture shows before and after he was tortured.

So it makes sense now to me the type of people that can elect a disgusting piece of garbage like Trump. It is bread into these people. Trump is a known racist and that’s all that matters to evangelicals.

Kids killed in classrooms do nothing, support Pedaphile’s, except incest, except attacks on women, except a pathological liar, it’s all part of evangelicals being a product of there environment.

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The mystique of authority and propaganda
Government can best rule a dependent people. The more dependent people are, the easier they are ruled. Therefore the government has a psychological and a political plan to create a dependent population.

There have been more than 40 million people on the government food stamp, or SNAP program, for over 8 years now. Instead of health freedom, we have the government/insurance corpocracy of Obamacare that makes people turn to the government. The people now clamor for "federal laws" to outlaw this or promote that, instead of looking to the individual states. And by now I'm sure you’ve seen the push for a "universal basic income" to American citizens — a paycheck from the government each month.

The psychological plan to create dependency is to create interdependency. Here is how they do it. They use the media, the public school system and fraternal organizations and religious cults to subvert individualism into group consciousness. The more we can be lead to think of the group before ourselves as individuals, the closer we come to a manipulated crowd.

All propaganda is designed to diminish the individual into the group and then the many groups into a mass or nation state. Individuals can’t be manipulated anywhere near as easily as groups can. The mystique of authority appeals to the mass mind but has little influence on the individualistic person.

Self-denial is a weapon against you

If a person has been converted to group consciousness, it is much easier to use psychological terms to extract from him his labor and substance. He has programmed (unconscious) desire to act in the name of humanitarianism. He is lead to feel a responsibility to share his means for the good of all. Altruism is defined as an unselfish concern for the welfare of others to the denial of self. The concept of altruism and self-denial is a potent subtle psychological weapon in the hands of authority.

If authority can develop benevolence and altruism in the public mind, it rules over docility rather than rebellion. Very few people outside of the inner elite have come to understand the control of the mass mind with altruism.

A population that has been brainwashed into group consciousness and altruism relieves authority of the expense of a police state. In other words, rule the mind that rules the body and in that order.

Words and phrases that trigger the mass mind to respond to authority are brotherhood, community chest, the Red Cross, fellowman, the less fortunate, etc.

The political plan to develop group consciousness and authoritarian control is a code language used by bureaucrats and politicians. Certain words and phrases are hammered into the public mind over and over. Examples would be "in the public interest," "in the national interest," democracy (peace, freedom and democracy), liberty, equality and fraternity.

The manipulation of the human mind automatically manipulates human action. Modern warfare is mostly psychological warfare that governments use on their own people. It is a word system that creates eternal conflict between the government dependent group and individuals.

The manipulated group or the manipulated crowd against the individual is the basis of all psychological warfare in all countries. It is the foundation upon which the New World Order is built.

They fear you

Politicians and bureaucrats, without exception, promote the group over the sovereign individual. Once this is observed consistently, the pattern of crowd control begins to come into focus. Politicians and bureaucrats despise the individual and fear him because of their inability to manipulate him.

Politicians and bureaucrats are inferior parasites. The only way that they can feel secure is in their ability to create the mass mind and manipulate the crowd against any remnants of individualism.

Politicians often fain appeal to individualism to attract certain political support. Then they, at the same time, cancel and neutralize their appeal to the individual with code words like democracy. The word democracy is actually a word of conformity just the opposite of individualism. Very few people suspect this. Decoding the "politically correct" word system would be a dagger thrust into the heart of criminal politics. It would make visible and invisible conspiracy against the sovereignty of the individual and human liberty. The only human liberty there is or can be is through the preservation of individual sovereignty over against manipulation of the crowd.

There is not now and never will be any compromise between the political forces that control the manipulated masses and sovereign individuals. To compromise is to give up political power which lies at the heart of esoteric control and manipulation of populations.

The political elite cannot even afford to allow public knowledge or public awareness that there is eternal conflict between the manipulated masses and individuals. They know that awareness alone exposes just how they create wars, conflicts, mass medication, and mass murder for the benefit of the ruling elite and their New World Order.

It is foolish and even childish to appeal to constitutional guarantees for the restoration of liberty for individualism in America. Any thinking person should conclude that so-called constitutional guarantees have theoretically existed all the time, while we have been manipulated into a soulless mass.

The recognition of the use of words in the manipulation of the crowd and the building of political power is essential if we are to recognize the blueprint of world revolution. It began with the French Revolution. When it expanded to America, hailed as the birth of a new nation based on liberty, equality, and fraternity, it was a disguised extension of the perpetual war between the manipulate masses and individual sovereignty and freedom.

Unless and until we can weave our way through the propaganda of words, we can never have a personal perception of reality. It is impossible to pursue human liberty unless based on individualism and responsibility.

'Intolerance' is the key?

We must be intolerant when the change agents operating on behalf of those in power try to change our perceptions with words and phrases intended to deceive. Have you noticed how all manner of sinful and abusive behavior are labeled "lifestyle choices"? Do you see how "the greater good" means surrendering your liberty to group control by the state?

• Fight the growing attempts to medically control your body with fake processed foods, vaccines, drugs, and unnecessary tests, procedures and surgeries recommended by unwitting establishment doctors.

• We must not allow murder by abortionists, and murder of the elderly through euthanasia.

• You must not allow yourself to be dumbed down by "public education" designed to control the public mind, confuse, and make people forget history, and what their rights are — and that they come from God, not the state.

• We must fight the prosecution of Christians who choose not to participate in the immoral activities being forced into their lives. Do not let them mold your Christian beliefs into their "one world" multiculturalism.

• It's imperative to protect yourself and your loved ones from plunder — that's physical harm and wealth seizure through taxation and other forms of financial manipulation by the powers that be.

Those who do not will have surrendered their mind and body over to the tyranny of the collectivists.

Yours for the truth,

Bob Livingston
Editor, The Bob Livingston Letter™
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Anti Trump Hysteria Has Another Side, Pro US Patriotism And Concern About Our Long Time Enemy Russia
In any time in past history Abandoning US sanctions against Russia and aiding and abetting would have been considered treason. Had Obama been bro buddies with Putin the way Trump is he'd have been charged with treason. Had Obama refused to use homeland security and NSA resources to aggressively dig into Russian interference state by state, or refused to use all resources to protect against and fight it, congress would have impeached him. Had Obama refused to acknowledge known incursions and threats by Russia to our grid it would have been unthinkable.

Has anyone caught this latest release of intelligence that Russia has actually breached key and critical infrastructure? Did you catch that the intelligence community take on it is that we are hosed if Putin decides to go there? The information is coming out, but the right, the country loving patriots are not catching information that's in front of our faces because they believe it's all fake news. We as a people have been monkeyed with to where people don't know what the truth is anymore. The right is seeing hardcore threats as left wing hysteria.

This is what scares me, the threats are being talked about in front of our faces, and that isn't enough to worry those who are blindly supporting this president, who clearly is not up to dealing with Putin, who is the master.

Russia has never been a friend or ally, and to think Trump has something going on that brings Russia on as an ally is truly ridiculous. In Syria alone Trump has deferred to Russia, Russia is supporting who we are fighting, they are supplying our enemy with arms and boots on the ground. Russia is back to their tricks of using mercenary forces so that when battles erupt they can say it wasn't them.

Under the radar has been a heated battle between the group we support and Russia's allies, we killed over 200 Russian mercenaries, I don't know how many Syrians were killed or how many soldiers we lost. This is what went on in Afghanistan when Russia was directly involved, we supported their enemies and broke them, made the war cost them far too much that they didn't have. We broke Russia financially, and have controlled them with financial sanctions, thereby keeping them broke. And Tillerson would provide Russia with profoundly needed money, and Trump would have completely lifted financial sanctions had he not been held accountable. Trump is doing everything he can to cooperate with a country that is still very much our enemy and the enemy of democracy.

It is clear that those who support Trump don't care one bit about democracy, they are just fine with the GOP doing whatever they want. Not only that, there will be a certain level of refusing to accept it when Democrats take control and put an end to this anti democracy BS.

The right had and has one thing correct, government was broken during Obama's terms, the GOP was in control and they do not know how to govern, they only know how to obstruct. And now that the GOP has it all including a puppet president who will sign whatever they do, it is still deeply broken. And the right is okay with that and is okay with it being broken to a worse degree. The GOP needs to have a dem led house so that the blame for their obstruction can go back on dems, because they own this circle jerk right now.

So the assessment that has been made by intelligence is that we are more vulnerable to attack than Russia, because we have more to lose. We are more dependent on computers and the internet.
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Propaganda and the IRS
Since this is the tax season, everybody feels the compulsion to conform.

In a system, as is the whole world today, where central banks create "money" (bank credit) at will, consumption by the people must be strictly regulated. Government consumption competes with the consumption of the people. If consumption is not regulated, "money" becomes worthless and the fraud of the financial system is then revealed.

The concept of regulation is the key to understanding government finance. Let's go straight to the authority of modern government finance, John Maynard Keynes. In his book of 1919 titled Economic Consequences Of The Peace, he made a very revealing statement. This one statement reveals the whole concept of so-called income taxes, as well as our economic system:

If government should refrain from regulation, (taxation) the worthlessness of the money becomes apparent and the fraud upon the people can be concealed no longer.

This is not taught anywhere in America, including in the public or private school systems. It is not taught at any university or college. The reason is that you are not to know that government creates its own money and has used it to steal the wealth of the American people and the world.

If you understand or can understand Keynes' statement, you can understand the monetary system of the United States. Although they benefit greatly from this spoils system, not one accountant, CPA, or tax lawyer in 10,000 even comes close to suspecting what I am revealing here. Furthermore, this statement by Keynes says that we live in a modern slave state. Modern slavery has nothing to do with the rack or the thumb screw. Modern slavery is a reality when the people submit to the will of authority as expressed in its propaganda.

The monetary system of the United States and its income tax system has to do with the transfer of real resources from the people to the government, banker, corporate state without payment.

People tell me that the subject of money and finance is a dull and monotonous study. Is it? When you look upon the millions of graves of American soldiers, as well as those around the world both Jew and Christian, you are looking at the real Holocaust of American democracy created with bank credit and propaganda. Not one Christian preacher or Jewish rabbi has said one word to reveal this racial genocide to their people. The guilt of the "Holocaust" is upon their heads. Their purpose has been to confuse cause and effect in the minds of the people. They have succeeded.

The power of propaganda to distort and control the mass mind is more powerful than all the armies and military technology of history combined. The crime against humanity that has consumed the blood of the people is bank credit. It is the veil of modern idolatry, government immorality, and depravity. It is the origin of the power of the kingdoms of this world.

The "income tax" as it is called, is immoral and illegal. It involves a confession of judgment with the threat of incarceration and penalties if one does not confess, i.e., sign the Form 1040. This act of incrimination is presented in supreme hypocrisy as a "voluntary" act. Can you imagine how many millions of Americans self-incriminate in a blanket confession on an IRS Form 1040? Even in a criminal proceeding a defendant is not required to testify against himself. In fact, he is not even compelled to speak at all, nor confess in any form.

After you have confessed judgment under duress, the IRS then takes the information that you supply and uses it to incriminate you. This, my friends, is exactly the system used by Nazi Germany that Americans have been taught to hate. What chicanery! What deception.

Do you now believe in the power of propaganda? Would you believe its power if you knew for sure that the income tax system has nothing at all to do with collecting money to support government operations?

Using words spoken by Beardsley Ruml, chairman of the New York Federal Reserve from 1941 to 1946, we can dispel the widely believed myth that income taxes are needed for government income.

In a famous speech he read before the American Bar Association during the last year of World War II, titled "Taxes for Revenue Are Obsolete," Ruml said, "The necessity for a government to tax in order to maintain both its independence and its solvency is true for state and local governments, but it is not true for a national government."

The speech was originally printed in American Affairs in the January, 1946 issue. The editor of American Affairs wrote:

His [Ruml's] thesis is that given (1) control of a central banking system and (2) an inconvertible currency, a sovereign national government is finally free of money worries and need no longer levy taxes for the purpose of providing itself with revenue. All taxation, therefore, should be regarded from the point of view of social and economic consequences."

You can read or listen to the entire speech and see for yourself.

The system that every American has been propagandized to believe in is not a tax system. It is an information collection system (to create a dossier on everyone) and a regulatory system (regulation of credit). I repeat again: The U.S. income tax system has nothing at all to do with collecting taxes as income for the federal government. Why does the government need to collect money from the citizens for its operations when it can print money to infinity?

All the central banks of the world cooperate in this crime against humanity. I remind you again that the power and propaganda of Nazi Germany came out of bank credit. This is not in the history books. It was not mentioned in the world showcased Nuremberg Trials. The issue was never raised because it would have revealed that the United States was in fact, and defacto, a wartime ally of Nazi Germany in that they used military and psychological warfare against each other and equally against their own respective people.

What did the war and the Nuremberg Trials accomplish except to conceal genocide against the Anglo Saxon Germanic race? The Bundesbank today is an identical bank credit machine as was the Reichebank of Hitler Germany. The Reichebank did not change its name to Bundesbank until 1948, two years after the Nuremberg Trials. After millions of dead Jews and Christians, nothing has changed but the names. God help us!

At the Nuremberg Trials, not one German Reichebank official was tried, yet the military colossus of Nazi Germany could not have been possible without bank credit (money) created by the Reichebank. Is the world deceived into fixation on the "Holocaust" to cover the bank credit crime as the origin of all modern wars? The military men tried at Nuremberg were pawns and decoys of this master deception. Quite possibly not one of them had any awareness that they were pawns of international bank credit. This is equally true of allied military people as well as the judges themselves at the trial. What the Gods destroy, they first drive mad.

Almost every adult person in the United States files an income tax return. But only those persons living in the District of Columbia, the possessions, territories, and enclaves of the United States, are required to file a form 1040 income tax return. How can so many people be involved in an unlawful, unconstitutional act, except they are victims of propaganda, deception, and trickery?

I quote below from an opinion letter dated February 17, 1997, by Floyd A. Wright, author of the books, Beat The IRS, I Did, and Become a Non-Taxpayer and Save.

The purpose of an opinion letter in a criminal income tax case is to help eliminate willfulness. Willfulness is a necessary requirement for an act to be criminal.

To properly answer this question, a bit of tax history needs to be presented. In 1894, we had an income tax in effect, supported by statutory law. In 1895, this law was challenged up to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court ruled this income tax to be unconstitutional, because it was a direct tax. And it was being applied without apportionment. Pollock v. Farmers' Loan & Trust Company, 158 US 601.637.

The XVIth Amendment to our Constitution was allegedly ratified in 1913. This Amendment states:

'The Congress shall have the power to lay and collect taxes on income, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several states, and without regard to any census or enumeration.' U.S. Constitution, XVI Amendment.

The average person, who trusts the government, would assume this overcame the restriction of levying direct taxes without apportionment. However, an amendment which contradicts another portion of the Constitution is invalid, unless it contains verbiage voiding the contradictory sections. The XVIth Amendment contained no such verbiage. Furthermore, the Supreme Court indicated this Amendment was valueless in the case of Brushaber v. Union Pacific Railroad; 240 US 1, (1915). The Judges stated that Congress was given no new power of taxation with its passage.

The question might be asked if Congress was given no new power, what was the purpose of the XVIth Amendment? Seemingly, it was only a 'red herring' to con the public into thinking the Amendment gave Congress new powers of income tax collection (propaganda). Since it is now obvious there is no valid legal support for collecting income tax, why haven't the judges put an end to it?

There is one other factor which has aided greatly in the perpetuation of the income tax fraud. This consists of having individuals sign the income tax form under penalties of perjury. When you do this, you have stated you are a 'taxpayer' per Sec 7701(a) of the Internal Revenue Code. This act eliminates you as a challenger of the unconstitutionality of the amendment. You have executed a piece of paper, under penalties of perjury. This is collectable under the rules of the Uniform Commercial Code, rather than under the Constitution. Interesting!

The currency you use to acquire things you need is not money. Federal Reserve Notes are not notes. They are not dollars, and they do not satisfy the definition of money. So what are they? They are commercial paper. The rules governing commercial paper are found in the Uniform Commercial Code. And so do many of your answers to any inquiries of IRS agents.

If you do not file a tax return, you have not executed a piece of commercial paper upon which collection can be based. In order for a party to collect on commercial paper, there must be some agreement signed by the debtor party, indicating the agreement to pay at a certain time or on demand.

The tax system is a masterpiece of deception and trickery. Since the Internal Revenue Code does not state who is liable for income tax nor how one becomes liable for the income tax, then income tax liability is not a Constitutional issue. Yet failure to file (26 USC 7203) calls for incarceration and monetary penalties. Is this not duplicity and mind altering deceit?

To further lay one layer of deceit upon another, we quote again from Wright:

In 1954, a battery of legal minds, who were employed by various departments of the federal government, were given the task of determining the jurisdiction (authority) of Congress when it came to imposing any statute on individuals living within and earning their living from within the states. This group was called 'The Interdepartmental Committee For The Study Of Jurisdiction Over Federal Areas Within The States.'

This committee submitted their first report of 249 pages to President Eisenhower in April of 1956. Their second report of 351 pages, entitled "A Text of The Law of Legislative Jurisdiction," was submitted in June of 1957. In this second report (entitled Part II) on pages 46 and 47, we find the following:

'The Federal Government cannot, by unilateral action on its part, acquire legislative jurisdiction over any area within the exterior boundaries of a state... As was indicated in chapter II, the consent requirement of Article I, Section 8, Clause 17, was intended by the framers of the Constitution to preserve the state's jurisdictional integrity against federal encroachment.'

This means that most federal legislation does not apply to us in the fifty states. This would include income tax, The Brady Bill, ad infinitum.

Even though we have concluded that the income tax is unconstitutional, immoral, and constitutionally illegal, you can still go to jail if you "willfully fail to file" (26 USC 7203).

Explanation: If you make yourself "liable" by the act of filing a return, your only recourse is to eliminate willfulness, as willfulness is a necessary requirement for an act to be criminal.

What can we conclude? When you sign a confession of judgment on an IRS Form 1040, even though you did it in ignorance, under deception and propaganda intimidation by the IRS, the media, etc., you have transferred yourself under the jurisdiction of the Universal Commercial Code. Constitutional arguments cannot help you because the act of signing a Form 1040 waives your rights under the United States Constitution.

According to Wright, if you can eliminate willfulness, you can eliminate criminal intent. On this, I have no opinion as to your chances of success, but know that it is very rare indeed to beat the King in his own court.

However, I do know this: Going back to the quote from Keynes, the regulatory power of the IRS as well as the IRS information system is absolutely necessary to maintain the authoritarian commercial monopoly of money creation. This satanic system has already bathed the world in blood many times. They would not hesitate to do it over and over again in order to maintain their despotic power and wealth.

May God have mercy on millions of Americans who believe that they are free. There is nothing that says that people have to know that they are slaves in order to be slaves. Visit the military grave of your loved and think on these things.

Yours for the truth,

Bob Livingston
Editor, The Bob Livingston Letter™
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DoubleThink Made Simple
The ideal of political authority is to create a public mind that is a mirror image of the pretense of government. This is a perfect crime against human liberty.

The first cause of government is and can only be suppression of our human nature and loss of our identity as human beings and individuals. Hence, government authority and propaganda seek to fade the individual into group consciousness. Altruistic philosophy and self-denial is the government propaganda used in this process.

Governments must destroy the identity of the individual and subvert him to the mass conscience and control by the state. Carefully chosen words by the establishment are the basis of mass mind control leading to acceptance of force. Until the people accept collectivism under some pretext, they are not docile and completely subdued.

Words are created and repeated, which expands the collective psyche to accept and repeat some more. People who freely use those terms are not in control of their own thinking process.

Totalitarian regimes are successful when they have created a system of conventional wisdom in which their subjects acquire and remain in a state of confusion. This confusion is achieved when individuality is completely surrendered to the collective and reality is distorted by propaganda that creates two opposing thoughts which the masses accept as fact. George Orwell called this doublethink.

Orwell described it in 1984 this way:

To know and not to know, to be conscious of complete truthfulness while telling carefully constructed lies, to hold simultaneously two opinions which cancelled out, knowing them to be contradictory and believing in both of them, to use logic against logic, to repudiate morality while laying claim to it, to believe that democracy was impossible and that the Party was the guardian of democracy, to forget whatever it was necessary to forget, then to draw it back into memory again at the moment when it was needed, and then promptly to forget it again, and above all, to apply the same process to the process itself—that was the ultimate subtlety: consciously to induce unconsciousness, and then, once again, to become unconscious of the act of hypnosis you had just performed. Even to understand the word—doublethink—involved the use of doublethink.

The power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one's mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them… To tell deliberate lies while genuinely believing in them, to forget any fact that has become inconvenient, and then, when it becomes necessary again, to draw it back from oblivion for just as long as it is needed, to deny the existence of objective reality and all the while to take account of the reality which one denies—all this is indispensably necessary. Even in using the word doublethink it is necessary to exercise doublethink. For by using the word one admits that one is tampering with reality; by a fresh act of doublethink one erases this knowledge; and so on indefinitely, with the lie always one leap ahead of the truth.

The more the individual is diminished into crowd consciousness, the easier to develop the psyche of self-sacrifice to the state. Self-sacrifice means a willingness to surrender your rights for some fictional notion of "safety," die in foreign wars or a willingness to transfer your labor and wealth to the government under the fiction of income tax, Social Security tax, or inheritance tax. All governments use this psychological phenomenon to their advantage.

This phenomenon was on display last Wednesday (March 14) when students across the country walked out school in a protest against "guns" and for "school safety." No doubt every tyrant in history gave a rousing "Huzza!" and all the Founding Fathers wept at the demonstration of hive mind collectivism on display. It was one of those rare times in American history when so many have at one time clamored so loudly to have their rights stripped from them outright.

Following are some examples of doublethink that are common today:

Anyone under 21 is mentally and emotionally incapable of purchasing or owning a weapon.
High school students should direct our policies on gun control.

President Donald Trump is a dictator and a tyrant.
Trump and Congress need to buck the NRA and take away our guns.

President Donald Trump is a dictator and a tyrant.
Trump and Congress need to buck the NRA and take away our guns.

President Donald Trump is a dictator and a tyrant.
Trump and Congress need to buck the NRA and take away our guns.

Police are over-militarized and violent and are disproportionally targeting minorities.
Only police should have guns.

"Children" should stay on their parents' health insurance until age 26.
Pre-teen and teenaged children are capable of choosing their own "gender" and deciding to have an abortion without parental consent.

Russia is our enemy.
Russia is backing the NRA and wants more Americans to be armed.

We are the most conditioned, programmed beings the world has ever known. Not only are our thoughts and attitudes continually being shaped and molded, our very awareness of the whole design has been erased. Few question anything.

One important thought here: A person's IQ or education level has absolutely nothing to do with his perception of reality. Higher education is higher brainwashing. Sometimes it seems that the more education, the bigger the fool.

The only escape from tyranny is mental freedom — a transition from the unconscious to the conscious mind. Mental freedom precedes physical freedom. Mental freedom is not a figment of idealism or philosophy. It delivers peace of mind and unlimited prosperity to the individual right under the nose of oppressive government. To escape oppressive government is to escape the thought system into which we are born.

We need to be aware of the power of doublethink and how the authorities (seen and unseen) use it if we are to strive for a transition back to consciousness and self-realization. Political doctrines which offer automatic answers and lifetime guidance without the effort of using our conscious minds and individual self-esteem are false. They are ploys for power over our lives and our total existence, including our earned assets and wealth. It is all mass hypnosis that we have mistaken for political and mental freedom.

Yours for the truth,
Bob Livingston
Bob Livingston
Editor, The Bob Livingston Letter™
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Anti-Trump Hysteria Bordering on the Criminally Insane..........
The Left has now reached a level of both incompetence and disregard for the rule of Law that it should be a sentence to the insane asylum...

Let me illustrate:

During the election process and at the announcement that Trump won, if Hillary would have just stood in front her supporters and said, "Look, it was a good campaign. We did our best, but the people have spoken and we have a President... Let's put our differences aside, stand with our new President and take care of our country.."

But, no, instead You see what happened. Holy hell breaks loose .... reports of Hillary drunk, throwing things, yelling at people.. She had an interview a few days later, and she looked like she had an encounter with a professional prize boxer. The Left tears loose. But wait This goes back to Obama and his race baiting. Remember Ferguson, MO....?? What would have happened if Obama showed up, invited the people of Ferguson (all races) to come together and give an address to a crowd letting them know, young blacks don't attack white police officers, try to steal the officers gun, and then get shot in the process. And claim foul... no, don't work that way." But no, Obama, true to his Saul Alinsky programming says, Stay the Course... Protest, keep up the good work...riot, burn things down, wreck your neighborhood... (divide and conquer) ...and they couldn't see it....

And this Mueller witch hunt... Anybody know who Robert Mueller really is....? The Whitey Bulger case, using an underworld informant and then putting the frame on him. Let 4 INNOCENT MEN sit in jail and rot. 2 of them died there.. Robert Mueller and his cohorts had information that would have exonerated them.. Then there's the Operation Pelican thing. Robert Mueller and his associates fast tracked the shipping co out of UAE Gulf Tainer to allow unchecked freight containers into the US. About the time Russia, a rouge nuclear weapons expert from Iraq, along with the Chinese, develop a containerized mini-nuke system and probably have about 40 of them here in the USA, thanks in part to some of Robert Muellers work.. If all of Meullers skeletons come to bite him, its gonna be bad news for him.

And the guy Brennan, who threatens the President..?? Really... He should do his duty and keep his mouth shut rather then spew forth ignorance and show people the truth.

The left has literally pretty much accomplished their goal. But rest assured, once you get all of your wishes, you aint' gonna like it...

The left has almost torn America apart. You want to see America trashed..?? Why don't you go live in Afghanistan, or Venezuela. See up close and personal what socialism gets you... see up close and personal what a vassal state really is....

Then you could work on personal interactions - like learn some manners and common decency. That comes after the socialism lesson... {this is basically what America was about, until the Left showed up, now we gotta relearn it..}

Ya, you on the left have really shown the rest of the country what criminal insanity really is.

Hillery and her book... <sob, sob, i feel so sorry for me....sob...sob>

Biden with his "Beat Trumps Ass" comment...who's Biden to comment on Trumps treatment of women, Biden has his own share of skeletons.... if I was Trump, I'd disappear his ass...

Its getting to be a criminally insane hottub......
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The US Is Putin's Cuckold, Now Saudi Arabia? Where Are The Patriots Who Say That's Enough?
It's one thing to watch our president wiggling around on his back like a little puppy around the alpha dog Putin, it's another when the Saudi prince says he owns Kushner, has him in his back pocket.

I know it's hard to believe anything that you don't hear from FOX, here's the facts coming out as corroborated by many sources that will check out. I need to reiterate, WSJ, Post, NY Times are all over this, it isn't going away soon and more and more facts will be coming out, this is not Breitbart or FOX here, it is fully corroborated stuff coming out. Several things have happened that all together paint a picture of the president's family using foreign policy to enrichen themselves. No matter what you think or want to believe we have to be open to the realities of events and what is shaping them, especially when those events blow stable policy out the window. We do not change policies because one government refuses to pay money to Kushner. This has a series of things that link together in ways that link, and there is a lot of corroboration to it all. This isn't just about money, it's about Kushner, who should never have had access to highly classified intelligence for the exact reasons we are looking at, let alone a key role in middle east policies. First of all, Kushner's "style" of having one on one meetings when he wants loans or partnerships with a government is not okay, it is not the way US relationships are done. There are ambassadors to all of these countries that have decades of experience, they know what the balances of power are, and they have never been excluded in negotiations with these governments. That is as much so that there can be nothing illegal or nefarious as it is to have a witness to what has been said. Of course if you are talking business that is illegal Kushner wouldn't want official witnesses would he?

Qatar is at the heart of the Saudi/Kushner thing, Qatar is our ally in the region. We have a super base there that has had as many as 100,000 troops, it's used as a staging ground for all of our operations in the surrounding areas. When the UAE, who is not our ally, who we severed and strained our relationships with after 9/11 because in part the terrorists were tied to the Saudi's, banded together with other countries to blockade Qatar, we refused to support that against our ally Qatar.

Here's how personal banana republic financial interests screw up foreign policies. Kushner prior to the election had been pushing Qatar for a loan for his troubled property for hundreds of millions of dollars. According to friends and associates it looked like a done deal but Qatar pulled out. After the election Kushner was still trying to get them to loan him hundreds of millions of dollars, again it looked like it might happen but was scuttled. What we have is verified personal trips meeting with Qatar, this we know happened. Again face to face negotiations are not necessary, unless of course part of the business at hand is personal and illegal. There are established methods any contacts with foreign dignitaries takes place, and it is always with multiple US dignitaries. Deviations from that, especially when money at a personal level is concerned would always have to be looked at from the perspective of wrongdoing taking place because that starts with failing to follow protocols that are there for that reason.

So, Kushner not getting the money he needs from Qatar, he steps up meetings with the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, (not an ally by any means) and engages in multiple diplomatic meetings that are again private. Kushner had met with the prince one week before he purged the internal conflicts he was having between the other prince (his brother). There was a power struggle between them and the prince Kushner was talking with took his brother and everyone who supported him hostage in a coup and killed and tortured them. So it would appear that this prince, Jared's buddy was given the names by Kushner, who had access to that highly sensitive material. Now we are getting into life in prison territory if Jared used highly sensitive information that he never should have had access to in the first place because the crown prince was helping Kushner with his financial problems.

Now back to Qatar, and here is the real crime, and again the reason the US cannot be involved with personal financial ties. The US inexplicably did an about face and threw Qatar under the bus, supporting the Saudi led blockades. We are selling them bombs and weapons, and supporting their air refueling for their jets doing the bombing. With no food or assistance their people are literally starving, something like 4.5 million kids are dying and close to dying.

About faces on established policies need reasons, without any possible reason there is only the things that are never supposed to happen but did. This story is actually huge, there is much more that links into it, including a one billion dollar contract from the Saudis to a power and influence broker that has become a defense contractor, who happened to be involved personally with whatever deal Eric Prince had going on in the Seychelles with the Saudis.

Anyone who cares about this country is going to want to know what's up with this stuff, it is not possible to blow this off as fake news, deep state BS. There will be a substantial array of information and intelligence that either supports this of helps prove Kushner is in the clear. It will help to know what intelligence Kushner signed for, and the white house needs to let the FBI and CIA do their jobs as far as putting everything together, no telling them to conceal the classified information registers.

This is the point to me where people put the country first and say this crap stops, there was no explicable reason for the US to pull it's support of Qatar. Don't use the word patriot ever again if you are not concerned about what went on here, and I said concerned, not taking this and making a decision about whether you think it's true or not, that remains to be seen. Free passes are not okay when a foreign policy that should not be happening is directly killing millions of people.
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